Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Intelligent Design or Fuzzy Discernment?

A blog expert advises: “Keep posts short and sweet, don’t ramble on and on. You want them to come back.” Do I?

So far, my posts are none of that. Perhaps I might abbreviate them to save on space.

If u cn rd ths chk ur meds n thn cm bk.

Let me explain why this blog is not about short n’ sweet, sweet n’ lo, or this n’ that. The subtitle of our book is “21st Century Reports from the Afterlife Through Contemplative, Intuitive, and Physical Mediumship” and clarifies what will be found in The Risen, and subsequently, this blog.

Most of the material at this blog is received by me as informed from the Risen, Tim and “others” via intuitive mediumship and some occasional good ol’ fashioned channeling. “Have hands, will type.” I stop when they stop. Should I stop sooner, it’s guaranteed I will have to finish it sooner rather than later, which includes being awakened at 2 a.m. or having to go into trance mode while on the subway and relegating it to a subconscious cupboard for later retrieval. So not only are the posts likely to be hefty, at least in context if not in content, I often have to come back to them to finish them several times over several days, or even re-word or refine certain parts because my discernment was fuzzy or they were mumbling. And of course I have to put my own two cents in to give it some zest and tang.

All this is especially pertinent to the agenda of the Risen—which is mine as well, for the most part—which is to inform and educate in ways that are resonate with the reader and/or catalyze new/increased resonance for the reader. Also, what I just shared about what I sometimes experience as a medium/channeler is seen as essential for the kind of resonance, which will stimulate mediumship abilities in others. Additionally, it will confirm for some that they are experiencing mediumship, and not just having wishful thinking—which is different than imagining something—as the Risen mean it.

Which brings us to what I’m sensing will be the subject of our next posting or few: imagining, or the imaginal. I’m being prepped for this as I type now, but the material is still coming together and I don’t know when I will have to formally post it. I do know they’re not going to re-present or rehash the material from Chapter 13, Mundus Imaginalis -- The Imaginal World, since it’s readily available to read.

Also a-brewing in the spirit kitchen is the controversial subject Intelligent Design – which is quite directly related to subject of the imaginal, and equally quite different from the current two-party stance that pits terrestrial Religion against terrestrial Science.

Stay tuned—I mean, come back.


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