Saturday, August 20, 2016

Authentic Self Asleep or Awake?

Sydney, a reader, asks,

"Do you think the Authentic Self can be awakened by mystical practices such as in advaita vedanta i.e the non-dual school of mysticism?"

Sydney - If I am correctly discerning those Risen with whom I communicate, this is what they have shared and will be in the forthcoming new book, with a great deal more about the subject.
 "Authentic Self has been called the Hidden Observer, Higher Self, Higher Power, the Oversoul—there are as many ways to label it as there are individuals to say it. Stilling the incessant criticism of ego-mind will eventually result in an awakening to Authentic Self—yet not an awakening of it, for it is already awake and just seems hidden because it is much quieter than ego-mind. Sometimes this hiddenness is interpreted as being asleep, but Authentic Self can’t really be said to be asleep or awake in the way we on Earth can be, because that state which we want to call “awake” as contrasted with “not awake” does not exist on a pendulum of is or is-not—there are no pendulums in the full awareness of Self."


At Sun Aug 21, 09:30:00 AM 2016, Blogger mystic retiree said...

Dear August,
Thank you for your answer.
I like what you wrote and I recognize it from the discussion on Authentic Self
in the Risen,so it would seem that any practice which stills the mind would be beneficial
to letting Authentic Self manifest itself.

I do not know if you have read the tract of "The Thunder,the Perfect Mind"
from the Nag Hammadi Library

I am deeply attracted to this message.I love the ambiguity and the non-definable
nature I find in the writings.
There is the feeling that the woman who wrote this may have written this from her Authentic Self.
I suppose this could be a truer portrayal of Authentic Self than the non-dual state.
Kind Regards


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