Monday, April 26, 2010

Quamobrem "The Risen"?

A question we often get, which is kind of unexpected, is why or how the words or term "The Risen" came about. I (August) never know quite how to answer it, as it just made itself known in its own ways, and was not my invention. Maybe because it does sound a bit serious or even grim, so Tim and I do a little joshing about it with one another in one of the dialogues in the book. But I was slightly astonished to come across the following in a chapter of Mike Tymn's new book, The Articulate Dead, which lends an eerie validation to the term, on p. 72.

To paraphrase —

Frederick W.H. Myers, one of the founders of the Society for Psychical Research, and a medium himself, had transitioned in 1901. Naturally, many people from all over the world wanted to be the ones to establish contact with such an influential person to support the agenda for survival. Four months later, Oliver Lodge and his wife were sitting with the medium Rosalie Thompson, after contacting Myers via Rosalie's trance voice. The spirit Edmund Gurney, who had worked with Myers as a fellow SPR member, and had transitioned some time earlier, was assisting FWH Myers with his transition and also came through. At this sitting, Gurney said said that too many people were trying to contact Myers after his recent transition and that he needed rest: "What we want now for him is to rise, and to forget earthly things." Gurney goes on to explain that Myers was overwhelmed from all the attempts at contacting him, which was forcing him to remain close to the earth, or "earthbound", which was hindering his transition - or, as Tim and I would say, "to become fully and healthily Risen."

Here is interesting support and possible validation of the use of the concept and phrase "Risen" in terms of transition.


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