Friday, January 20, 2006

I swear!

"Concepts of death change. . . When we characterize a person's concept of death at a particular point in time we should not suppose that this description will continue to hold true for him indefinitely."
— Robert Katenbaum & Ruth Aisenberg, The Psychology of Death

"There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another theory which states that this has already happened."
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

"There is a Risen theory that each perceived individual universe disappears and is replaced not only in the blink of any eye, but whenever an eye blinks."
— Tim Gray

Space-trooper E.W. wired this off recently:

"I've been thoroughly enjoying your blog, but when's the *%&$# book coming out?!?! It's made me want to go back to The Risen, but as it exists now in my life as a huge stack of photocopies, it's not the easiest beastie to reference."
Well, E.W. that's a good question. The MS is in the hands of the publishers who reserve the right to sit on it for at least six months before they say yay or neigh. Hence my making the material freely available to those who happen to come our way. I hope you're able to click on the link here that takes you to individual chapters. I suppose we could try one of the self-publishing options, and then the book is printed on demand as needed — but it costs money and that currently all goes to kitten food, the vet and toys.

By the way, nice use of symbols for a curse word. But feel free to express yourself fully; self-censorship is so poopy-headed self-defeating.

A bit more civilized now, E. W. continues:

"But what you've been saying has brought up a perennial question of mine. You see, I'm what I guess could be called 'metaphysically cautious'. I can follow you in nearly everything you say, and quite a lot of it resonates with me (it has even expanded my understanding of what resonates means), but my personal spiritual journey continues to bring me to an 'understanding' that is basically unknowable, a kind of Zen Buddhist or Advaitic realm that is often called 'emptiness' yet also contains everything, in other words an Absolute Mystery. So this continually leads me to view ALL phenomena with some suspicion, and to see ALL phenomena has inherently erroneous (to different degrees, to be sure, but still at least tainted with error).

"So sometimes when I hear about your experiences I think to myself, 'That's very beautiful and fascinating, but how is communicating with those who have transitioned fundamentally different than talking to my next door neighbor, on a metaphysical level, if Reality itself is noncommunicable (remember the Tao?)?'"

"And then sometimes I answer myself, 'But it could be important as a means to totally upset our fundamental assumptions and preconceived notions about what earth life means, these assumptions and notions being programmed into us right around birth. And it is these assumptions and notions that often prevent us from taking even baby steps toward much larger mysteries of being, and confine us to minuscule worlds. Life itself is infinitely more vast than we're inclined to give it credit for, and so by dissolving the boundaries between realms of being we can not only have more experiences to explore and enjoy, but it can also possibly free us from the obsessions to perfect this earthly world which as we should all know by now only help to write a history that is rife with tragedy and ignorance (and beauty and
love and laughter and all that).'

"And then I usually tell myself to be quiet for a while.

"This is just to say that, largely thanks to you and your (pl.) book, I am becoming less metaphysically cautious, and that I can more easily see ALL phenomena as being part of God's world (God being the absolutely unknowable mystery that we (and everything else) already are). This has actually been something of a revelation to me, though it still hasn't completely sunk in. I'm not sure there's a question in all of this, but here's one -- are you(pl.) in some way advising us to escape the small consensual manifest world we insist on living in on this greeny blue dot, and to enter the vast world(s) of uncertainty and mystery created largely by our own higher imaginals, where there is in a way a deeper sense of intimacy between individuals, but also possibly a greater sense of isolation because of the realization that it's 'all in our imaginals'?"

Ouch, E.W. my head hurts now. Tcha! I mean, Teatime! I'll be mother and pour out a cup of Risen response, while we keep in mind that discernment is not an accurate system of communication.

"We are god's world(s) and god is our world(s). Although verbalized and written as a perceived dualism, the dualism is an illusion, a side-effect, so to speak, of a physical bicamera* perception inherent in current human manifestation. If not side-effect, then a limited perception.

"If escape means 'waking up', then yes that is the suggestion. And this begs the question, 'what is waking up?' Can one see that waking up is a change in conscious, self-aware perception?

"When a hand is moved, it is god's hand moving; so god is moving your hand as well.
You + god = 1. Everything + god = 1. There is no subtraction, only addition; no division, only multiplication in Everything. There is no "out there." It's all here, now. I AM is here, now. 'Outside' has to be manifested, which is what a belief does: establish boundaries. And so no beliefs = ∞

"A sense of isolation is a fantasy or a belief, it's the same thing either way. Like all senses, it is a gift to be filled with joy, i.e., enjoyed. It can be tailored to be experienced in any way. The I AM is not limited. Since we are I AM, we are not limited. This is 'the vastness.'

"The mai
n goal of The Risen (the book) is to stimulate the real-ization that one is immortal, here, now. This is not-sleep. This is awakening. This is the letting go of the believe in death, in fear of death. We see that the experience of grief is, for many, the starting point; we offer a way through and beyond.

"'But I'm getting older, day by day!' one might insist. This insistence is belief and fear. One avoids looking at this issue by counting 'birth' days, to re-live one's birth over and over as if somehow this is life and life that never ends. What of the final birth day? And then one is born into a Risen way of existence.

"The Risen have attained a realization of immortality; some to a great extent, some to a lesser extent. Your next door neighbour has probably not attained this. Once one has a conscious, self-aware experiential interaction with a Risen One, the ego-mind/simulate self is shocked into stillness, and begins to become transparent as light shines through it from all sides, revealing the complete lack of darkness and boundaries, of not-knowing and hence, the beginning realization that we do not end. This occurs from the conscious and aware realization of the interpenetrative quality of all-that-is, i.e. our worlds and the worlds of the Creative Source. One can read, talk, write about the experience, but until one has it, and remains awake to it, it remains part of the unawakened dream.

"The next step is to awaken within the dream that one dreams while believing one is awake. The Risen are awakened out of that belief and into a larger dream, and are like lucid dreamers who can now control their dream. This one can achieve while on Earth, this lucid awakening consciously into the dream. 'Transition' is the experience then, not "escape." Transition is a process of emptying, pouring from one vessel into another. Transition can precede the final sleep of the body ('death'). "
(End of transmission. And please—no references to "the long dark tea-time of the soul.")

I very much like the suggestion of the landscape of the lucid dreamer—where one wakes up consciously aware that one is dreaming, without awakening the body. My own experience has been just this, in fact—waking up in this manifested world and seeing that all manifestation is a lucid dream. The world becomes brilliant, vibrantly alive, surreal, malleable to will. This is Mundus Imaginalis. It is, indeed, a variation of faerie. I can also remove myself from this lucidity and enter other dream states or levels of sleep, to return to awakedness again, more and more, each time bringing a little more light into the awareness, each time, awakening yet a bit more. Our blue-green planet is exquisite within certain concepts; let our vision make it so.

Regarding K., let me elucidate a bit more about "tcha!" — It's been mentioned before that K. has moved on—way on beyond not only this earthly realm but even beyond Risen realms. He is no longer the "Designation K." but a focus of light that carries "K-ness" with it. This aspect of K. still responds to particular vibrations of mine when communication is sent forth. I can access, in a very faint way, those realms beyond the Risen, but would never be able to report that experience in written or spoken language. Maybe via dance, but that would be really scary. So the K-ness slows its vibration or "descends" to Risen levels where it can connect with my resonance. At times, K-ness can get close to the earthly realm. It is a common feature that when this happens, with Risen and even nessies, there is an experience of re-entering material time and space that attracts former personality traits and ego-mind attributes. This slowing of vibration has been reported to me as very uncomfortable and not at all something to look forward to. So of course, K-ness, now re-clothed in old clothes, is going to say "tcha!"

* bicamera is used here with the meaning of two "chambers": an upper and a lower one. This seems to best fit their Risen concept.


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