Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Kneel to Heal

It's likely that many people would have a strong reaction against the idea of kneeling, as opposed to a strong response for it. If you were one of my therapy patients, we would address your knees directly and get to know them and see what they want. (Remember that childhood joke that got you to say "hiney"? Well, this is not that. But if it brings a smile instead of a frown to your face when attempting to kneel, then by all means, go for it!)

So many people feel that their mind is separate from their mind/body that they actually say "mind-body." It's as if they experience a line drawn across their neck somewhere, separating the head from the rest of them. Many people live in their heads so much, it would probably just detach and float away if it could, totally unaware that it was attached to more than just thoughts. The bioform experiences this as abandonment or desertion, and often feels lonely and homesick for the mind; it wants the mind to occupy all of the form; it feels like it's lost its mind. Several theories of clinical psychotherapy are now incorporating "mindfulness" practices to help people get back into their bioform as it is immersed in real time in the real and present environment.

The act of  kneeling physically, psychologically, spiritually and astrally grounds us, connecting us with the earth and its energies, which will then be able to rise up into the bioform. (By the way, "bioform" is just a word that I'm not even sure is the right one, so by all means substitute one that you like or makes more sense - and let me know what it is!) Kneeling transforms the structure of the standing body, which is a simple up/down conduit, to an entirely new geometry of a pyramid, where the 2 knees and 2 feet touch the ground and the top of the head become the apex. More ground is covered, more stability achieved in the symbolic touching of the four corners of the earth. The astral bodies become more active in this way, and latent spiritual senses become activated by the new flow of energies now spiraling through the body's form.

An empath shares how kneeling has become integral to healing efforts. Another approach to using kneeling discusses the complex relationship between the ego and non-humility. The Theology of Kneeling is a very interesting treaty by an equally interesting "association of Catholics" whose mission appears to promote "authentic reform of the Liturgy of the Roman Rite."

The only way to get one's own personal information is to try kneeling, as an experiment, or several experiments, and see what happens.


At Thu Oct 04, 04:23:00 PM 2012, Anonymous Trevor said...

Thanks for shedding some light on this subject. I recently moved my bedroom into a newly-finished attic space where the ceiling is a bit low, so every time I enter the space, I have to enter on my knees. I now realize that this way of entering the room is helping me out in ways I never even realized before. I can now put more conscious enjoyment into the experience, thus enhancing the grounding quality. This also helps to explain why, despite having moved from the ground floor to the attic, I feel more grounded than ever.


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