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From The Archives: Krishnamurti Speaks: Negation & Dimensionality

This communication from K. is from the Archives of February, 2006.

We speak of dimensionality, of dimensions, which suggest quality and quantity — time and space — in mixed measures of unlimited ideas and approaches to one's life experience.

Negation is not positive thinking. Positive thinking works, by willful and consistent repetition, to overcome negative aspects, by turning off those aspects, as it were. So it can be seen that positive thinking can actually be quite violent in effect. Positive thinking needs negative thinking as a side-by-side companion, or as the background against which to stand and to be counted. Regard the system of binary code, which is represented by "1" and "0", which represent, respectively, on and off, yes and no, this and not this. They can exist only in direct but separate relationship to one another. Without one, the other is nothing. They may be perceived as opposites, yet are bound by something invisible and intrinsic that cannot be defined, although it would seem that they themselves are the defining factors. To ponder how this invisible something is used is to begin to touch the edge of the road that leads to other dimensions.

Negation is not of the binary. It is not of thought; rather, it is a non-thought or the space of absence of thought, which appears first as "no", and then becomes "yes". To negate something may appear, sound or look as if one is saying "no" to something else. Rather, as a more organized truth, which some may call "higher" or "greater" or "holier" and so on, negation neither recognizes nor remembers what it does not wish to manifest or occur. It is using the mind for something other than thought, which requires perception and memory. Without them, there is no thought, and without thought, there is no time. In this way, so-called miracles arise. It's not that what was unacceptable is now acceptable; rather, it is now not. What was damaged is healed — in the eternal nowness of what is, then, it has always been healed — and in fact, it was never otherwise than whole. This truth is what exists before, during and after the perception of events within the experience of psychological time. Neither the no nor yes exist, except if and as one chooses. This is the core of one's Self, and by extension, the expansion of one's view of the outer and inner dimensions, which become one when all else is negated. Then Reality becomes a dream, and the dream becomes Reality, and they co-exist.

What arises from this co-existence contains all the probabilities of dimensional experience; there is no time where this oneness is concerned; in fact, it is not concerned at all nor in any way. What arises is not static, or dead, but moving and living. When the mind uses thought to make decisions, which is judgment, and assigns the judgment with "1" or "0", then time and space, which is dimensionality, arises within the field of perception. When the attention is withdrawn from them, they collapse, and wholeness, which is peace, emerges from the dark waters of the mind.

Negation collapses the binary. Negation is conscious non-awareness of "1" or "0", which leads to conscious awareness of something else. This something else can be of one's choosing, which can be judged or not, although from any greater perspective in the cosmos the judgment is neither good nor bad, "1" nor "0". Negation is not turning off both the "1" and the "0", but turning the attention away from them. Negation is choosing this, and this only — there is no that. Once this choice is made, that does not exist, and one is left with this.


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