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Say What You Want

[first posted 9/23/11]

"Synchronicity" is what we terrestrial humans call the spiritual process of consciously recognizing what’s happening to us - change - and indicative that the changes are what Tim calls "transmutational" - effecting adjustments and conversions at the deepest molecular and then quantum levels. Such activity means one is having multi-dimensional experiences, which can make everyday living seem rather flat and 2D.  “Psychic” experiences are bells and whistles, temporary side-effects and not meant to be cultivated or valued, sanctified or reified, just appreciated and let go, like so much weather. The ego-mind will attempt to value and display them as a sign of power and being better than others. All the ancient texts advise to ignore them; else they keep you from seeing what's really meant to be seen.  Learn all you can about how your mind uses thoughts and thinking to produce and maintain fear; then you must discover your own way of responding to it, and gain control of your mind. You can use your mind to cultivate and project positive thoughts just as much as you can use it to give home to negative thoughts. It’s our choice.

All the above also means learning how to redirect one's attention away from the fearful things, which are illusory shadows and the after-effects or projections of race-consciousness belief, toward authentic thoughts, which come from within. As long as we allow ourself to be "of the race" we will never rise and develop into the individualization we are meant to be. Be in the world but not of it. An example of a race-consciousness thought, which has, unfortunately, become embedded in the culture,(as do all such thoughts) is “The only thing you have to fear is fear itself.” This is a suggestion of the ego-mind, and its warped, paranoid rationale should be apparent to Authentic Self, which does not even acknowledge fear or any thoughts about it. Another example is “It’s cold and flu season” which suggests we will get sick. It’s never cold and flu season, unless we believe it to be so. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain talking about cold and flu relief. Say only what you want.

We manifest material reality through our thinking -- it's as plain as that. Where Tim is, this is instantly clear; where we are, it's very much slowed down and not as apparent, seemingly taking “years.” Therefore we on earth exercise what's called "faith" which is fully accepting that the visible arises from that which is not visible.  If you are busy staring at certain things as if they are real, this is like extending an invitation to them, and they will become real, for we have unlimited power gifted to us by Creator Source to manifest our world. Un-see the scary things, un-feel them, deny them, erase them out of existence. Just say and mean “no” to the flu. Do not join with others who would drag you down; you want to rise. Bring into your inner vision that which you truly want to manifest outside. Perhaps none of this makes sense yet, I pray it will some day for you. It seems as if people like Jesus have been trying to help us learn how to recognize our immortality - and then "to rise" by this awareness, to internally achieve "heaven on earth" – that is, where “earth” is the material body, and “heaven” is the state of awareness of being.

I refer to Tim and his kind as "Risen" because their transition of losing the material body released their spiritual body, which “rose” and then was no longer restricted, blinded, deafened by material vibrations. Our "blocks" are our thoughts, beliefs, patterns - all the things made up and sustained by race consciousness. Civilizations come and go – so there is no need to identify with them, for paradoxically, we must move forward, yet ever-present, sharing in the Mind of Creator Source, which is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. We share the same Mind with It; we are the thinkers of thoughts into It; as Jesus and others said, what they did, we can also do, and even greater. Do not worry about the world, or the Earth; it's not in our hands, and it would make us crazy to think that it is.

(Thanks to Martin, a reader of The Risen, for his questions which stimulated the above)


At Fri Sep 23, 07:21:00 PM 2011, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fascinating, heroic and joy-giving on so many levels, I am in love with the gorgeous tapestry that is woven into this blog.

At Sun Sep 25, 09:03:00 AM 2011, Anonymous Niall said...

Hello Austin,
last night I was reading in Chapter 12 Section VII (Looking Within) of A Course In Miracles some very similar ideas:
"You see what you expect, and you expect what you invite. Your perception is the result of your invitation, coming to you as you sent for it"

A little bit of Synchronicity, perhaps.

Niall, Ireland

At Sun Sep 25, 11:03:00 AM 2011, Blogger August Goforth said...

Hello Niall, yes, perhaps evidence of synchronicity in your life here, and thanks for sharing some information from a very interesting section of TCIM, the subject of said section being "miracles." It suggests that one can tell when learning has occurred only by the visible results, for learning is not visible. We cannot see spirit, but only its manifestations. "Whose manifestations would you see?" it asks, "For you will believe in what you manifest, and as you look out so will you see in...your perception will reflect the guidance you have chosen." We are then reminded (but in an odd way) that we are the manifestation of what's sometimes called "the Holy Spirit". Woven throughout the material is the idea of what we extend of ourselves vs. what we project. This seems to mean that we can choose to perceive first, thus projecting our own ego-mind's limited belief system out into Mind, thus reproducing or enforcing non-change and static, or else first look to the spirit that is within us and then manifest a "law" which is truth.
For some stirring controversy about TCIM at this blog, see:

Take care,
August (who's Austin?)

At Wed Jun 19, 10:58:00 PM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

August and Tim, and The Risen group, I just finished reading your treasure of a book, and I did not want it to end! I await your next book - and your first book I did not actually feel I finished at all because it is kept near my bed to return to time and again for friendship, wisdom and support. A book that is so alive it really has no ending, I cherish The Risen!

With all my love and gratitude,


At Thu Jun 20, 04:27:00 PM 2013, Blogger August Goforth said...

Debbie, as these things to, your comment came at the right time - I was just feeling a little sad that some people report finding the material difficult and dense - and they're right it is - not everyone can connect with everything, I (August) continue to read it. After all it took nearly 8 years to be able to put into human language. The Risen even gently hint that it's really written for the future, so you must be a forwarding evolving person, Debbie. We are very gladdened that you have found it helpful, thanks for letting us know! August & Tim

At Fri Jun 21, 12:00:00 AM 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

August, Tim, finding The Risen came at just the right time for me. I feel the light and truth emanate forth from all of you, and your writing is exquisite. I cannot fathom how you put everything you did into words, and did so beautifully. I felt that I was carried along by soft, gentle waves, and even what portions of material felt intense to me - and some I do not yet fully comprehend, I admit - I know that in time I will.

Your love for your cherished animal friends I share with you, and to know they are safe in the arms of The Risen gives me great comfort.

I wish to ask you something that has been on my mind for some time now, even before I got your book: I would like to know if there is a special prayer you might recommend or suggest, or or Risen team I can call on in prayer to help animals on Earth who are unloved and who do not experience a dignified passing. Do they receive help immediately upon passing, animals such as those in factory farms and shelters? I think of them almost constantly and want to know if you may have suggestions for prayers. Or do I rest in the knowledge that The Risen gather these sweet souls into their arms and I am worrying and fretting for nothing. Any perspective you might have I am grateful for. Animals are so precious, so close to The Risen world, and it pains me that a single one suffers in any way.

I am waiting to go Home. I feel homesick and sad sometimes, but I know it's not time yet. I am sort of a fish out of water here.

I wish The Risen book were in every home in this world, reaching everyone's heart as it has mine.

With love to you all,



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