Thursday, May 03, 2012

From White Crow: Barriers to Spirit Communication


At Wed May 09, 10:59:00 PM 2012, Blogger Madame de Monsieur said...

Hi August,

I read this entry a few days ago and asked Louis about our communication - whether he finds it that difficult after five years or so. Well, we're sitting at my desk at work and he just dictated this (it's for his diary but it should really go here as well):

"My lady and I conversed some days ago about the matter of communication between those who have passed and those who have not. This was prompted by my lady reading of this on a website, where a person was quoted speaking of the difficulties. It will be known to some reading this, that the differences of vibration, as it is called, between the planes, makes it difficult to speak and be heard. For those of us in Spirit, we must speak slowly, and for those on Earth, they must listen at speed! I laugh, it is not truly so, but that describes it as well as any way.

"It struck my lady that we speak with more ease than this, and she asked if it is a great effort for me to make myself understood when we speak through the veil, as this person described. I would say no, it is not so hard. We have had much practice, and although it is still not always clear, or lengthy, when we speak, it is not so much as it was when we began, or when I spoke to persons before I knew my lady. I have done work as a guide, and then it was difficult, but this is different. We are more attuned because we are together so much, and upon our long-home side of the veil.

"Another thing came to my lady's mind, which was an interesting question, about the same thing. She asked if the pictures she makes interfere, or cause difficulty, as they do sometimes to her in seeing clearly, when a picture's image comes to her conscious mind, overlapping the true image she is seeing with her self. It is a strange thing to say, but they do not interfere with our speech, for me. It is the opposite, for they help it. I would say they are like a framework, or a base, for me to work upon. They help give a structure to what we say. Do I know how this happens, or why? I do not, and it does not truly matter, as long as it works.

"I am pleased with our writing, this day. We sit in my lady's office. She has eaten, and now types for me, and knows I sit next to her and watch this screen as the words appear. My words, it is a strange thing still to see them so, but pleasing. It is easier than writing! My lady hears me well, she knows even when I am trying to think of the best words to use, though she is uncertain still if it is my hesitation or her own. She has no hesitation in knowing I have my arm around her and am scratching her back. But what of these pictures? I should be thinking of them, that is what I wished to speak of, and now do not know what to say.

"When we spoke of this the other day, I had the image for it, of a pizza-base, and I mocked whirling one in the air, as if the picture were pastry and our words the foods that top it, resting on it. There is something in our pictures (I say our) that works this way as well. It is a curious thing and I had not thought much of it before, but it is there. They are like atoms that life is built from, or a framework, a scaffold – that is the word. It eases our path to speech, to have these images made. I am no technician of the ways Spirit works, no more than of the machines my lady uses. Perhaps the will needs only a path on which to walk.

"My lady's heart is beating fast. It is a feeling I know well, for mine beats rapidly also, merely sitting here. But how comfortable it is!"

At Thu May 10, 10:09:00 AM 2012, Blogger August Goforth said...

Thank you for sharing some fascinating insights into the complexities of corporeal--noncorporeal communication! It seems truly a matter of individual expression, different for everyone at some level.


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