Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Bristol Spirit Lodge

In the interest and "spirit" of promoting physical mediumship, and as a support way toward the eventual formation of our own NYC circle, we will continue to promote such circles from around the world.

The Bristol Spirit Lodge circle has been founded with the intention of enabling the development and demonstration of Physical Mediumship. It is a private non-denominational investigative Home Circle for those who share this interest. No fees are requested as regular attendance is required. Their site offers reports and audio files from seances held within the Lodge since it opened on February 6th 2007.

Also found at their site are links to other physical circles.

The Lodge has hosted several private seances with physical medium Warren Caylor, and offer reports and audio files of these for the interest of others. Several sitters within the Bristol Spirit Lodge Circle have also sat in seance with Warren at other venues and offer reports of these experiences also.


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