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From the Archives: Step out of the Stream

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Although there's enough material of such great diversity and challenge in The Risen to keep anyone occupied for years (as it has August) there are particular elements and ideas that appear to be especially intriguing to many. One that comes up fairly frequently, especially in reviews and interviews, is the comment about "Risen Skeptics":

"Not everyone is necessarily interested in contacting those left behind on the terrestrial plane after their transition to the Risen state. For one thing, it’s very difficult. And for another, the heightened reality of the Risen experience is so intense that many individuals quickly lose interest in earth and even forget they ever had a life there. Tim and others have told me that there are Risen who believe that their earth experience was all a dream—or a nightmare—from which they simply woke up. There are groups of Risen, including those who were once scientists on the earth, who maintain adamant skepticism that such a place as earth ever existed. When compared with their present reality, it simply doesn’t make sense to them and so they challenge others there to prove the existence of such a crazy-sounding place as 'Earth.'

"Because relatively few Risen individuals are able to connect and communicate with those of us here on the earth plane, our terrestrial existence becomes supposition and theory to many there. In a similar way, as a mother can completely forget the pain of giving birth to her child, we may quickly forget the suffering endured during our earthly existence, once we are secure in the knowledge that we have permanently moved to a far better state of existence. The past and all the suffering it contained fades very quickly when there is no linear time and only awareness of the Eternal Present." (pp 46-47)
I (August) have no trouble understanding the suggestion that there are Risen who refuse to believe in "such a crazy-sounding place as Earth" — probably because I was practically in near-constant and conscious awareness of Risen folks throughout my life — so I understand what could be called their psychology of light — although barely. I've had the privilege of spending a great deal of "time" in various Risen geographies while in deep but conscious states of trance, so I also have a hard time believing in the world I actually am in right now.

But this morning, while checking for weather updates on the television while getting ready for work, it shouldn't be all that difficult for anyone else to understand the Risen skepticism. All one has to do is about three minutes of channel-surfing; only 15 seconds on any channel provides a picture of life on Earth that can only be described as a chaotic quilt of insanity —

"... car bomb kills 13 in Iraqui village. .." *click* "...job loss & unemployment continue to rise..." *click* "Leonardo DiCaprio on dating: I had better success meeting girls before Titanic..."*click* ...wildlife toll grows as more oil washes ashore..." *click* "songbirds are being decimated in the Mediterranean for fun and profit..." *click* ".... I mean would you say what came out of Mel Gibson's mouth, drunk or sober? ..."
Behold a dark world run by ego-mind.

It was with deep gratefulness that later on in the day some words from Krishnamurti came my way, that validated my believing less and less in "Earth":

How can a mind that is always in conflict within itself find that which has never been in conflict? So in inquiring, the search has no meaning. What has meaning and significance is whether the mind can be free, free from fear, free from all its petty little egotistic struggles, free from violence, and so on. Can the mind—your mind—be free of that? That is the real inquiry. And when the mind is really free, then only is it capable without any delusion of asking if there is, or if there is not, something that is absolutely true, that is timeless, immeasurable. You know, it is really quite important to find this out for yourself, because you have to be a light to yourself, you cannot possibly take the light of another, or be illumined by another. You have to find out for yourself this whole movement of life with all its ugliness and beauty and the pleasures and the misery and the confusion, and step out of that stream. A mind must be capable of standing alone, of being a light to itself.


At Thu Jul 22, 09:06:00 AM 2010, Blogger mystic retiree said...

Dear August and Tim,
It is not clear to me,even after reading The Risen what importance our behaviour plays.In the NDE the life review seems to play an essential role in allowing for a deeper understanding of our behaviour in life.Also in the Gaelic manuscripts it is mentioned that no soul can progress until every thing is accounted for.This does not mean we come back, but every effort is made by the soul from the spirit side to assist and help those that have been wronged or harmed in some way by the departed individual.
At what point then is the transition made to a Risen?
One other point,although there may not be an answer to this.What happens to followers or intiates of spiritual gurus who make promises to them.Would the said guru be compelled to honour such promises before progressing further?

At Thu Jul 22, 02:35:00 PM 2010, Blogger August Goforth said...

It sounds as if you really do understand the importance of behavior, for it's what we do; it's how one maneuvers one's mind-body while on earth. Some of the behavior is dominated more by bodily survival instincts, some more by one's mind and psychological programs, but both work together and cannot be separated, and an impairment of one can impact the other.

Since the body basically behaves according to parameters set by millions of years of evolution, to what extent can we be held responsible for our behaviors? Not as much as we might think. And to what extent can we be held accountable for our thoughts? Again, not as much as we might assume. The greater question is, "who decides; who judges?" Only the one with true, authentic authority: Authentic Self.

When suggesting that "everything must be accounted for," the Gaelic manuscripts do not mention -- except in subtle ways between-the-lines -- that the "everything" is not very much of anything. Next to nothing of the ego-mental issues survive transition, perhaps a wisp here and there. There is no need for a "review" in the way that one might think of as a test. We may or may not be offered the chance to re-view certain past experiences Authentic Self may have tagged as significant; we may or may not ask for them; but again, very little is judged significant, since there is no need for any judgment. We appreciate this idea may be difficult to grasp, as most are dominated by ego-mind, which lives for and from the energy of judging self and others. Recall when Tim shared that he kept asking for someone to help him with his own review and worthiness tests, and all anyone would say is, "don't worry, be happy." Here is the immense shift in the paradigm of existence: now, you no longer have to feel you must "do" anything; all you need is to "be." Where there may have been progress seen or required by the ego-mind in doing, there is no progress in being, as one already, and simply, is. There is no point of transition, for life and living is transition, until "time" is removed from the stage, and then there is only rest. And in that rest is great energy, great beauty, great glory.

Nobody can be compelled to do anything. Nobody can be compelled to do nothing. To follow a guru or someone who says they're a master is a personal choice. Therefore one is responsible for that choice, including accepting promises. Since the guru actually can't promise anything real beyond their own ego-generated delusions, the guru is responsible for nothing. Since, in essence, the follower accepted nothing (whether or not they believe they accepted something,) they are responsible for nothing. To be responsible for nothing is a light load.

To quote Tim (p. 197):

“The power of light-filled compassion and non-judgment must never be underestimated. Beneath every troubled human’s ego-shell and within the human space known as the heart is the spark of Universal Source-Fire that responds instantly to any other spark that loves it—impersonally, yet wholly without judgment, without worry or fear. The response is automatic because like attracts like. As far as I have seen, which is still very little indeed, the purgatories and hells in which many awaken upon transition are short-lived. They may be nothing more than a brief memory, like a sharp intake of breath. Then, because the love response is instantly healing, they not only become consciously aware of their Rising but spontaneously accept it without regret."

At Fri Jul 23, 01:29:00 AM 2010, Blogger mystic retiree said...

Dear August,
Thank you for the thoughtful answer.


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