Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Stuff of Dreams

What follows is a dream-discourse written in trance after waking up from a particularly intense night of traveling in the astral:

I cannot speak for everyone, but I do know there are those of us who have lives during the time our terrestrial body sleeps that are so far beyond the pale existence of the terrestrial experience that it is truly impossible to speak or write of those lives in any terrestrial language, save, perhaps, art.

Those who think that they know their dreams, and understand them, and can speak and write of them—in any way—are in the unconscious clutches of the ego-mind, and are being used by its mentality. The ego-mind cannot travel beyond the terrestrial state of embodiment into the astral, where Authentic Self lives—and loves—in such intense, often frenzied and fierce, yet exquisitely fiery and tender ways, that the life of a still-embodied person on the earth can be said without doubt to be the actual dream.Thus all the millennia of written and oral tradition, sacred and secular texts, which claim to have understood the mysteries of what are labeled as “dream lives” and “dream symbols and interpretations” add up to mere delusions of the ego-mind—it is speaking of itself and the lives of its own simulate personalities while in captivity on the Earth, and not of the vast truth which it cannot claim, which is Authentic Self’s immortal existence outside time and space.

When an Authentic Self returns to the terrestrial body, when it awakens—which is really falling back asleep—very rarely can It bring any awareness of from where and when It came. Even those tiny wisps of vibrations that echo scant information of Its astral lives, adventures, and lovers, are unable to be retained for more than a few breaths. Instead, the Authentic Self falls back into a deep slumber, as the ego-mind regains control of the body-mind. The ego-mind is clever and skilled enough to sample and analyze the dissolving wisps before they vanish, and it is with these after-tastes that the ego-mind reconstructs what it thinks are the dramas of its sleep, which it calls “dreams.” Some ego-minds profess to study them, and label them as “not real” but as proof of the depths and complexities of what it imagines as its own real psychological intelligence and evolved and shining talents. Conversely, others also profess to study them and arrive at the same conclusions, while claiming beliefs that the dreams are “real” and evidence higher spiritual aspects, communications, and messages from divinities and demons, as well as interactions with other embodied and even disembodied personalities.

But the ego-mind cannot and never will be able to leave its actual confines, because neither it nor its confines are real, but rather a short-lived and fragile bubble of energy borrowed from the loosest elements of earth and air that comprise the terrestrial body. It is also this bubble of ego-mind’s dreams that Authentic Self re-enters and then proceeds forward in its terrestrial life, unaware in any way of the spectacular, astoundingly beautiful life of reality that awaits Its return to the higher astral realms. Instead, It allows ego-mind to daze and dazzle It by beliefs about dreams, lulled deeper into a day-slumber, where It usually will remain unconscious until the body and the ego-mind finally fall away, and transition toward the Risen Lands begins.

Friday, November 07, 2014

Physical Seance Room Album Now Available!

Physical Seance Room Recollections
Wonderful Memories
Physical Phenomena
as told by 
Senior Spiritualists

2 CDs containing a series of first-hand accounts of physical seance room events, told by spiritualists who sat with mediums about whom today we can only read about.

Preface & Introduction by Steward Alexander

Disc 1:
Douglas Lawrence on physical mediumsnip
Trance recording of medium Gladys Osborne
Eugene Woods (USA) recounts his experiences with medium "Chris"
Kathleen Allen on mediums Ronald Strong & Helen Duncan
Joan Honor on mediums Helen Duncan & William Olsen

Disc 2:
Elsie Richards on medium Frank Harvard
Original National Association of Spiritualists summing up w/contemporary comments
William Cookson on Helen Duncan
Reverand Merrill on medium Millicent Benedict
Ivy Northage: experiences of physical mediumship
Mrs. L.T. Gordon on Helen Duncan & Alec Harris

I have just received my copy and am barely able to convey the sense of history and mystery that emerges from these very important and modern artifacts.

The cost of the Album is £12.50 (Sterling). Shipping determined by location. Send all inquiries to Stewart Alexander at this email. Payment is easily arranged via PayPal worldwide.

You may recognize Stewart as one of the world's contemporary leading physical mediums, also author of An Extraordinary Journey: The Memoirs of a Physical Medium.