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The Glorying: A Spirit Rescue

[First posted 7/23/13]

"McHenry" - photo artistically enhanced by Lorna Payne
We, who are but insubstantial images in that Mind imagine in our turn that we are, and all about us is, substantial, real, a solid edifice of reality that we can cling to and hang our hats on. But even this body which we label ā€œIā€ is but a fleeting shadow, a flickering image on a passing screen in the Mind of the One whose bodies all these truly are. We exist in a dream-world, a projection of a dancing spray of lightbeams upon an infinite expanse of Thought. ~ Swami Abhayananda

The challenging heat wave we've been enduring here in NYC has finally abated after a warm and wonderful rainfall late last night - so now I can live with the windows open, instead of freeze-drying myself in an air-conditioned environment. Granted, it's 84 F with 69% humidity, but it's so much better than 105/85!

 It was especially magical running into a special friend and neighbor, Noveh, also on her way home from work, and we stood and chatted with our arms wide open to embrace the delicious drops as they fell, chatting excitedly about our upcoming visit to Lily Dale in mid-August. Spirit found us the perfect person to take care of our crowd of cats while we're gone. Incidentally, "crowd" is not correct .... the terms for describing a bunch o' cats is clowder, clutter, pounce, clout, nuisance, glorying, or glare. Take your pick. In my case, either a nuisance or a glorying would suffice.

Some of my closer friends know about the tragic event that launched the transition of my nephew, Ty (Tristan). After only 15 years on this planet, he managed to leave early last month, much sooner than any of us expected -- although his father later confessed he wasn't surprised, as Ty was far too brilliant and  intense for the Earth, burning his candle at all ends at all times. He had been engaging in target practice with his pellet guns, at his best friend's house. Both he and his friend were shooting tin cans and bottles in the back yard. When they finished, they ran over to the picnic table, Ty tossing his gun carelessly on it. Unknown to him, the gun was still cocked, and when it hit the table, discharged a small metal pellet into the area just below Ty's sternum. He must have felt something odd, for he remarked to his friend, "I know this is weird, but I think I've been shot." And then, within a few seconds, his face turned blue, his body white, and he fell over in a faint. At that point, he was ejected from his body, which was shortly on its way to the hospital in an ambulance; the body expired by the time it got there.

My brother got the news while at work, and called my sisters, who rushed to the hospital. They in turn called my other brother, who then texted me with the news - all of which happened within 15 minutes from the moment Ty had been shot. I had been chatting with spirit rescuer and EVP expert, Rob Smith and the medium, Isabelle Chauffeton Saavedra on Facebook at the time - which now seems was not a coincidence, or even a synchronicity, but a Spirit Orchestration -- so I was sharing everything with them as it was happening from my smart phone as I stood in the kitchen.

Rob said he would set up his EVP equipment and start broadcasting in Ty's direction. Needless to say, I was going into the shock one experiences at times like this, and also into trance. I could feel Ty as if he were standing right next to me, as well as his own shock, fear and confusion. Then I could see that he was looking down on his body, and unable to comprehend that it was him. He thought he was still embodied, and was becoming rapidly panicked when his friend, who was crying and screaming, paid no attention to him. I then heard the voice of my Aunt Agnes, who was the first family member to transition, many years ago, and a very special favourite of mine, say to me, "I'm here with some other family members, sent to meet and escort him to his new Home ... but he's not responding to us ... apparently he can't or won't see and hear me even though I'm right next to him! He's never met me and doesn't even know who I am, so there's a frustrating gap here -- we need you to help us, now - call to him and get his attention!"

Immediately I began speaking to Ty in a loud but calm and authoritative voice: "Ty, this is your Uncle August, I'm here to help, listen to me!" I was right to rely on his exceptional intelligence and insatiable curiosity, as he got still and listened as I quickly and succinctly explained what was happening and what had to happen next. "Stay still and don't move - our Aunt Agnes is coming to help you right now," and I flashed a mental picture of her to him. And then, our Aunt announced, "We've got him, thank you!  Let's go!"  I also heard many others in Spirit exclaiming and chattering away in happy and congratulatory voices: "Welcome!" "Oh,  you're going to love it there!" "It will be so much more fun than you can imagine!" and so on. Definitely a glorying, clowdering clutter!

Less than 15 minutes had passed.  I was exhausted and weeping from the sheer intensity of it, and then realized that I was also incredibly hungry. This was very annoying to me .... now? I can't even think of eating! But my blood sugar had plummeted so low, I knew I had to do something. I picked up one of the takeaway menus on the kitchen counter. I could definitely eat pizza, should I order it?, I mused to myself. But it's so hot today, I can't eat pizza on such a hot day.

At that moment, Rob texted me via Messenger, "I just got the words, 'hot pizza' over the equipment, sounds like an older lady's voice. Does that make sense?"

As I was answering him, Isabelle messaged, "I'm picking up that your nephew is now with an older woman, possibly a great aunt?"

What validation! The three of us were ecstatic!

Since then, I've been checking in on Ty, and he's having the time of his life. Finally, he says, he feels truly free, and he can do so much more with his mind now. He doesn't miss the confinement and restrictions placed upon having a material earth body.  But he continues to grieve for his father's terrible loss, and to be frustrated at not being able to help him.  Although he's receiving a lot of education on how to provide comfort to those he left behind, and I can see that it's slowly but surely helping my brother revive. Many have asked me why I don't share this story with my brother, but there is a Risen way of doing things, which always and firstly requires that the person in need must, in some way, ask for help. Help cannot be forced in any way. If and when he asks, of course I will hopefully recognize that moment and take the plunge - he knows nothing about my mediumship, and is a professed agnostic on an atheistic fence. I therefore must rely on my complete trust in the Risen's mysterious ways of orchestration, and stay out of the way to let this particular tapestry unfold as it must and will.

By the way - I ordered a glorying of pizzas.
This has been but one of the many spirit rescues - which I call liberation dramas -- I've been privileged to have a role in over many years -- especially poignant because of its very personal nature. To read about some of the others in detail, see "Chapter 19 ~ Liberation Dramas" in our book, The Risen.


At Tue Jul 23, 05:53:00 PM 2013, Anonymous Lorna payne said...

August what a wonderful brings joy to my heart that one day I will get to go home too. Terrific validation sand I'm learning to see them in my own life as I surrender more and become more open.

Love that you used the pic of McHenry.if anyone else wants animal pics, well or human,they may contact me on might have to help August.

Love and light Lorna

At Tue Jul 23, 11:27:00 PM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this story.
Blessings to all...

At Fri Jul 26, 12:17:00 AM 2013, Anonymous Ken Saari said...

Beautiful description of the events that transpired during and immediately after your nephew's passing. It brought me to tears. Hopefully now, your brother will be open to receiving the truth regarding his son's passing to the new world and his continued and improved existence.
Our thoughts continue to go out to you and your Family.

At Sun Jun 28, 08:07:00 AM 2015, Blogger Wendy Zammit said...

A wonderful Post August. Thank you for sharing it.


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