Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tim(e) Passes

Something's in the etheric. The Risen Books website has a "sitemeter" on it which helps me look at statistics gathered, such as how many people visit, what part of the world they might be from, and so on. The data is presented in various ways, and one page uses a table format with column headings. When I went to this particular page this morning, I notice that one of the column headings said "Visit Tim". I just sat there staring at it for a few seconds, trying to understand what I was seeing, as it didn't make any sense. Visit Tim? Then, as I watched, a few seconds later, the letter "E" slowly appeared, -- and now it read "Visit Time" - which made sense within the context of the table's contents. I've never seen html present in this way before, unless it was programmed to be animated - which this simple table and text is not. So I ask my expert colleagues, does this qualify as an ITC (Intstrumental Transcommunication) event? If so, it's clearly a message, although I don't know if it means I should visit Tim, or he will visit me -- I suspect the latter, as in the past couple months he has been hinting that "something" is in the works and I wonder if that something will be another attempt by the Risen Team at enabling Tim to physically materialize in my presence.

As we say in the business, "Stay tuned" -- and we mean that literally and metaphorically.


At Sun Apr 11, 11:03:00 PM 2010, Blogger Rob Smith said...


Seems to fit the ITC mold. It is my ‘hunch’ that the message “Visit Tim(e)” is an ITC instruction for you to visit him, rather than vice versa. As the operative word is “Visit” – then Tim (e) would have orchestrated that as an instruction to visit him. If he were to visit you, I would suggest a different ‘sign’ would have been given to you. Perhaps simply ask the question: “Am I being requested to visit you”? You could use an IC recorder for a simple ‘Yes” or “No” response.



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