Saturday, June 22, 2013

Animals in Paradise

"(Life) ... a majestic, unceasing, unhurried, forward movement
brings things stage by stage to the condition we know them by now."
~ Thomas Troward ~

Risen reader Debbie shares:
August, Tim, finding The Risen came at just the right time for me. I feel the light and truth emanate forth from all of you, and your writing is exquisite. I cannot fathom how you put everything you did into words, and did so beautifully. I felt that I was carried along by soft, gentle waves, and even what portions of material felt intense to me - and some I do not yet fully comprehend, I admit - I know that in time I will.

Your love for your cherished animal friends I share with you, and to know they are safe in the arms of The Risen gives me great comfort.

I wish to ask you something that has been on my mind for some time now, even before I got your book: I would like to know if there is a special prayer you might recommend or suggest, or a Risen team I can call on in prayer to help animals on Earth who are unloved and who do not experience a dignified passing. Do they receive help immediately upon passing, animals such as those in factory farms and shelters? I think of them almost constantly and want to know if you may have suggestions for prayers. Or do I rest in the knowledge that The Risen gather these sweet souls into their arms and I am worrying and fretting for nothing. Any perspective you might have I am grateful for. Animals are so precious, so close to The Risen world, and it pains me that a single one suffers in any way

 Debbie, we are grateful for your kind and beautiful words about your experience with the Risen material, and we rejoice that you have found something of value in our book. We know that many find it daunting in its density, but as we have noted before, it's not meant to be "Metaphysics 101" or "Mediumship for Dummies." In many ways, it was written out of time for those not yet in it, which is another way of saying "for the future." Like you, those who view their life with a posture of open and conscious awareness, and with lack of fear and worry, are able to face living with a forward perspective, knowing with total trust that "my good goes before me and prepares the way."

Our furry, feathery and leathery fellow creatures occupy much of our lives. Whenever I look into the eyes of an animal, I see the gaze of Creator Source looking back. Thus have I come to understand what "love" is, through the indeterminable depths of their souls. They have never lost their innocence, and unlike us, never will. They can lead us back to Risen pastures, where life is always good, and grazing and water as perfect as the calm and peaceful skies overhead. Many of us will be met first by our beloved animals as we step from the terrestrial to the Risen lands, for each and every one has as divine a purpose as we do. I have met many animals in the Risen geographies whose intelligence and understanding far passes my own, and at whose feet I sit in wonder, a grateful disciple.

We share your sadness about the unconscionable injustices done to animals on this planet. Pray ... always pray. It might gladden you to know that all the profits from our book (plus a good deal more) go to a special organization in our city that provides free veterinary services to those who can't afford them. This is one concrete and immediate way in which we can help. Other friends volunteer at a special hospital and sanctuary for the wild birds that stray into the city and become injured. Still others, like our friends at The Forever Family Foundation, are directly involved with rescuing feral cats, spaying them, and finding homes for the kittens. There is no lack of work to do, is there?

You may recall from your reading of The Risen what Tim revealed about our "dwelling places" that await us in The Summerlands—

“You know of the mind’s powers, August, as you’ve been creatively manifesting your own dwelling places all along. It’s similar to how living spaces are manifested on earth. The place you live in now did not exist until you decided to find it, and then your mind began to conceive of possibilities—from there your inner vision proceeded to externalize them. Your entire world experience is one immense, complex manifestation on the material plane. Cities, towns, and houses on earth previously existed only in people’s minds. Granted, the external manifestation process is much slower and tedious on your material plane than it is in the Risen states, but the principal is the same—mind manifests reality. All the fantasies about places where you would love to dwell not only become possible once you transition into Risen life, but they can begin to manifest even before your transition. It depends on one’s mental and emotional clarity, one’s will, and especially one’s self-evolution, which together bring enlightened understanding of Mind and its unlimited abundance.

     “While you’re dreaming of that cozy little cottage or even a castle tucked away in some hidden glen, the strength of your desires will cause the building elements to come together in the realm of the Higher Mind, which is your mind, my mind, our Mind—it is all One—and particular elements of light will coalesce into an actuality that reflects those desires. The more it becomes real to you in your mind, the more it becomes ‘real–ized’ on the higher planes where such things are meant to occur. The Risen are capable of manifesting realized wonders of landscape and architecture, which are their dwelling places and are far beyond the physical possibilities of the earth plane.

      “Of course I’m speaking of the positive, spiritually inspired powers of the individual use of Mind. To the extent that one’s thoughts, dreams and fantasies are able to manifest in ways that are beautiful and meaningful evidences the degree of spiritual evolution, of the self-love and self-esteem that enable and support the love and esteem of other individuals, and the level of understanding that Mind is a shared experience as well as an individual one. There are those on the earth, who, for whatever reasons unique to their experience, understanding, and individual evolution, are unable to manifest much more than a Risen tar-paper shack—if even that. While they might be able to fantasize about a sumptuous Hollywood mansion, more than likely the nature of that image is of the earth-bound, ego-mind’s desires and so could not in any real way be imaginally expressed in the higher astral realms.”

So what this mean, dear friend, is that by your good works here, you have been laying up treasures for yourself in The Summerland, which await your arrival and habitation.  "My good goes before me and prepares the way."

I have been aware of my own "Risen estate"—which is rather vast, and indescribably beautiful, for many years, and visit it all the time when my body sleeps. It is rare I can remember much, for such Risen realms do not translate well, if at all, into the meager brain thoughts of a human body; there simply is little for terrestrial memory to grasp and hold for us.

The very special thing about this estate is that it has always been open as a sanctuary for any and all animals that I have had some kind of relationship with—directly or indirectly—and to whom I extend the invitation to go there and dwell, and bid them to enhance it and their own lives with the complete peace needed for recovery from their earthly sufferings. Not only all the dogs and cats I've ever lived with are there, but every little bird that I've come upon that has transitioned or will soon; every squirrel, mouse, snake; every belabored horse I see drawing its heavy load of tourists through Central Park receives my invitation to advance there at any time of their choosing. When I see or learn of the suffering or loss of an elephant, dolphin in the news or on TV, any and all animals receive my prayers for healing and the invitation to go live on my estate. It is good it is so vast, for herds of elephants need a lot of room!

You can do this, too. Simple, isn't it? Yes, always strive to remember that you can ask for help, for there really are Risen teams of healers waiting to hear such requests. They will assist and guide, as well as teach and even themselves learn in the process, for Life—"majestic, unceasing, and unhurried"—is also Learning, Discovery, Celebration.

I close with these words of Tim from our book—his response to Eternity—

"Perfection is not something to be attained; it is something to be realized, to awaken to. Oh, the incredible ecstasy of awakening to the realization that there is no end to awakening! There is no end to Heaven, continually unfolding and revealing itself as we awaken to ever-increasing awareness of having our being in and as paradise.”

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Say What You Want

[first posted 9/23/11]

"Synchronicity" is what we terrestrial humans call the spiritual process of consciously recognizing what’s happening to us - change - and indicative that the changes are what Tim calls "transmutational" - effecting adjustments and conversions at the deepest molecular and then quantum levels. Such activity means one is having multi-dimensional experiences, which can make everyday living seem rather flat and 2D.  “Psychic” experiences are bells and whistles, temporary side-effects and not meant to be cultivated or valued, sanctified or reified, just appreciated and let go, like so much weather. The ego-mind will attempt to value and display them as a sign of power and being better than others. All the ancient texts advise to ignore them; else they keep you from seeing what's really meant to be seen.  Learn all you can about how your mind uses thoughts and thinking to produce and maintain fear; then you must discover your own way of responding to it, and gain control of your mind. You can use your mind to cultivate and project positive thoughts just as much as you can use it to give home to negative thoughts. It’s our choice.

All the above also means learning how to redirect one's attention away from the fearful things, which are illusory shadows and the after-effects or projections of race-consciousness belief, toward authentic thoughts, which come from within. As long as we allow yourself to be "of the race" we will never rise and develop into the individualization we are meant to be. Be in the world but not of it. An example of a race-consciousness thought, which has, unfortunately, become imbedded in the culture,(as do all such thoughts) is “The only thing you have to fear is fear itself.” This is a suggestion of the ego-mind, and its warped, paranoid rationale should be apparent to Authentic Self, which does not even acknowledge fear or any thoughts about it. Another example is “It’s cold and flu season” which suggests we will get sick. It’s never cold and flu season, unless we believe it to be so. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain talking about cold and flu relief. Say only what you want.

We manifest material reality through our thinking -- it's as plain as that. Where Tim is, this is instantly clear; where we are, it's very much slowed down and not as apparent, seemingly taking “years.” Therefore we on earth exercise what's called "faith" which is fully accepting that the visible arises from that which is not visible.  If you are busy staring at certain things as if they are real, this is like extending an invitation to them, and they will become real, for we have unlimited power gifted to us by Creator Source to manifest our world. Un-see the scary things, un-feel them, deny them, erase them out of existence. Just say and mean “no” to the flu. Do not join with others who would drag you down; you want to rise. Bring into your inner vision that which you truly want to manifest outside. Perhaps none of this makes sense yet, I pray it will some day for you. It seems as if people like Jesus have been trying to help us learn how to recognize our immortality - and then "to rise" by this awareness, to internally achieve "heaven on earth" – that is, where “earth” is the material body, and “heaven” is the state of awareness of being.

I refer to Tim and his kind as "Risen" because their transition of losing the material body released their spiritual body, which “rose” and then was no longer restricted, blinded, deafened by material vibrations. Our "blocks" are our thoughts, beliefs, patterns - all the things made up and sustained by race consciousness. Civilizations come and go – so there is no need to identify with them, for paradoxically, we must move forward, yet ever-present, sharing in the Mind of Creator Source, which is omniscient, omnipotent, and omni-present. We share the same Mind with It; we are the thinkers of thoughts into It; as Jesus and others said, what they did, we can also do, and even greater. Do not worry about the world, or the Earth; it's not in our hands, and it would make us crazy to think that it is.

(Thanks to Martin, a reader of The Risen, for his questions which stimulated the above)

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Prayers for George

Our dear friend Lorna in the UK is now with her 18 year old kitty, Georgie, at the vet to help him transition after a long illness. We send George, Lorna & Terry many, many blessings of light and love to illuminate the way ahead, and to sweep away the shadows of fear and worry.