Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Flash, Rinse, Repeat

Our friend, Jack, responded in an email to the post about a certain psychiatrist's response to our book, The Risen. This is a presumably licensed professional who professes to use "alternative" methods, some of which reminds one of Victorian-type quackery devices like electromagnetic trusses and womb massagers.

"Save us from the bottom of the food chain in the medical profession. Calling you a fraud is a fragile (i.e., lame) attempt to appear to be open when one is not. Nice try, but those of us who know don't need to be convinced. This is what the "empirical mind" does very successfully. It will reference all experience into previous experience.

"This individual is also in my opinion a hypocrite. Here he promotes unconventional methods in his practice in which I would believe he is compensated. I'm not sure any of these are FDA approved. Below is a is a little excerpt from the "AlphaStim" FAQ page. Oy! "
Question: What causes the metallic taste in my mouth or flashing lights when using CES or treating on or near the head?

Answer: Close proximity to the nerves governing taste or the optic nerve in case of the flashing lights can stimulate these nerves causing the metallic taste or stroboscopic effect. This is not cause for concern and is normal in many patients. The flashing lights will go away when the stimulation is discontinued. If the metallic taste persists, rinse your mouth with water and it will go away.

Can anyone say "side effects" three times quickly? Not until you rinse your mouth out first.


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