Thursday, August 09, 2012

Broadcast Updates

August will be returning to "Signs of Life" - the radio show of the wonderful organization, The Forever Family Foundation - on August 30th at 8 pm EST. It should prove to be an especially interesting evening, perhaps even an historical event! There is a possibility that his paper, The Disparity of a “Standards of Care” for Spirit Mediumship as a Permissible Behavioral Health Care Profession, may be part of the discussion, and so is available here for those so inclined to take a gander at it.


At Tue Jul 24, 05:18:00 PM 2012, Blogger Dani said...

This is quite a lot to digest and take in, but it was exactly what I needed to read at this time. I can feel my ego-mind struggling w/ my Authentic self.

The anxiety ebbs and flows while moments of fearlessness wash in. I enjoyed the image of standing on the edge, not fearing death, considering jumping. This has been a feeling I've lived w/ my whole life. I stood on the edge of the Grand Canyon, looking down, thinking, "If I believed I could fly, beyond any doubt, I would." I have not jumped yet.

Does one ever loose the thoughts and control of the ego-mind in this life time?

At Mon Aug 13, 01:10:00 PM 2012, Blogger August Goforth said...

As it explains in The Risen:

"Unaware of the ego-mind’s back-door technique, we may assume that the only way to deal with it is to attack and destroy it, as well as the simulate selves and their thoughts, as if rooting out unwanted, persistent weeds from the garden of the mind. But the ego-mind, an integral part of our materialized existence, is here to stay, and there are gentle, creative, aware responses that bring the situation to the infinite openness of compassion. Because we are essentially spirit, all matters of the heart and mind are first addressed in some spiritual way, beginning with directing the will. For most individuals, free will does not yet exist, and much effort will have to be made to gain psychological freedom while seeking the spiritual clarity for which they yearn. One cannot regain free will on one’s own; assistance must be requested. Communing with one’s Authentic Self while requesting spiritual assistance can be done in solitude or with The Risen, through formal or informal prayers and meditation . . . We find and expose the ego-mind’s weapons, buried like landmines, make our own responses and choices about them by disarming them, and then move past them. By joining in the change we have begun to take back responsible control of our mind. The sword has been changed into a plowshare, which we can continue to use for more gentle exploration beneath the ever-fertile soil of Mind, which is the changing universe that we share with the Risen in the present."


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