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From The Archives: Risen On Earth

[first posted 8/27/2011] For those still wondering, this book, separate from the one on grief, is also a work-in-progress.
Cocoon by mynameishalo
“When the most certain thing I know is the reality of my non-material self as a unique, distinct, structure spiritual entity, then there is every reason to believe it to be so. And when I have the impression of myself as an autonomous being ‘free to choose,’ then that is how it is, regardless of whether the ability of my non-material, freely chosen thoughts to influence my actions contradicts the laws of science.”
~ James Fanu, Why Us? How Science Rediscovered the Mystery of Ourselves, p. 208
"The Risen have a continuous sense of presence—presence of Self, and of Self-Creator Source."
~ Risen On Earth (in press; © Tempestina Teapot Books 2014)

Since the publication of The Risen, it has been asked by some, "are there more books to come?" – James Fanu among them. The hesitation to answer in the affirmative comes from an admitted reluctance on August's part, mainly due to the exhaustion mixed with relief still in play since The Risen was begun nearly 10 years ago. Almost daily, and for nearly eight years, he surrendered to an intense process of immersion into the Risen realms followed by resurfacing back into the terrestrial; although perhaps "submersion" would be a better choice of words, as the effect was often like that of a witch being ducked into a pond to see if he would float or sink. August sank and floated, on a near-constant basis. Perhaps John Sloan, the Risen gatekeeper of the Yellow Cloud Circle of Eternal Illumination summed it best when he shared at a recent sitting, "You have penned some wonderful literature and are a very fine writer – it is difficult to find a single word to describe your abilities, but it would be something meaning 'one who has been far out and beyond and back again.' "

It's been a long, long, long journey for August. However, it appears the answer to the original question is a restrained "yes" and that it will be entitled, Risen On Earth.

Will the new book ever actually appear? We don't know. The Risen have suggested ("suggested" being our hesitant word, not Theirs) that it would be helpful to channel the necessary energy for this next project by gradually exposing some of its information to the surface of our earthly dimension to help it acclimate and adjust to the lower levels of light, thus intermixing in ways that will allow it to acquire the necessary gravity needed to hold it still long enough to grasp and perhaps even understand, however slightly. Indeed, this was very much part of the process of the unfolding of the book, The Risen, which lived in these same bloggy pages for some years, as The Risen Assembly strove to manifest it in material form.

To get the celestial blogball rolling, let's see what some of the new material looks like so far, but starting with some of the old from The Risen:
“There is a kind of manual, our own 'self-help book,' that resides within Authentic Self—the Risen will be guiding the reader to find it. To begin the process of recognition, the subject will be approached slowly and incrementally, and repeated in different ways to carefully impress the awakening mind of the slumbering Authentic Self. The ego-mind is an obsessively opinionated, decision-making psychological component of the earthly mind-body. All thought arises from its mentality, generated to manifest physical forms and experiences on the material plane. Simultaneously, it outwardly projects judgments about our mind-body’s perceptions and its environment onto the surface of our inner space, and onto the bodies and environments of others. This projection is the simulate self. When the feeling of Authentic Self has awakened, all thoughts can be observed, accepted, shelved, or dissolved from a consciously aware stance. But until then, the ego-mind is in complete control of any rising thoughts.”
And now, from the new material, which continues:
"This book is to begin the process of transforming these rising thoughts to Rising thoughts, yet another form of transition, but while one is still emobodied upon the earth."

Living a Life Immortal
"One’s Universe is continuously reflecting one’s existence back to one’s self. This reflection is one’s higher Self of Authenticity, and a direct yet private connection to one’s Universe, and to Creator Source. The more one is consciously, wakefully aware of being this Higher Self, the more simultaneously awakened one is to Self-Existence and to Creator Source—and, ever more increasingly, and deeply—to Creator’s Source awareness of you, this Awakened One. This interchanging, this intermingling of reflections is Love, and is not only the meaning of Life, but the only meaning, which finally erases any possible sentiment of meaninglessness or unworthiness – as well as of height, distance, or any other qualitative labels – while ceaselessly validating the inalterable, total esteem with which Creator Source holds before It: each individual reflection of Itself – that is, you. When an awakened Authentic Self is able to rest in awe at the realization of this Most Intimate Divine Relationship, one’s own seat of immortality has become enthroned.

"The alleged 'fall from Heaven' of rebellious angels, recorded in ancient texts, is actually a fabrication of the ego-mind. We are Angels—there are not two separate species. Granted, we are 'fledglings in the acorn' and have a long process in our angelic development, but that is why we have immortality. The separation drama of  'good' from 'bad' angels are dualism myths, built from lies of the ego-mind, which sought and seeks to keep Authentic Self under its control. This lie flourished by lowering the awareness of Divine Human Authentic Self by improvising a pretend hierarchy, placing humanity at the bottom, and the simulated, inconceivable and unreachable 'angels' at the top—favored and usually delusional beings who are always 'closest to God.'  Typical of the ego-mind’s approach, fear is used to keep humanity in its place. As noted in The Risen, a myth is based upon certain realities that were misplaced from the present consciousness of the embodied collective of humanity. The ego-mind fostered this myth by capitalizing on certain psychological attributes of humanity, making it believable by assigning to the angels human-like 'lower' attributes, such as fear and jealousy, in order to explain their so-called 'fall'—while angels are, nevertheless, supposedly perfect beings. This paradox of lies appears true due to our aeons-long tendencies to follow beliefs rather than knowledge. The unaccounted accumulated aeons of lies is also known as "race consciousness."

"So, who are these powerful, light-filled beings who so often appear to humanity in the service of Creator Source? These angels are none other than 'Beings and Becomings'—or people like us—who have been evolving and transmuting for unfathomable aeons, just as we will.
When the veil of immortality has been rent from one’s spiritual eyes, responsibility of thought becomes apparent and imperative upon reaching a certain level of awakened consciousness; thought's direct effects on our lives, terrestrial and Risen, becomes clear."
(© Tempestina Teapot Books 2014)


At Fri May 02, 03:19:00 AM 2014, Anonymous Bob said...

Hi August and Tim:

If I have it right you're saying there has been a myth about angels through millennia, and often these angels have been developed by the ego-mind. The "qualities" of angels get distorted and these angels are believed in and embraced by humanity - but they are no longer Angels.

You also say that Angels are people like us - light filled beings who are evolving and transmuting.

How does a person approach an experience of an Angel today? One can feel the presence of a guardian angel for instance, or St. Michael the Archangel. I have such experiences and I don't sense my ego-mind is interfering.
It's seems to be a pure spiritual connection. Can working with Angels today be a valid spiritual practice in spite of the ego-mind distortion of Angels and the generation of myths?


(Separate comment: I bought The Risen at the end of 2010 and have read and re-read it many times. I'm still learning. Thanks so much.)


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