Tuesday, June 21, 2016

From The Archives: The Myth of Reincarnation

[First posted in November 2010]

We wish to thank James Webster, our dear friend, and author of the ground-breaking book, The Case Against Reincarnation: A Rational Approach, for his wonderful 5-star review of The Risen at Amazon.co.uk — he has truly captured much of the essence behind the intent of The Risen Collective. For those who would like to read Tim's brilliant chapter, "The Pastime of Reincarnation"  from The Risen, here it is.

The Risen has to be a classic in its field. Not a book to try and hurry through because it requires to be taken at one's own pace and this will vary depending upon how much knowledge interest and understanding one has of the subject of the afterlife, mediumship and psychic phenomena.

Personally I found the book difficult to put down and I keep it to hand to pick up and refer back to quite frequently. This is a rare kind of book to find these days amongst so many "new age" type publications which tend often to lead their readers astray with reincarnation and so called past lives theories, as well as what might be slanted toward cultish.

With fifty-five years of research and personal experience of the paranormal and study of spiritual science and philosophy behind me, plus a large quantity of books on the subject in my home, collected over many years, as well as writing two successful books, Life Is ForEver and The Case Against Reincarnation, I found The Risen to be a wonderful revelation, in that it concurred so well with my understanding. An important example is the way in which the act of suicide was dealt with by Tim from the spirit side of life, which was so caring and a huge comfort and relief for those readers who have had this tragic experience happen within their own family and circle of friends, and finding it so difficult to deal with. Also the chapter, "The Pastime of Reincarnation" is a gem! It makes so clear why it is that the theory is false and so misleading and will surprise and probably shock many who are attached to this theory and belief,  but should make them rethink. It fits so well with my own more recently published book The Case Against Reincarnation, and also with the profound teachings of the spiritual teacher Abu (The Abu Trust).

Besides all of this, the book is so well written between the duo authorship of August Goforth on this side and Timothy Gray on the other side (the etheric). The various types of communion between them is sensitive and full of personal feelings but also objective. They have so much to discuss and share and so much fine information of a profound nature coming back from Tim, from the many sensible inquiries put to him by August, as well as their banter which is so natural between close friends. The continued life following our time on the earthplane is natural but gets more wonderful and exciting as we progress, and this book opens the door to these real possibilities.

I find it quite difficult to do justice in writing this short review and can only say in presenting it to the prospective reader, to get a personal copy of the book and absorb it. Take it slowly if need be and with care and mindfulness and it will, as it has with me, become one of your most prized possessions. I highly recommend The Risen.


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