Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Risen Kindle: Celebration Sale

Because Real Summer has finally arrived in all its glory, all the trees fully in leaf, my neighbors' gorgeous old-world roses sending their perfume out, more birds than ever singing happily everywhere ... and because we just feel like it ... our Kindle edition has been reduced in price and now is available now for under $3.

Amazon displays Popular Highlights by combining the highlights of all Kindle customers and identifying the passages with the most highlights. The resulting Popular Highlights help readers focus on passages that are meaningful to the greatest number of people. Some books don't have enough highlighting in them to have Popular Highlights. Popular Highlights are marked with a gray dashed underline. The number of people who have highlighted the text appears at the beginning of the marked text.

Here are some recent highlights that were selected from Risen readers:

“The more attention we give to nourishing the growing spirit body within us, the easier and more spectacular will our emergence be into our newly Risen state.”

“However, the most powerful spiritual action is to ask for help by praying for a raising of consciousness into higher vibrational states, and then letting go — or “let go and let God” as all awakened spiritual and religious entities have encouraged. This may be our own first awakened act of Authentic Self”

“Vibration is not life itself but rather evidence of life. What is the invisible energy that moves everything to begin with? How, and why?”

“Transmutation, or mutation to a Risen state, is the ending of the ego-mind. For Authentic Self, any ending contains the experience of the next beginning, and the next, and so on, forever.”

“The task of the embodied Authentic Self is to re-appropriate this component of thought-belief as the rightful owner and for its own conscious awareness needs.”

“That is why the way to go is within, starting at the level of bodily awareness and from there journeying inward — it can be found nowhere outside us. While on earth, the more you can embody your mind in the awareness of Authentic Self, the closer you can draw near to a Risen loved one.”

“The condition of our new Risen body greatly depends on our achievements of personal growth and spiritual evolution on earth.”

“Freely giving of one’s time and energy, however slight, adds to the greater whole so that all beings, who are the Greater Whole, have the experience of joyful, continual abundance.”

“But the plowshare of reason has been turned by the ego-mind into a sword of judgment, and seldom used for nonviolent responses to the world-spheres of others on earth.”

“The substance that makes up my material body is vibrating at a certain rate and this is also true for the substance of Tim’s body.”

Sunday, May 20, 2012

From The Archives - Do It Yourself - Part II

[First posted 7/12/10]

While watering the garden during yet another scorcher, Tim had a few words regarding the last post, and about being Risen and the subject of "non-dualism."

"Hey, August — what's all this piffle about 'lenses being the Risen experience'? It makes it sound like we go around making spectacles of ourselves!"

"Very amusing, Tim. As you often do, you're suggesting in your own witty way that I should lighten up, aren't you? I agree, as I often do with you — all that existential stuff was making me depressed. After I finish watering, and we get back to the house, why don't you elaborate a bit more, and I'll type as you talk."

"Ok, Tim, I'm ready. Take it away."

"Many/most people still in your terrestrial geography seem so hell-bent (pun intended) on "achieving non-duality" which they then seem to think will bring them to a "state of oneness" and that this is either necessary to happen before, during, or after their transition towards becoming Risen. "Risen" is just another way of saying "awakened" -- on a certain level. This level is usually (but not always) found on a non-corporeal level, but it could be on a terrestrial one. (Here "level means "conscious awareness ~ AG.) "Oneness" is not something we become, since we already are an integral, inseparable part of everything in creation, and so we already are – individually and collectively – "one." So if you feel you must strive, strive to awaken enough to become consciously aware of your inseparable state.

"But you don't need to strive.

"Even in the Risen state of awareness, there is what might be called duality, but without the ego's mind control. Just like in that little animation film you shared earlier, the sense of Oneness is being at rest. But if you want someone to play with, there must be duality. And guess what? Creator Source loves to rest, but it also loves to play.

"The terrestrial ego-mind is the one with the faulty vision and needing glasses! It can only see "this and/or that" — it sets up a dynamic that could be play, but instead is most often a battle of elimination — something that amounts to war games.

"The Risen mind can see "this and all that" — a multiplicity of existences, all simultaneously playing in the same place — while not competing for it.

"Duality, and so then multiplicity, is a gift, a ways and means to experience something beyond oneness . . . quite clever, isn't it? It allows for Primeval Joy to flow up and out, down and back again, the fountain of life. It moves, it enlivens, invigorates, refreshes, vibrates. This is vibration! The 'river of inner sensations flowing within, the eternal dance of the countless vibrations within every atom of the body' as quoted in your previous post."

Saturday, May 12, 2012

What Is This Book About?

~ "Lochness Monster" by Marc Brinkerhoff ~
~ Our dear friend Marc's intense and exquisitely beautiful works were
recently gathered into an important book for the first time. ~

Thank you to everyone who have written and continue to write to us, sharing your experiences, strength, and hope. Thanks especially for helping others to find our work. Like Nessie in Marc's painting, there is a lot above and below the surface that may remain mysterious and elusive, and we encourage readers to contact us at any time -- we love your curious questions, brilliant insights, and embrace your tears and laughter. For those who are wondering, here is what this book is about.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

From White Crow: Barriers to Spirit Communication