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Pearls of Ibiza - Recent Physical Mediumship Breakthroughs!

Thanks to Dr. Ken Sarry of NY, USA for the following exclusive report.

“The eminent scholars who have participated in medium activities and have studied the literature   have come to the undeniable conclusion that the afterlife is as real as this life.”
(R. Craig Hogan PhD.: Your Eternal Self )

On May 20, 2013, ten people from four different countries came together on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Ibiza. Ibiza has been called: “The Pearl of the Mediterranean” and is also well known as an island where young people go to party and dance the night away. What is not known is that Ibiza is home to one of the Mecca’s of physical mediumship, with a rich history of having hosted some of the most gifted and highly developed physical mediums of the last thirty years, including the Scole Group. These meetings and demonstrations take place at the stunningly beautiful hacienda of Dr. Hans Schaer. Hans has been investigating the afterlife for more than thirty years and has graciously opened his doors and allowed physical mediums from around the globe to meet and stay at this heavenly retreat and demonstrate their gift in the presence of other mediums and serious truth seekers and investigators. A true renaissance man in every sense of the word, Hans was told verbally by a spirit communicator that, “It is no accident that you were to buy this place.” Hans is an aficionado, staunch patron and supporter of physical mediumship and has sat with the renowned Scole Group on over fifteen occasions. We salute Hans for his support, generosity, and most gracious hospitality.  

Over the course of this amazing and historic week, there were five séances and six table sittings. I must mention that the table sittings were every bit as good as the cabinet séances. A table sitting is actually a séance with a table as the main focal point of communication. I will write a separate report at a later date about what occurred during these extremely amazing  table sittings, as they definitely deserve special attention.  In all, there were eleven séances in five days for a total of sixteen hours of nonstop, highly evidential physical and verbal communication with beings in the afterlife dimension, also known as: ‘the etheric world’ or ‘the spirit world’ or whatever you wish to call it. The bottom line is obvious: we will all be passing out of our bodies one day, when they will no longer be needed, and then we will transition to a currently invisible dimension, where the quality of life will depend on the quality of our thoughts and consciousness. This quality determines the rate of our vibration; by universal law, our spirit migrates to a realm of existence that is perfectly compatible with the vibration we have built up through the development of our consciousness.

The following is an attempt to relay as accurately as I can and to the best of my recollection, the events and phenomena that occurred during each demonstration. To keep this report short and readable, I will report only the highlights of each demonstration that I feel are most noteworthy.

Sitting with medium Warren Caylor – May 22, 2013
On May 22, at 6pm, Warren Caylor demonstrated his mediumship with a cabinet sitting, in which he was tied to a chair using plastic industrial cable ties, gagged and a bag placed over his head for the entire two hour séance. It must be noted that one can only be freed from these cable ties with a set of wire cutters. Cutting through them with a knife is possible but it is a lengthy and arduous task, and once the cable ties are broken, they can no longer be used.

The séance brought through four main spirit personalities:  Tommy, Yellow Feather, Winston, and Luther. They all conversed with the sitters at length and repeatedly, Tommy and Luther making us all belly laugh with their sharp wit and keen sense of humor. There was an abundance of physical phenomena including an amazing display of ‘flying trumpets’, and repeated loud knocking and banging all over the room. Footsteps of the spirit people could be clearly heard walking all around the room, while the location of their voices would change constantly. At one point, it actually began to rain in the room for a brief moment — a spectacular phenomenon.

Luther then materialized and came out of the cabinet, and invited two of the ladies in the room to come up and dance with him – they both accepted. One of them, who is also very mediumistic herself, told me after the sitting that Luther had his hands on her head and then her shoulders. He then asked her to turn around and again placed his hands on her shoulders and they proceeded to dance. She indicated that his hands were very large, and that when he spoke, she could feel his breath on her skin. This all occurred in pitch-black darkness.

Throughout the séance, we were all touched several times by Tommy, the little spirit boy. It is an amazing experience to be touched by a materialized spirit hand.

At one point, Tommy told Colleen, who was controlling the music, to light the candle that was sitting on a table next to the CD player. He then instructed us to watch the candle. The length of the flame on the candle became smaller and smaller until it almost went out. Just before it was about to go out, the flame came back to its original length and brightness. It seems as if those in spirit were able to reduce the amount of oxygen surrounding the candle and then quickly restore the flame just before it went out.

Winston also came through and spoke to us for approximately 7–8 minutes , advising us that future table sittings could be performed in candlelight.

Towards the end of this sitting, one of the sitters received a personal message from his son who had passed in a motorcycle accident two years ago.

In case readers might be guessing about the spirit communicator named Winston, the answer is a resounding YES — it was the voice and spirit of Winston Churchill. After the sitting, Warren and I were discussing what had transpired during the session. I asked him about Winston Churchill. He shared that when Churchill first came through and spoke years ago, he did not want Churchill as a guide and communicator unless he knew for sure that it really was Winston Churchill. Warren decided to record the voice and sent it to the Natural History Museum in London to see if they could authenticate the voice. According to Warren, they performed a voice analysis using some type of current technology; he was told that the likelihood of this being the voice of Winston Churchill was 99.4%. I was thrilled to hear this, as in my opinion, it is really great evidence.

This was truly an amazing demonstration of high quality, greatly developed physical mediumship at its best. If anyone who has sat with Warren felt like the communication and/or phenomena was not genuine, I would suggest that you go back to eating processed food, reading supermarket tabloids, and sitting in front of the idiot box for eight hours a day, because your sense of perception is either greatly diminished or absent completely. I cannot understand how anyone could attend one of these extremely evidential two-hour demonstrations and walk away with any doubt as to the authenticity of the phenomena. For those who have written derogatory articles or have made disparaging comments about Warren or his mediumship, I can only suspect that this comes from jealousy, delusion, or complete ignorance. Those who know Warren personally also know that he is an extremely principled man who possesses the highest integrity when it comes to mediumship. He would not sell his soul by engaging in fraud or deception for any reason. Granted, there are things that occur in physical mediumship that cannot be explained through physics or established scientific protocols and methodologies, and at times may appear to the sitter that some phenomena could be construed as suspicious. This is because we are dealing with beings and energies from another dimension whose vibratory frequency is much higher than ours, and the laws which govern this dimension do not apply to our world.  Therefore, we must concentrate on the ninety-five percent of the phenomena that we know to be real and would be impossible to manifest by human intervention. 

Kudos to Warren Caylor for his extreme dedication to his mediumship, and for arduously pursuing his goal of trying to enlighten the world to the greatest of all truths – that we ALL survive death.

Sitting with medium Kai Mugge May 23, 2013 - 7pm
The beloved, iconic, and charismatic German medium Kai Mugge of the Felix Experimental Group (FEG) astounded us all once again with the brilliant phenomena that was presented to us by his spirit control and guide, Professor Hans Bender

Hans Bender was a brilliant and well known parapsychologist who passed to the spirit world approximately 25 years ago. He is now pursuing his work through the mediumship of Kai Mugge and continues to astound us with an array of physical phenomena that is unique to this particular demonstration of mediumship.

Two bright spirit lights the size of marbles floated around the room at alternating rates of speed and zig-zagged at every possible angle and speed for about 20 minutes. This was truly amazing to witness. Several sitters claimed that one of the lights landed on a part of their body, and experienced these lights to be tangible. We then witnessed three ping-pong balls that had been painted with luminous paint rise up from a small table and float in the air for several seconds. There was also an amazing display of flying trumpets that came extremely close to all of us and tapped several sitters on the head, knee, arm, and chest with perfect precision and control.

At one point, two spirit hands materialized and floated gracefully over an illuminated plaque which was about two feet from where I was seated. I was able to study the anatomy of these hands very closely and determined that they were definitely not the same hands that materialized at a previous demonstration that I had attended a year earlier. At that sitting, I was also approximately two feet from the plaque and could see the materialized hands very clearly. Throughout the sitting, several, if not all of the sitters were touched by materialized spirit hands, some several times.

One of the highlights of this sitting was when the spirit chemists took some florescent substance from the illuminated plaque and mixed it with the ectoplasm so that it would glow brightly in the dark. Under the control of Hans Bender, the medium proceeded to walk around the room with this brightly glowing ectoplasm all lit up and spread over his entire chest for all to see. He walked very closely past all the sitters and the ectoplasm was just inches away from our faces. This may be a first, as I have never heard of this phenomenon being presented before.

Nearing the end of the sitting, the red light was turned on and we all could see ectoplasm pouring out of the mouth of the medium. There was a pile of this enigmatic substance on the floor in front of the medium — about as big as a bread box — and we could all clearly see a human hand emerge from the ectoplasm and then wave to us. We also saw in good red light a column of ectoplasm form in front of the medium. I can only speculate as to what this column may turn into at some future demonstration. This is very exciting indeed, as the spirit chemists continue to push the envelope and experiment with progressively more and more new phenomena which already boggles the mind. Stay tuned!

At the end of the demonstration, two objects were apported through the medium. One apport came out of the roof of his mouth and the other through the palm of his hand. It is important to note that just prior to the manifestation of these apports, Hans Bender told both sitters — who were sitting to the right and left of the medium — to inspect the inside of the medium’s mouth and the palms of both hands. This inspection of the medium and the bringing through of the apports were also in red light for all to see. It should also be noted that throughout the sitting, two of the sitters were restraining both the arms and legs of the medium. 

I cannot end this segment of the report without mentioning that I heard beautiful organ keyboard music coming from the dimly lit living room of the Hacienda. I went in to see who was playing and I found Kai sitting on the bench in what appeared to me to be a slightly altered state and playing the most beautiful, soulful music that one can imagine. I pulled up a chair right next to the organ and watched Kai as he ‘tickled the ivories’ and produced this incredible music. When he finished a piece, thinking that he was surely playing Bach, I asked him what the name of the composition was and who the composer was. He responded by telling me that it is not a composition, that he just sits there and the music just comes to him. This is obviously just another form of mediumship, just another facet of his amazing gift.

A little over a year ago, Kai’s wife, Julia, told me that Kai has developed the gift of psychokinesis. We were with a small group of people so I asked Kai if he could give us a demonstration. He agreed and we got him a small wooden table and a spoon. The spoon was placed on the table and Kai proceeded to move the spoon all around the table without touching it. This was clearly a psychokinetic feat and this is just another facet of Kai’s amazing gift. All those who know Kai personally and have experienced his gift, know that he is truly a walking, talking gift to humanity.

Sitting with Mani Asvadi – May 24, 2013
As an added bonus, we were all treated to a surprise sitting with an extremely gifted mental medium who is now sitting to further develop her physical mediumship. She was placed in the cabinet and within a few minutes the voice of her main spirit guide began to speak. His name is Albert Gardner and he came through to entertain questions from all of the sitters. Albert’s main message was that “we should all strive to constantly be aware of what we are thinking, doing, and speaking, and to develop our consciousness so we can continually progress. This raises our vibration and allows us to shed any negative emotions and to evolve to higher planes of consciousness.”

Sitting with medium Bill Meadows – May 25, 2013 6pm
The last medium to demonstrate his gift was Bill Meadows of the Meadows Circle on Saturday, May 25. He had also demonstrated his gift at the first séance on May 21. I will limit my report about what transpired at this final sitting where eight sitters were present, as this sitting will surely be recorded in the annals of physical mediumship. As usual, the medium was restrained to a chair (as all the mediums were,) in this case with plastic industrial cable ties. These are used to insure that the medium cannot get out of his chair during the séance. Seven times during the demonstration, I was asked by one of the spirit communicators to come up and inspect the cable ties. They always insist on this inspection Immediately after demonstrating some amazing physical phenomena. Each and every time, the medium was found to be firmly secured to the chair whilst in an obvious deep trance. (Although the securing of any of the mediums at these events was not necessary, it must be noted that the mediums themselves insisted upon it.)

The séance with Bill Meadows lasted for two and a half hours and there was virtually nonstop verbal communication with four different spirit guides and high quality, extremely evidential physical phenomena. This in itself was heart-stopping. I will skip a description of all the things that occurred and get right to the most important phenomena that was presented during this historic sitting.

I consider the following to be extremely important in the chronicles of physical mediumship.  Therefore, I affirm that what I am about to report really did happen and it happened in front of seven other credible witnesses. I did not embellish in any way.

About half way through the sitting, a spirit girl named Marie told Colleen, the circle leader, to turn off the red light. She did so and immediately the luminous plaque rose up off the table and hovered over to the left side of the room. Suddenly, the materialized head of Father James appeared directly over the plaque, which then proceeded to move slowly from the left side of the room to the right, where I was sitting. We could all clearly see the face of Father James in his monk’s hood over the illuminated plaque. His head came within four or five feet of all the sitters, and then slowly floated to the left side of the room and vanished into the darkness. The plaque then floated back to the right side of the room and landed on the small table that had been placed against the right hand wall. At the time, I thought this was the best thing that I have ever witnessed at a physical séance.

A few minutes later, I was invited by Jonathan to pick up the plaque and walk slowly up to the cabinet. The cabinet is a long black curtain with no holes in it and no slit up the middle as is used by most physical mediums. I was instructed by Jonathan to hold the plaque with the illuminated side straight up and place it against the curtain slightly above the level of my hips. Then, a human head slowly emerged right through the curtain. This was the head of Jonathan; he further instructed me to place the plaque under his chin and to slowly use it to raise his head up to about my eye level. When it reached eye level, I scanned the entire face and noticed that he was staring at me with deep, penetrating eyes. I was so close to him that I could see the pores in his skin. It felt as if he was looking right through me. He never lost eye contact with me. I then asked him if I could touch him and he said: “Yes, you may.” With the palm of my right hand, I started at his left temple and moved my hand slowly down the side of his face to his chin. This was a fully-materialized head without a body that had just passed through a thick black curtain. This was absolutely AMAZING! I was approximately eight to nine inches from his face and I could see every detail of his face. He had a weathered appearance with exaggerated wrinkles around his mouth and razor stubble on his face that looked as if he had not shaved for about two days. This living human head was actually talking to me as he stared me right in the eyes the entire time. The whole experience lasted for about thirty seconds, from the time the head came through the curtain to the time it retreated back through the curtain. The plaque was highly illuminated and I could see everything.  Again, there were no holes or slits in this curtain. The head came right through the curtain, and was solid: it was real, it was alive, and it spoke to me. I knew at that very moment that this was by far the greatest experience of my entire life. For me, this was the ULTIMATE proof that the spirit world exists and that people who have passed from our world can come back and communicate with us, if the conditions are right.

Just when I thought I had seen it all, Father James then called out my name and invited me to come up to the cabinet. The red light was on so I could easily negotiate my way to the front of the curtain. As I approached, Father James told me to come closer and to stand right up against the curtain. I did and I immediately felt his hands wrap around my body and he proceeded to hug me. I sensed that his head was coming closer to mine so I turned my head slightly to the right and allowed him to put his mouth right up next to my left ear. I sensed that there was something he wanted to tell me. He whispered into my ear the following words: “We love you.” He then told me that my mother was in the room and that she had a message for me. I heard the first part of the message but could not hear the rest of it as one of the sitters was speaking too loudly in the room.

This was by far the most amazing and life changing experience of my entire life. I am just glad that there were seven other witnesses in the room to verify what I have reported. We all witnessed it. We all experienced it. Obviously, the implications for this are staggering, to say the least. 

It is important for me to add that this was not a public demonstration. This was a private sitting with people who could emotionally handle what was being shown by the spirit communicators.  If these phenomena had been shown during a public demonstration, it is likely that at least one person would not be able to cope with what was being shown, and any emotional outburst or overreaction could be harmful to the medium, as the energy that is taken from the mediums body is very sensitive. This is why phenomena of this nature can only be shown to people who are more aware, prepared, and knowledgeable regarding this extremely rare form of mediumship. The spirit communicators who orchestrate the manifestations of these phenomena will not have it any other way, as their primary objective is always to protect the well-being of the medium.

I must give eternal thanks to Bill Meadows the medium, his lovely wife Colleen who acted as circle leader, and his brother Chris for allowing me to experience this mediumship, and for their many years of dedication to sitting in the dark with the right intensions, to enable the spirit world to make these phenomena and inter-dimensional communication possible.


The FEG Group: Sittings of Historical Significance (Prof.Stephen Braude) / with stills from the Video-Evidence.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Risen Geographies and Dwelling Places

Beau Lotto, of LottoLab Studio, gave a TedTalk that used optical illusions to demonstrate how we perceive the world.  He investigates "how the human mind makes sense from the senseless." Underlying the fact that we can never truly see what's "out there" but only what's in our head, shaped by how our brain has learned to interpret various signals, are these ideas Beau offers:

"No one is an outside observer of nature ...each of us is defined by our ecology ... ecology is necessarily relative, historical and empirical."

These ideas come startlingly close in some ways to how one may begin to imagine how life is experienced as Risen; especially poignant for me is his demonstration as to how sights can be converted to sounds, using the example of a 6 year old's painting, converted to music. On earth, we have the physical body, acting as a filter for the incoming information from the Universe around us; the ego-mind, generally uncontrolled by Authentic Self and given free reign, makes judgmental choices for our emotional and psychological behavior, according to its own hidden agenda. Without the terrestrial body, which (usually) ends the ego-mind's dominance, our world is revealed to us on a very different level of perceived truth, indeed, many different levels.

Tim shares in The Risen:
"... light is also sound and therefore music is light. Each and every single unit of life is a light-filled tone and tone-filled light. Every thing vibrates and all movement produces light and sound. All universes are an ongoing symphony of infinite drama. Your life on earth and beyond it is a melody. This is less apparent on the earth due to its great density and lower vibration, which dulls and deadens the spirit, greatly lessening the connection every thing has with everything. It becomes more obvious on those planes beyond the Earth as we become more refined and of greater vibration.”

"Ecology" is highly resonant to the concept of "geography" which the Risen directed me to use in our book. It means not only our surroundings, but because we are inextricably immersed in it, it also means our worlds: the climate, the weather, the air, the light, the sounds, its history(ies), its feelings. One of my brothers is a wildlife technologiest (a fancy name for a park ranger) and he once explained to me about the ecology — or world – of a tree. We can see the tree, rising out of the ground, spreading its branches and leaves up and into the world around it, touching other trees, and their worlds, merging into a collective of worlds within worlds. Each tree is breathing, taking in elements through its roots and leaves, and then releasing others back into the air. Each tree gives off heat in the form of energy and reflective light. Every cell is alive with non-stop activity. Every tree gives harbor to many other life forms.

Beneath each tree, if one observes with patience, are other plants -- grasses and baby trees, fungi, each with its own ecology exactly like the Mother Tree above them, and all immersed in Mother's world, and merging into one another's. These worlds interpenetrate, interact, teach, learn, implant, extract, love. "Worlds within worlds", as the oft-repeated phrase in our book goes.

In the recent posting "Return to Summerland" I attempt to share what it's like being in a Risen geography while not yet Risen -- not easy! Here are some interesting excerpts from the book that Tim shares in his attempts to describe his own ecological experience:

The word ‘live’ is not quite correct in connection with the way dwelling spaces exist here—actually, ‘dwell’ works much better. And the word ‘time’ isn’t exactly right either. I don’t dwell there all the time—hardly ever, actually, for there is far too much beyond it. Infinooty! There are never-ending environments for me to explore or manifest and occupy for as long as I want. 
I see you are wondering what lies beyond this tiny apartment where Bigfoot and I sometimes rest. Nothing and yet everything lies beyond it. When I go for walks through the old neighborhood, it’s the same, yet so much more. Each and every thing is alive, suffused by glowing, pulsating, prismatic lights, filled with life and energy as the sun-filled trees in the parks, effervescent as the fountains which give forth music, their waters welling up and cascading down pieces of sculpture that are never the same. Birds, animals, butterflies, and flowers of exquisite and dramatic beauty populate this geography. It is all a manifestation of my mind, yet infinitely more. 
We are of the same Mind, and so wherever or whenever we are, Mind Is. There is no place or time Mind can’t be. If we move ‘outward,’ that movement can continue without ceasing, manifesting environments within which to dwell. The very movement of Mind is manifestation. If we move in a way that we desire to be ‘inward,’ the result is the same. If I desire to dwell in light or darkness, or seasons and weather, there are no limitations imposed upon my desires except those I place upon them. (1)
Of course I’m speaking of the positive, spiritually inspired powers of the individual use of Mind. To the extent that one’s thoughts, dreams and fantasies are able to manifest in ways that are beautiful and meaningful evidences the degree of spiritual evolution, of the self-love and self-esteem that enable and support the love and esteem of other individuals, and the level of understanding that Mind is a shared experience as well as an individual one. There are those on the earth, who, for whatever reasons unique to their experience, understanding, and individual evolution, are unable to manifest much more than a Risen tar-paper shack—if even that. While they might be able to fantasize about a sumptuous Hollywood mansion, more than likely the nature of that image is of the earth-bound, ego-mind’s desires and so could not in any real way be imaginally expressed in the higher astral realms.
For example, the nature of greed appears to manifest in the earthly realm as an energy that is able to acquire, accumulate, and manifest imagined wealth in all its forms of ego-mind desire. In the Risen Worlds, however, the nature of greed, having been individualized and nurtured through belief and habit on the earth, but now accepted into the infinite capacity of Authentic Self, is no longer a toy in the hands of the limited and now dissolved ego-mind. Instead, through the greater and unlimited power of the Higher Mind, the emptiness of greed is like dry air blowing over a parched landscape. And that is what most likely will manifest—landscapes of vast, empty expanses of dead and dying vegetation, unable to grow or revive from lack of the energy of a loving, serene spirit that is connected to Original Source, whence outpours all sustenance.
I see the greatest gift we have been given by Original Creator Source as the ability to change our mind. Many, many souls, upon coming to a stagnated state of mind, become trapped by their ignorance of their true nature, which is that the Mind of the Highest Self is also their own mind and is shared by all individualized minds. The illusion of ignorance further manifests as an illusion of fear, and thus seems to result in a trap or as ‘hell.’ Many of our spirit rescues here involve the answering of mental and emotional cries for help from souls imprisoned in the illusion of their fears. Others never seem to feel the need to ask for help, and some even knowingly resist it.
It’s greatly comforting and invigorating to know that Nature—that is, flowers, trees, gardens and forests, animals, birds, and people, are awaiting us when we leave this terrestrial experience and transition to the next.

(1) Tim’s experiences sound very similar to the currently developing theory of biocentrism, which posits that life and biology are central to being, reality, and the cosmos — life creates the universe rather than the other way around.

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The Challenges of the Skeptic Materialist

"As for the men in power, they are so anxious to establish
the myth of infallibility that they do their utmost to ignore truth."
— Boris Pasternak

(Special thanks to Dr. Julia Assante who also published the following at her blog, The Last Frontier.)

      As physical mediumship continues to re-emerge into the 21st century and becomes increasingly more familiar to worldwide spiritual communities, materialist skeptics are also rising to what their ego-minds perceive as a challenge of some kind.

      Who are these resistant and avoidant skeptics, anyway? Do they need any more attention? I recently happened to re-read Soul Force, written by a friend and colleague, Paul Olsen, (1933-2001) a brilliant clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and successfully published novelist. I found what he had to say about skeptics quite stimulating and share it here:

“Skepticism is one of the most prevalent and damaging counterforces to recognizing the power of the soul, a short-circuit par excellence of inner energy. It prevents a living connection, and so it keeps us deadened, inert, checks our every movement.

“The problem with skepticism is that it has become an accepted position. It is even supposed to label a person ‘smart.’ But skepticism is total passivity: you don’t have to do, feel, or think anything at all to be a skeptic. All you have to do is say No. You just have to be negative. It’s an uncharged position, like a dead battery; it has no life to it. It’s a wall trying to dam up a flow.

“The ‘position’ is accepted because it comes from the misuse and misunderstanding of the scientific viewpoint which for decades has had us by the throats. It’s a show-me position that takes the place of imagination with as deadly an effect as a surgical brain transplant.

“Skepticism is a position of arrogance—and it is utterly devoid of imagination and creativity. No spontaneity at all. Yet how can such total passivity be so arrogant? Precisely because anything so passive, so inert, so without curiosity and a sense of wonder, finds itself cut off from its own energy—and so it lives in a world of being acted upon by forces outside itself, and in its helplessness it becomes arrogant. Helplessness—then it feels fear and becomes a dictator that persecutes anything new and different. In psychology this is called ‘overcompensation.’ But kids peg it in a different way: inside every bully is a coward. The skeptic hurts himself far more than he can ever hurt you.

“Maybe at this point you might be asking: what about the ‘healthy’ skeptic? The person who isn’t in the habit of buying the Brooklyn Bridge or getting set up by con men? The ‘healthy’ skeptic hangs loose. The healthy skeptic doesn’t believe everything he hears—but what he does is investigate. Not with the idea of disproving something, but with the idea of finding something that may enrich him. Implicit in the healthy skeptic is that he might find something, and so he sets off actively. He seeks experience. Openly. And so he is not really a skeptic at all. He just wants to do it himself.

“The true skeptic will ... avoid exploration, the main reason being that someone has suggested it to him. He will call it all nonsense. But how can he know it is anything at all unless he tries? Obviously he won’t try, so therefore he knows nothing. Or he will try only to defeat the purpose.

“It is important for the skeptic that nothing ever happens.

“So we can say, with pretty good assurance, that the skeptic keeps himself deliberately in ignorance, in his dark trap. This idea is crucial for almost all that follows. Skepticism is a position of inert, self-willed ignorance. It is soulless.

“The ‘healthy’ skeptic, if you want to use that term, will try—with the idea of experiencing something. And that is a position of self-willed knowledge.” (1)

      The Italian mystic, Massimo Scaligero (1906-1980) reveals many hidden ideas in his exploratory offerings about materialism:

“Materialism is our faith in matter. We do not know how to experience matter by means of the concrete forces of thinking. Materialism is the most obscure mysticism, for it purports to be the opposite of mysticism simply because it is nourished by mathematical calculation and dialectical abstractions. It feeds our inner weaknesses with the dead products of thinking. By failing to penetrate matter, such thinking elevates it to a mystical reality without any awareness that it does so. No bigot devotes him or herself more faithfully to the object of this or her opiated faith than does the materialist.

“Materialism ... signifies the actual situation of present-day humanity. Materialism is the uncognized and, therefore, the unelaborated basis of all the doctrines and spiritualisms, traditional or not, which ignore the underlying process that gives rise to material appearances. It shuns the task of confronting the problem of the physical objectivity of nature: sensory perceptions and its coming into being as representation. This is a problem that cannot be solved theoretically, but only through the active penetration of reality.

“ A corresponding ... error, which leaves the authority of matter over us unchanged, is to accept the physical world as it is, and matter as it appears. With this error, we engage in abstracted experiments or calculations with the physical world and material appearances, or we seek to transcend them theoretically or mystically.” (2)

      Some people are Skeptics with a capital S. These Professional Skeptics feel it’s their job to remain closed in their minds and hearts while retaining the right to question anything. Many of them include scientists, who represent a very small minority of humanity on earth, but have been placed on pedestals that raise them above the majority. This misapprehension disempowers the majority, disabling them from assessing their own valid experiences of personal reality. Science has given us brilliant advances in many aspects of human living, but not without a lot of trials and errors. The facets of truth that science presents as dogma are often successful in creating distractions from those with alternate viewpoints. Yet scientific history consistently reveals the inevitable result of radical exchanges of such dogma. Former universally accepted and supposedly proven axioms are continually replaced by new discoveries, which are then made formal by a collective agreement of this minority. Such has been the course of mainly Western science as it has evolved on earth. This is finally changing as science rediscovers the idea of the energy we call spirit. Science is wonderful, amazing, and necessary, and can provide a certain amount of insight into our existence, but not all. Given the amazing changes in our scientific world-views over the past one hundred years, can we truly think we can now put a cap on what is to come in the next hundred?

      Earthly, western scientific methods are not derived from Nature, but from human minds that see themselves as separate from it. But it’s not the only way of thinking about things. If something can be seen, held, heard, smelled and felt, then scientific measurement can be applied. If they’re too subtle to be detected beyond the senses, then they’re beyond known scientific methods.

      The materialistic reductionist models of Western science have attempted to govern humankind’s world-mind for the past two centuries. This is particularly exemplified in the dominant Darwinian life-models. These reified theories have been less concerned with subjective value issues, focusing primarily on objective experiences manifested by those human senses that can be used to physically see, hear, touch, smell, taste, and measure. Traditionally, materialistic science has sought to gather, weigh, measure, compare, and ultimately predict and control aspects of our existence, even if no under-standing of the phenomenon is ever gained. Value is seen in terms of who can predict with the greatest accuracy, and thus who will have the most control. The Global Madison Avenue, or the world of advertising, uses materialistic science to assign value to whatever market they wish to control, including their primary target, the mental market of the masses—the collective ego-mind. One does not have to look too deeply to reach the conclusion that most of our modern societal beliefs—and worldly ones as well—are created, maintained, and controlled by the collaborative efforts of the media and the Global Madison Avenue. Imagine what might happen if the same energy from the efforts placed into creating and selling fossil fuel-burning cars was channeled into communication with the Risen.

(1) From the chapter “Freeing Your Emotion” in Soul Force: A Step-by-Step Guide to Inner Strength, by Paul Olsen, Ph.D, 1978, New York: M. Evans & Company. Quoted with kind permission by the author's family. This book is freely accessible at an online archive at:
(2) From the chapter “Forces of Opposition: Mediumship” in The Light: An Introduction to Creative Imagination by Massimo Scaligero, 2001 (translated by Eric L. Bisbocci, Lindisfarne Books,) SteinerBooks/Anthroposophic Press/Lindisfarne Books, 610 Main Street, Gt. Barrington, MA 01230. Quoted with kind permission by the publisher.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Need for Attention and the Creation of Now

" ... because we are plunged in appearances we are not separate as regards the sense of ourselves from the external world. This is partly due to personal psychological obstacles, such as the craving for attention.  But in part it is due to the work of the senses which put us in contact with the given world and given conditions of life which we take for granted. I will put side by side this taking of three-dimensional reality for granted and the desire for attention. They constitute one problem in my mind. The desire for attention, for the duplication of ourselves in others, the need for audience, etc., spring out of the lack of any true eternal feeling of self-existence.  At the same time taking the world for granted keeps us on a level of consciousness that cannot give us any true feeling of self-existence. We need the evidence of things unseen. Only through another sense of 'reality' can another sense of ourselves arise, which ins turn will modify the desire for attention."

Maurice Nicoll, Living Time and the Integration of the Life.

The Cosmic Serpent

"Cosmic Serpent" by Pablo Ameringo

"The most developed science remains a continual becoming." 
Jean Piaget

Currently I'm greatly enjoying re-reading Jeremy Narby's book, The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge (1999). It only furthers my realization that when we speak of "the complexity of life," it's an understatement to the Nth degree. As we say in The Risen, "worlds within worlds." The further in you go, the bigger it gets. Do we really expect to find final, definitive answers? It's almost as if Creator Source, or Something, seeks to distract us by providing never-ending puzzles and mazes. Perhaps they eventually lead back to where we started - our Self. But wouldn't it be fun, as our Self, to then do it all over again, with a brand new perspective and awareness as Authentic Self?

Jeremy, who's an anthropologist and also a very fine writer, speaks of the visionary art of Pablo Ameringo, a Peruvian shaman-artist, (he transitioned in 2009) who was able to capture his shamanic journey visions in paintings. Shamans all over the world have the same visions of the double-headed serpent - even in Siberia, where there are no snakes - and Jeremy has determined that they are accessing knowledge at the bio-molecular level of DNA, and then bringing it back, primarily for healing purposes. His hypothesis suggest that what scientists call DNA corresponds to the animate essences that shamans say communicate with them and animate all life forms. However, modern biology, he adds, is founded on the notion that nature is not animated by an intelligence and therefore cannot communicate. (p. 132)

Some shamans use plant-substance induced trances, while others use chanting, drumming, and other techniques. It is clear that the double-headed snake is DNA. Such images of sacred serpents are found in all ancient cultures, including Egypt and the Aborigines of Australia.

Pablo's paintings clearly show, at the submicroscopic level, clearly detailed images of DNA, including its spread-out form, chromosomes at a specific phase, and triple helixes of collagen. See the book of his art, Ayahuasca Visions, for nearly unbelievable images.

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Ask Me!

Wednesday, May 01, 2013


[The following is an excerpt from August's new book-in-progress on grief.]

He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay. (Matthew 28:6)

There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly.
~ Buckminster Fuller

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.
Rabindranath Tagore

      The biological process of metamorphosis continues to be a mysterious, baffling event to scientists. Somehow, when a caterpillar builds and enters its chrysalis, it quickly dissolves into a “soup” where great changes occur—including cellular death—but then reassembles into an entirely new form. It emerges from its sarcophagus as a breathtakingly beautiful butterfly— arising alive, anew, and with completely different and dramatic behaviors, often including movement to a new geography. It generally survives for only a few more months. 

One wonders, is the butterfly in a better place than it was before as a caterpillar?

      This description sounds relatively simple, but the actual complexity of metamorphosis is mind-boggling, and would take more than one book to describe from beginning to end. Although the term is used here for a physical event, the dictionary also clearly indicates that people can undergo metamorphosis, dramatically changing in mental and psychological ways where they could be said to no longer be the same person. 

      Genetic change, or mutation, is the means of continuance for material expression on our planet. The butterfly’s process is also referred to as transmutation, because its genetic structure becomes completely rearranged. Its state of being is something entirely new. From a particular spiritual viewpoint of human death, transmutation is a mutation to a Risen state, or “geography.”[1]

      All this gives rise to many questions, including one that asks: are our transitioned loved ones still the same person we knew, or have they changed in form and behavior beyond belief, beyond recognition? And what about those of us left behind—have we been changed in baffling, mysterious ways? Are we now in some kind of different geography?

[1] Here, “geography” indicates a placement or residence of consciousness.