Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Return to Summerland

Several readers have noticed that in The Risen, it sounds as if I've said that I actually have experienced consciously being in Risen geographies. This is to confirm that I have. While it is a very rare thing, it appears that it might be happening more and more. Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife by Eben Alexander, MD, is one recent example. Dr. Alexander struggles to explain what his experience was like while his body was in a coma, but his frustration in trying to use words to explain a non-word state is clear, although he does an admirable job all the same.

I actually had such an experience a few days ago — fortunately not while in a coma, but just while my body slept — and feel that I've sufficiently "returned" so that I can attempt to share what it was like, as best as I can. Even though a part of me realizes the futility of coming in any way close to truly describing it.

In The Risen, I share a story about a daylight physical materialization that took place when I was in my late teens. I had been trying to nap in the farmhouse, which nested far back in the deep Appalachians, the nearest neighbor many miles away. It was where I had been staying after going underground for a few years (another long story.) I lived there with two dear friends, Carolyn and Richard, and various dogs and cats. Now many years later, Richard is Risen, having made his transition almost two years ago, and although Carolyn is still on Earth, we've been out of complete touch for a long time. I've missed her terribly, but the distance remains in place for complex and personal reasons, while we are better able to meet in the astral dimensions. The experience I had a few days ago involves them.

After falling asleep at night, I found myself standing on the top of the mountain behind the farmhouse, and could see the land stretching out far beyond and beneath me. The beauty of the green hills, flowers, the clouds simply cannot be described; "beauty" even sounds like an ugly word to use. I've always loved the term "Summerland" that one finds in the older spiritualist books, and while it barely does justice either, would like to use it here.

I was completely conscious and aware of where I was. Rather than try to describe the physical environment any further, it seems more appropriate to speak about the emotional environment — for that is really what it all is, manifesting in outer forms, an outward effect caused by my "is-ness" of inner reality. I almost fainted from the up-rushing of the fountain of feelings that lit up each and every cell of my astral-etheric body, and I could see my hands glowing, as well as light emerging from my eyes. The feeling was one of ultra-intense longing mixed with relief, tinged with the grief one feels of having left a beloved Home, but now finally returned, where any other idea than feeling safe and sound could not possibly exist. My whole being "wept"; there are no physical tears in the Summerland, for water plays a very different role there, but if I had been on Earth, I would have been sobbing and laughing at the same time. This sensation of "weeping" was almost frightening in its intensity and there was an awareness that it would have literally melted my terrestrial body away in an instant.

I could see that here, in this Summerland, the farmhouse was no longer isolated, but part of a larger community of other residences, with many people moving happily and peacefully about, including children, animals and birds. Although our farmhouse was the same in many of its earthly aspects, it had been greatly redesigned, retaining its original primitive and homey feel, but expanded to include more space and curious alcoves, crammed with many odd and precious objects. My friends did not seem surprised to see me at all, but I was when I saw their two kids both running about the house, playing. Their son and daughter are actually adults now, but here in the Summerland, they were able to present in those astral forms that felt best for them. They waved to me but didn't seem to want to hang out, and resumed running around with one of the dogs I had known many years ago.

It was amazing to see how the house had been changed -- several walls were removed to open up the space, and Richard had made the previously tiny attic into a very large workroom, where he was happily engaged putting something together ... or maybe taking it apart. He had been a car mechanic when on Earth, so it seems he was still playing with machines of some kind. He hardly gave me a glance and just waved a brief "hi" and I realized that I probably appeared to him like a barely tangible "ghost", transparent and maybe difficult to hear.

I found Carolyn in a room downstairs, setting the table in a beautiful, candle-lit dining room that had not been there before. Like me, she was visiting as well, and so was emitting the same brilliant but gentle light as I. This is how visitors would see each other, even though the Risen would most likely see us as thin veils of energy, perhaps in the form of a person, but not always. I've been made to understand that the Risen would see each other as glowing beings of light as well from their own dimensional aspect.

Carolyn and I just sat in silence at the table from across one another, smiling and glowing, nothing to say, just basking in the tangible lovingness of it all.

Eventually, slowly I awakened back in my body in my earthly bed, the cats resting on my chest and peering intently into my face. When I realized that I was back in the terrestrial dimension, I began to experience probably the opposite of what I had felt when I had first entered Summerland ... my whole being wept, but for a different reason. I was lost, abandoned, and shattered. My first thought, was, "Oh god, no ... how can I endure another second of this? There is no way I can ever get out of this bed and resume walking in this place of dismal gravity and shadows." I began to feel overwhelmingly depressed, and if not for my guides who began chanting prayers in my ears, I don't know how I would have made it. It took almost 2 hours to get out of the bed, and then almost the entire day of unceasing prayer to feel reconnected with Creator Source within, and resume an earthly existence. Now, several days later, I finally feel fully grounded, but still cannot stop thinking about Summerland.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

From the Archives: Closer Than Breathing

[First posted 2/11/11]
Buddahbrot by Jon Starr

Our contention is not that dead men live again,
but that a living man never dies.
— Ernest Holmes

Reader RA writes:
August and Tim: The Risen continues to be a great read for me. Thank you. I have finished Chapter 16 and am on another short break to let it all sink in. I managed to listen to a couple of your radio interviews from the web site and enjoyed them very much.

Last night I had a wonderful dream that indicated to me one of the major impressions that I have received from the information received through The Risen.

This impression is around end-of-life euthanasia and suicide, which I know the book is not endorsing, nor am I personally considering - so don't worry. That which has impressed me is the understanding that there really is no punishment, or damnation, or negative values based judgements against those who have elected to pursue end-of-life measures.

I have felt for some time now that we seem to be more humane with our pets who we have assisted with end-of-life euthanasia than we are with our fellow human beings who are having a terrible quality of life near their end of life, but we are unable to assist them to transition sooner than when we do nothing. (our family dog Daisy who was 14 really hurt her leg and the vet advised us of either amputating her back leg or euthanizing her - due to Daisy's age and the difficulty she was having we chose to all be with her when we assisted her to transition).

Another observation I have noticed as I both read The Risen and converse with you via email is that I feel like I have this cheshire cat sense of "I know something" (not in a conceited way - but in a knowing way) and it's around life here and now and the continuation of life in a wonderful place after death of the physical body. I am more than willing to talk to people about my current understandings if the opportunity arises - the sense of knowing grows stronger within me as I continue on.

I'm also coming to the realization that I won't be able to "figure it all out" using words - and that as you've referenced in The Risen - the first few verses in the Tao Te Ching; "The Tao that can be told is not the Eternal Tao ..."  I am realizing that I need to be more patient with the unfoldings of understanding as they occur, that there is no rush to figure it all out and that as I mature in this new knowledge - I will learn.
As always, thanks for being there.

Thank you, RA, for sharing your valuable insights and letting us share them with others here. And wonderful insights they are — your special dream indicates that things are changing and moving for you on very deep levels, indeed. Understanding on such deeper levels about the truth of there being no judgment toward those who choose to end their material existence is freeing. The realization that we are this free — so free that there is nothing to oppose it other than our own minds, and so there is nothing that is not freedom — is startling, scary, awe-ful, serious, hilarious, awakening, mind-blowing — this direct contact with this truth is also direct contact with Creator Source, which has gifted us with total freedom to do and be as it pleases us. This direct contact is also the entryway to a greater realization. Many people and systems like to suggest in many ways that one might say, "I am God."  As often happens with ideas generated by the ego-mind, it's backwards. The realization of total and unlimited, uninhibited freedom brings us so close to Creator Source that perhaps we can finally understand the phrase "closer than breathing, and nearer than hands and feet" that Alfred Tennyson uses to convey the unspeakable in a poem. Creator Source breathes us, moves our hand and feet: Creator Source is me. Not, "I am God" but "God is who I am."  This is why there is no judgment other than the judgment we inflict upon ourselves; if we expect to be judged, than we have already made the judgment.

This backwards way of comprehending truth — which is an effect of the ego-mind's attempts to obtain something it cannot have, by reflecting back to us its own misperceptions as truth, in hopes we'll believe it — is seen in the mass conception of what joy is. Most think we should be getting joy out of something, and become depressed and disheartened when something no longer gives us joy. The unmirrored truth, however, is that we are the ones responsible for how much joy is in our lives, for we are then channels through which joy, which is Creator Source, flows. We are responsible for bringing joy into the world, to enliven and enlighten it, and dissolve all traces of shadow and gloom. We can also withhold the joy.

Helping our furry children, so hard to think about or even discuss, and we devoted an entire chapter to this, which we hope has been helpful.

You're right, you'll never be able to figure it all out; if there's any consistent meaning to anything, it's that it's mysterious. One often sees  the smallest baby whose face is constantly showing surprise, delight, awe, and then curiosity. Losing our sense of curiosity is to lose the sense of our reason for being. It's quite simple, yet so complex that we can never speak of it. Perhaps the "cheshire cat" feeling is your sense of curiosity returning, which is also the feeling of knowing-yet-unknowing that arises and falls, and arises again, bearing us as if on never ending waves towards unknown shores.

As for patience - as you read on, you will come to see that the Risen meet the "unfolding of understanding" in a very different way — waiting.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

 There seems to be an upsurge in mediumistic circles coming into being, if the reports I've been recently getting from around the globe are accurate. In honor of their endeavors, to suggest a format for organizing and writing reports, and by way of sending blessings their way, we offer a report from two fabulous sittings with Yellow Cloud that August experienced last early Summer.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

An article that appeared in the ATC Journal in Summer 2011 (Association Transcommunication Journal) by August writing about The Risen. Also mentioned is a report on a Yellow Cloud Circle Sitting with links to more information.

From The Archives: Be Not Afraid

[Originally Posted 1/5/12]

Everyone who is destined to have a spiritual transformation comes to the journey with a wound as big as God. There are very few people who become advanced mystics because they simply feel happy on Sunday afternoons.
— Andrew Harvey
 Faith does not spring full-orbed into being,but grows by knowledge and experience.— The Science of Mind

"Be Not Afraid" — a wise and firm suggestion from angels — including the likes of Glinda the Good Witch of the North. These are words we can keep close to our heart until we soften enough for them to melt and merge with our soul, so that we come to an understanding of this Truth, which is a transformative experience by which we travel to knowledge. We now know. And we know that we know. Herein is the peace that passes all understanding. Finally, we stop struggling against the flow, and let the ocean carry us so that we float and rest in the all-embracing and encompassing arms of Our Creator Source.

We offer these words as a gentle reminder to those of our dear readers and friends who have expressed concern and even dismay at the general negative response to the recent Skeptiko podcast about The Risen and the subject of reincarnation (there is also a handy transcription there to read if you can't listen) — "generally closed minded and intellectually lacking," as someone sapiently ventured,  who happens to be a well-known and respected physicist.  The scientific community also struggles with old, fearful beliefs of race consciousness and superstition, yet little by little, is coming directly face to face with the unlimited forms of truth about life — each in their own, individual way — which often flies in the face of the community's belief systems.

Other words to keep in mind might be the old adage, "birds of a feather flock together." We may all be angels, but not aware of it yet — so fear of flying, while an odd thing for an angel, is not uncommon. The Skeptico forum is a community, its "population" attracted to such a geography because like attracts like. (Think "diakka" if you have read The Risen and know about them and their own sophisticated systems of denial.) The community supports its belief systems, while perhaps reinforcing them — ironically so, because while one might expect that the healthy skepticism of the seeker is one that welcomes and supports the new and the evolving, it often serves as a refuge and emotional bulwark for the old and stagnating, and for those somehow overly focused on doubt and worry.

The Risen, as pointed out many times before, is not for skeptics, but for those who know, and know they know. It was provided through the compassionate endeavors of many kinds of people in spirit as a way to provide reflective validation — not "proof" — for those who have realized, or have begun to realize, one's inevitable immortality, and how it personally evolves within each one of us, moving forward and onward. (Why do you think Tim is always saying, "Onward, Ho!"?) The material, dense with information and meaning, will probably not be recognized for what it is by many, and that's alright. It is there to stimulate and strengthen those with eyes to see and ears to hear as a reminder of this greatest of Self-knowledge.

It's to be expected that any suggestions contrary to the established belief-system will cause disturbance and squawking, arguing, posturing, all kinds of defensive reactions. This is good! We are reminded of that wonderful angel-bird, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, who was lifted up above the ceiling cloud of his community, flying higher than anyone before, and experiencing new and mysterious things, and meeting higher beings of light. The other seagulls reacted by ostracizing him. Richard Bach's enchanting story is one of countless re-tellings of how humankind resists the tides of change, preferring to live on the bottom of the ocean, rather than rise to see what lies above it.  Like Jonathan, we must lift ourselves up. The Risen was designed to provide a little assistant lift to those feeling the desire to achieve their own form of rising.

"This is good"? Yes! If what people heard, or thought they heard from the podcast, or what they read from The Risen, had no affect in some way on them, there would be little or no response. If it did, it means it's gotten things moving. The ant hill has been disturbed!  People don't tend to be shakers and movers unless they've been shaken and moved first. We also tend to resent being moved and shaken up unless it agrees with the agenda of our ego-mind. But when one's Authentic Spirit Self hears, sees, or otherwise senses something that's caught Its attention, It will be drawn to the light that will clarify like a moth to the flame. We and our ego-mind will be pulled toward it; our ego-minds most often resist this movement, which results in discomfort until we surrender. Few have the kind of  faith to surrender and plunge into the transmutational flame, unless they already have proven to themselves that they are immortal and cannot die. The idea of reincarnation is a seemingly logical response to the fear of dying. The idea of non-reincarnation — or really, the forgetting and letting go of the idea of reincarnation — is a spiritual response to the joy of knowing we are living without end.

New and contrary-wise information acts as a causative force, an energy that first stirs up dull and fallow soil, aerating and invigorating it. The same energy then falls as seeds into the refreshed earth; this energy continues to nourish the seeds as they grow, unless interfered with in some way. That new forms of energy cause certain negative or non-supportive reactions indicates the ego-mind's worried response to new forms of truth. The ego-mind's addictive desire to return, over and over again to the same soil from which we originally rose would succeed in only feeding our soul with the same thing, over and over again, eventually depleting the ground, causing malnourishment, and we'd probably want to die from boredom.

But we don't die, ever. As noted in The Risen, Truth never changes, it just looks different from different perspectives, and also behaves differently. Our scientist friends understand this implicitly in the context of  quantum mechanics, and in chemical combinations and reactions. As well, they know that the very nature of Nature is movement, growth, and advancement, leaving behind stasis, retreat, and entropy. Even the supposed scientific truth of entropy is now being challenged, as we are seeing that the expansion of our known universe is increasing, and more quickly. This expansion is directly reflective of our minds as inextricably part of Creator Source Mind. As we awaken and rise, so does Creator Source.

There is great freedom in this realization, especially when we come to realize that what has been binding us, can also release us. But first, we must become aware of our bindings, and of that which binds us. For most, realizing that we are tied up doesn't feel good, although we may choose to remain so for any number of reasons. For some, this also means awareness of self-imposed boundaries formed by limiting thoughts.  Be not afraid – don't worry – everyone will eventually understand that trying to return in order to be reborn, or to be reborn in order to return, is like struggling against the flow. The Great Tapestry has been designed so that we can weave our own individual design within Its guidelines, and does not prevent us from weaving in any crazy way we want. Sooner, or perhaps much later, we each will become more consciously awake and adept in our weaving.

Kneel to Heal

It's likely that many people would have a strong reaction against the idea of kneeling, as opposed to a strong response for it. If you were one of my therapy patients, we would address your knees directly and get to know them and see what they want. (Remember that childhood joke that got you to say "hiney"? Well, this is not that. But if it brings a smile instead of a frown to your face when attempting to kneel, then by all means, go for it!)

So many people feel that their mind is separate from their mind/body that they actually say "mind-body." It's as if they experience a line drawn across their neck somewhere, separating the head from the rest of them. Many people live in their heads so much, it would probably just detach and float away if it could, totally unaware that it was attached to more than just thoughts. The bioform experiences this as abandonment or desertion, and often feels lonely and homesick for the mind; it wants the mind to occupy all of the form; it feels like it's lost its mind. Several theories of clinical psychotherapy are now incorporating "mindfulness" practices to help people get back into their bioform as it is immersed in real time in the real and present environment.

The act of  kneeling physically, psychologically, spiritually and astrally grounds us, connecting us with the earth and its energies, which will then be able to rise up into the bioform. (By the way, "bioform" is just a word that I'm not even sure is the right one, so by all means substitute one that you like or makes more sense - and let me know what it is!) Kneeling transforms the structure of the standing body, which is a simple up/down conduit, to an entirely new geometry of a pyramid, where the 2 knees and 2 feet touch the ground and the top of the head become the apex. More ground is covered, more stability achieved in the symbolic touching of the four corners of the earth. The astral bodies become more active in this way, and latent spiritual senses become activated by the new flow of energies now spiraling through the body's form.

An empath shares how kneeling has become integral to healing efforts. Another approach to using kneeling discusses the complex relationship between the ego and non-humility. The Theology of Kneeling is a very interesting treaty by an equally interesting "association of Catholics" whose mission appears to promote "authentic reform of the Liturgy of the Roman Rite."

The only way to get one's own personal information is to try kneeling, as an experiment, or several experiments, and see what happens.