Monday, August 20, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon

Those who are familiar with our book know about Tim's physical materializations, which occurred intermittently over a period of about a decade. Because most of the manifestations were accomplished through ectoplasm, and because of its volatile nature, and and involves harvesting subtance from one's human body, the experience often left me feeling quite unwell, so it was not something I actively encouraged. Eventually, as Tim moved into much higher spirit geographies, the materializations decreased, and have not happened until recently.

In recent years, a new energy has been explored by Spirit, which has been dubbed "photoplasm" -- it appears to use light as the energy for materializing into tangible substance, rather than taking certain chemicals from one's body to mix with other spirit substances to create ectoplasm. This makes it much safer to use, and possibly more versatile, as the ongoing materializations at the Felix Experimental Group have been increasingly revealing.

About three weeks ago, while in a deep sleep, I was awakened by what felt to be an unusual movement under the covers. Fiona and McHenry, my two siamese, often sleep between my feet or even on them, like little sandbags, and I'm completely familiar with all our movements as we shift to different positions throughout the night. Even so, they're so highly sensitive that sometimes just the movement of my toe can startle them and make them jump out of bed.

This time, however, they barely roused, as this odd movement continued.  It's very difficult to describe, especially because it didn't last very long, and I was struggling to fully awaken. Perhaps if I just describe what happened one might get the idea. My bedroom is usually quite dark, but it was just around the time of the 1st full moon of August, and the drapes were open to one side, letting the moonlight in to illuminate the bed. (August of 2012 actually has two full moons: August 2nd and August 31st, the latter known as a "blue moon.") I wonder about the significance, if any, of this, but Tim hasn't offered anything by way of explanation.

As I was trying to pull myself up to a sitting position, I simultaneously saw a hand come out from under the sheet on my right side! It moved so smoothly that I was reminded of the way a balloon inflates. As it emerged, the sheet itself seemed to move of its own accord back toward the bottom of the bed, revealing that the hand was part of a very long arm. The entire limb seemed a little thin for its size, and a little too long, but otherwise was a normal human adult right hand and arm, and more bony than muscular, with very long fingers. It might have been the moonlight, but the arm also seemed slightly luminescent.

The length of time it took to emerge was only a long second or two, and the hand reached out to touch and embrace my own right hand. By then, the cats had awakened, and while not afraid, seemed annoyed and matter-of-factly jumped off the bed.  The hand's grip was very strong and firm, and at once I recognized it as Tim.  I fell back onto the pillow, our hands firmly clasped together. All his personality and character were conveyed to me in his grasp, and I was almost overwhelmed by the love his fingers conveyed.  I could even feel "I miss you" in his fingers. I felt no fear, only happiness.  Alas, it was not to last for long. With one final squeeze of "I love you" it vanished, leaving me to ask the silent night, "Now what?" It seems like it all lasted only a minute.

Nothing has happened since, but I'm ready for more, especially as this seemed to be a photoplasmic event, and I suffered no ill effects, other than a slightly aching heart. I hope it doesn't happen only once in a blue moon.

A friend commented on how exciting this must have been.  It always sounds exciting to me, too, when I hear of such a thing happening to someone else. But when I experienced it this time, I felt and feel mostly a deep reassurance that all is well, for it's like the hand of God has reached out through his creations to remind us that we are the heirs of irreversible immortality, and can and should rest in this divine knowledge.

If you are interested in reading more about materialization, here you can find some e-books of many long-forgotten and out-of-print books on the subject.

Michael Tymn also recently posted about some well-known materializations that pretty much disable any need for skepticism.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Broadcast Updates

August will be returning to "Signs of Life" - the radio show of the wonderful organization, The Forever Family Foundation - on August 30th at 8 pm EST. It should prove to be an especially interesting evening, perhaps even an historical event! There is a possibility that his paper, The Disparity of a “Standards of Care” for Spirit Mediumship as a Permissible Behavioral Health Care Profession, may be part of the discussion, and so is available here for those so inclined to take a gander at it.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

From The Archives: And that's what it's all about . . .

[First posted 5/17/2010]

As a kind of look-see experiment, Dr. Melvin Morse, the writer of the wonderful foreword to our book, suggested sending a copy to an American psychiatrist whose website proclaims his practice to be "integrative," using, according to the website, "evidence-based conventional and alternative treatments of psychiatric disorders" -- including, among other things, acupuncture, guided imagery, EEG biofeedback, something spooky called "Alpha-Stim™"; something spookier called "Virtual-Reality Graded Exposure Therapy" and, August's fave, "conventional long-term insight-oriented psychotherapy." Tim's fave (but wait, there's more) is "a Support Group on conscious living and conscious dying."

For those outside the U.S., psychiatry — at least in America — a long time ago incorporated medical science with psychotherapy; medications were used only in the more dire cases to keep someone from hurting themselves and/or others, and when the normal course of talk therapy was producing little change, or maybe even worsening it. Many pdocs (as we call 'em in the biz) were trained in various psychotherapeutic and analytic models — heck, they wanted to be — and probably did a fare amount of good healing work. Today, however, thanks to managed care, Pdocs very rarely are trained in psychotherapy, nor use it, as they have quotas to meet in the number of patients per day in order to make a living. Hence, we now have the 1 to 2 times/month, 15 minute "how are you doing? Good/Better/Worse? Fine, continue/change your medications and see you in 6 weeks don't let the door hit your ass on the way out." A colleague once quipped that most pdocs are really mediocre MDs who couldn't hack medical school and saw psychopharm as a way out while saving face. I've been taking a personal poll over the past 5 years and have yet to find a pdoc who was licensed in the past 5 years that has ever had one session of personal psychotherapy or psychoanalysis. That bit of smarm being said, I have had the pleasure of working with some great pdocs who have discovered the pleasures of being with a patient without medicating them.

Here is this psychiatrist's few words of comment upon reading his copy of The Risen:

"I've been reading through your book but have to say that is proving very, very, very difficult to keep an open mind about the idea that you "and Tim, ie, the discarnate spirit co-author" have somehow "collaborated" on seems very hokey to I am seeing this as more of a kind of new-age fiction work by someone who can write well...You've also made me curious about who you are (ie, the therapist, not "Tim", your fictional alter-ego), but nevertheless you raise many important issues about meaning, and useful speculations about death, dying, the possibility of an afterlife, etc. So, whatever your true motives are--I think some useful dialog will come out of this project...."
We love this kind of thing for its validation about what we call "Skeptics with a capital S" — and especially for its transparent revealing of an arrogant, frightened, and active ego-mind struggling to silence Authentic Self's attempts to begin awakening. Note that not one, not two, but three "very's" are used, rather giving the feel of someone trying to nail down an uncooperative lump in the wall-to-wall carpeting. Our blessing is that perhaps, someday, this probably well-meaning person will achieve his own "unconventional long-term insight-oriented psychotherapy, with ectoplasmic kitten socks thrown in for conscious living." Here is our brief response:

Thanks for your comments; glad you are able to find the more salient issues of interest for your own thought process. To be clear, it's not fiction, nor is Tim a fictional alter-ego -- although that is an interesting approach for an ego-mind to use -- yet we also acknowledge that "three very's" would indeed make keeping an open mind difficult. Still, an open mind, however difficult to achieve, is different than a closed mind.
Best Regards,
August & Tim

And the response to this (oh joy of joys):

If this were "real" and you "and Tim" were legitimate you would be going about this in an entirely different, there would be absolutely nothing to conceal from legitimate and legitimately skeptical inquiry. As it is, your approach is strategically geared toward the enormous market potential of new-age faddists hungry for meaning and short on critical inquiry. Again, it is certainly an effective way to make money but neither serves the legitimate field of parapsychological research nor the legitimate spiritual interests and needs of people. I would challenge you "and Tim" to do the right thing and go public...since, as you claim, you are for which case your "and Tim" would certainly bring about a remarkable evolution in human understanding of the nature of human being and spirituality, the afterlife, god, and EVERYTHING else.Until if or when you "and Tim" choose to subject your "selves" to this kind of critical, open-minded inquiry, and if you continue taking this project on in the way you are choosing to do so (ie, with the clear goal of putting out sensationalistic tripe that can not potentially be investigated and so neither falsified or confirmed), I will regard you as a fraud and this as a clever hoax.

No need to reply.

Signed, An open-mind person who is committed to learning about truth but refuses to be duped....
Jeez...we just asked him if he would be interested in reading an interesting book. But we feel it's healthy to show that there are many facets of reactions and responses to the idea that there is no death. No wonder those on the other side are talking more and more about the lack of education and understanding in those newly arrived.

August's final reply: "Well, only $84 in royalties were made in the past year, so that's not quite enough for a decent wardrobe for Oprah — but we'll keep at it. We hope you continue to once in a while open the book sent to you gratis."

And, no surprise, Tim would like a last word:

"I especially love the irony of being called "a fictional alter-ego" — oh, ye of little faith, if only you knew — scratch a drag queen once . . . "

postscript ~ although I (August) am not particularly meds-happy, in no way do I recommend that anyone stop or change their medication without the guidance of their doctor. I have also experienced the sometimes necessity of medications in order to bring a person to a baseline of enough stability in order to be able to speak, and to want to be heard.

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Monday, August 06, 2012

Krishnamurti Speaks

“Sorrow is not in death but in loneliness,
and conflict comes when you seek consolation,
forgetfulness, explanations, and illusions.”
~ J. Krishnamurti, The Little Book on Living

Tim has not been my only intimate contact within the worlds of the Risen. I’ve been prepared all my life for these experiences, and in many continuing ways that are often beyond my present understanding. It’s clear that spiritual guides and guardians have used my love for books, healing, nature, art, music, research, and learning as inspired sources of motivation.

    One particular individual turned out to be both guide and guardian. While he was still in his body on earth he had been my watchful mentor since I had been born. He continued to act in this service after he transitioned to a higher plane.

    My guardian revealed himself fully one day to get my attention and ground me firmly back into my earthly awareness during a time of great psychological distress. I don’t know if anyone can truly imagine my reactions to suddenly hearing, as loud and clear as an inner bell, a stern but kindly voice announcing himself as “Krishnamurti,” that he had been with me since I was a child, and to not be afraid. I felt a certain amount of disbelief but then relief as his unwavering presence calmed and restored me to complete stability on all levels in less than a day.

    Following are excerpts from our book, from some of the talks I’ve had with K.—while on solitary walks in the woods, or lying in bed trying to nap and unable to quiet my mind, or while sitting at my desk and working on some trivial writing matter.

. . . . . . . . . . .

    “You have become interested in the subject of awareness. What does it mean to be aware of one’s own self? You might think that here is a very difficult and complicated concept, or else something of a totally different and simple nature. Most of us feel that we are certainly aware beings as we are right now. If we weren’t we would be asleep, wouldn’t we? We must maintain such a belief and are in fact already engaged in the difficult and complicated side, simply because we cannot see that we have already answered our own question.”

. . . . . . . . . . .

    “Is self-awareness the same as self-knowledge? What does it mean to say, ‘I know myself?’ Let us examine this question closely without sentiment or criticism. Especially without criticism, for we are merely attempting to observe, and that is enough for now.”

. . . . . . . . . . .

    “Those of us who are still circling in the slave’s walk of hope and are desperate enough to long for something better, a simpler life with less demands and more rewards, are often more aware of ourselves through the medium of our suffering. Those who are, for whatever reasons, more intuitive than the average human being, might drift in and out of self-awareness through feelings and dreams. A very small child might be astutely self-aware, but that is quickly and tragically overshadowed and eventually extinguished by the hopes, dreams, and sufferings that are its parents’ legacy, perhaps handed down over many generations, even many centuries, constantly being embellished with a peculiar type of refinement that is both alluring and addicting. If one could be totally and completely aware, totally free of unawareness, there would be nothing to be lost or gained, neither from the past nor from the future.”
. . . . . . . . . . .

    “Surrender is the hand that reaches out to gently touch the awaiting pendulum of the clock, to begin its first movement that will allow it to continue on by giving back the service of marking chronological time. Surrender is the birth of a child into the awaiting world, to begin its first movements that will continue on in its newly found potential to give back to the world. Surrender is one’s hand reaching out to another in an open gesture of human companionship, in giving some food to eat or clothes to wear; rendering an act that will live on and continue to allow the receiver to give back. To surrender is to dissolve into the perpetual motion of love. Reduced to its simplest terms, surrendering is giving, and so it is a gift.”