Saturday, August 05, 2006

More Ruminations

To continue to answer a few more questions about Tim's recent manifestation:

The entire event was probably no more than 2 or 3 minutes long. I wasn't aware of any sounds other than Tim's whispering, nor did I notice any smells. Materializations that are ectoplasmic in nature are often reported to be accompanied by distinct smells — something "organic" with overtones of ammonia or bleach, and sometimes there is a smell of ozone in the air after the event. Tim's manifestation was not ectoplasmic. Or if it was, it wasn't in any way familiar to me. Ectoplasmic events require energy in a chemical form known as "ectoplasm" that's taken from the terrestrial person, is mixed with non-terrestrial materials by spirit-scientists who are working, usually in teams of many individuals, to facilitate the event. When I've participated in these kinds of events, I always feel quite ill and depleted afterward, even though the scientists return all the energy of the borrowed material. I usually have intense, flu-like symptoms. Tim also experiences a lot of discomfort from these experiences. This is why it was decided to not allow ectoplasmic experiences between us for an undetermined time. I'm wondering now if perhaps something new was discovered by the scientists that either avoids taking ectoplasm from me, or doing it in a way that doesn't make me ill. The Scole Group reported that their spirit team had discovered a way to materialize without ectoplasm, and to produce their own light as well, since the materializations had to occur in darkness (terrestrial sunlight and electric light is "coarse" and breaks up the sensitive ectoplasm.)

I recall feeling Tim's weight against me as his body "filled up" during the manifestation, but it wasn't uncomfortable. I had been sleeping, and I was gently awakened as he solidified in my arms. In past experiences, I have felt the mattress depress from his weight, but I don't recall it happening this time, nor did I get a sense that all of his body had formed -- he seemed smaller and lighter in a certain way. His eyes never opened, and there was no emotion detectable on his face -- he looked completely serene and at peace, just like somebody sleeping. In the past, the spirit scientists actually "put him to sleep" in order to enable him to access a kind of trance or dream state which paralleled my own sleeping/dream state, in order to achieve a similar vibration between the two of us. Perhaps that was done this time, but I don't know, he hasn't talked about it. I get the sense that discussing it would somehow compromise it happening again, as if too much thought analysis would affect it in a negative way, as ego-mind's thinking is wont to do.

Another interesting thing happened this morning. I woke up later than usual, having the luxury of not having to be anywhere on a Saturday morning. While the coffee was brewing, I sat on the living room couch getting hugged by the kittens. I wondered what time it was, and when I looked at one of the three pendulum clocks in the room, noticed it had stopped at 9:30 . It's a battery-operated clock, so I thought maybe the battery was dead. I started the pendulum and it continued to run as if normal. Then I noticed the silence - usually the other two ancient wind-up pendulum clocks are tick-tocking away, but they had stopped too -- also at 9:30. I went and looked at the kitchen clock, which was running fine, and it said the time was 9:32. Back in the living room, I found that the wind-up pendulum clocks didn't need winding; I had wound them up yesterday, in fact. This has been happening for the last few months, maybe 5 times in all, where all three clocks stop at once. I got them all running, and then heard my cell phone ring.

It was a neighbour telling me that the answering machine on my landline wasn't picking up. I checked the main wall unit in the kitchen and it had power, but instead of a dial tone, just a kind of "hollow sound". After a half hour of investigation, including having the telephone company check the line, I discovered that the wall unit had actually been unplugged from behind it. This was the direct line, which can only be released when a tiny tab is depressed with the finger in order to pull it out. I certainly didn't do this, and I'm pretty sure the kittens, however clever they might be, couldn't have done this. Besides the cord was still hidden behind the phone, and they would at the very least have knocked the wall unit off.

If these are clues about something, I don't know what for. My Aunt, who is in a nursing home dying from a malignant brain tumour, visits me several times a day out of her body, but hasn't given me any reason to think she did this. She might have stopped the clocks, although I didn't see her anywhere at the time. Incidentally, although her poor shrinking body is unmoving in a bed, her spirit is up and about and she's having, literally, the time of her life. She's extremely happy, after I managed to convince her that what she was experiencing is real. She hasn't completed her transition because she's worried about her son, but I'm sure that will be resolved as best as it can, and soon.


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