Saturday, March 31, 2012

Music for The Risen Books

After some splendid early spring temps, we're now back to the cold, grey rain. Still, I love any kind of weather (as long as I'm dressed appropriately for it). Something about today's brings some particular music to mind of Stu Mitchell's that I listened to many times to sustain me during the long night hours transcribing various parts of The Risen. He and his brother are amazing composer-musicians. To get a sense of it, you can hear a bit at this little video about the book. Please view at 480p and in full screen mode.
(The forest in the scenes is the same one in which Tim manifested to me when he first began discussing the book, about which we share in the book as well.)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Instant America

An online graduate student, Tony Shin, came across one of our postings mentioning the "Age of Instant Gratification" and wanted to share the following fascinating information in a graphic he's developed:

Instant America
Created by: Online Graduate Programs

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Immortal People of Light

[Excerpted from "Chapter 3 - The Risen" - p. 27]

    Even while we are in these material bodies on earth we are still “people of light.” When it is time, we will shed our material body as if removing worn-out clothing. Our material bodies are designed to be so dense because otherwise our spirit bodies could not be contained—it takes a great deal of density to hold them to the earth. Although also literally made of light, our heavier earthly bodies are cloaking us in “denser light,” opaque enough to be called shadows. When the shadows fall away we will stand revealed as beings of light.

    As beings of light we continue on endlessly—our immortal experience. This realization is of immense importance, for we are literally having our immortal experience in this very moment. Immortality doesn’t begin after we transition to Risen, but commenced when we first arose on this world, fired into life with a Divine Spark, to awaken and breathe and move up and out into this world, our earth. When one not only mentally accepts this realization about our immortality but is able to gain awareness of it and then feel the realization of it, life is experienced with much less fear and much more freedom. It is spiritually imperative to understand that besides having the experience, we must be able to observe the experience, to participate as observers, and to especially become aware of it by feeling it.

    Many Risen Ones have told me, and I myself have experienced, that there are many more finely-defined bodily experiences than just the three—they’re actually infinite in number. Also infinite are the geographies in which we might find ourselves upon shedding our earthly woolens. These geographies inter-penetrate one another just like our subtle bodies. Everything and everywhere is able to share the same space with everything else. Our loved ones are not off somewhere over the rainbow or separated from us by unimaginable distances of light years. They may be even closer to us now than when they were in their denser material body. As mentioned earlier, it’s not that they’ve left us, but that they seem less accessible. It is the density of our earthly body with its physical senses that affectively shields us from directly feeling their closeness to us.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Book by Eldon Taylor

I'm happy to announce that my friend and colleague, New York Times best selling author Eldon Taylor, takes the power of belief to a new level in his newest Hay House release, I Believe: When What You Believe Matters!  Eldon's fascinating new book reveals the importance of choosing your beliefs and the effects these choices have on the quality of your life-impacting areas that may surprise you in ways you have not thought of. From influencing how long you will live and how your DNA expresses itself to what you will allow yourself to see and hear, you might be astounded at the many consequences for every single belief. Go here for more information.

The ancient Greek philosopher Epictetus taught his students that what happens to them is not as important as what they believe happens to them. In this engaging and provocative book, Eldon Taylor provides his readers with specific ways in which their beliefs can lead to success or failure in their life undertakings. Each chapter provides nuggets of wisdom as well as road maps for guiding them toward greater self-understanding, balance, responsibility, and compassion. I highly recommend  this book — and that is why we are giving away the Forward and Introduction to our book "The Risen: Dialogues of Love, Grief and Survival Beyond Death" as a special bonus gift to all who order their copy today.  We are also offering a 15% discount on the entire book. Further, numerous leading luminaries in the self-improvement field feel the same and are giving away many gifts and prizes valued at approximately $10,000 as part of this exceptional book launch party. Don't miss the opportunity to win incredible prizes from Hay House, InnerTalk, Lindsay Wagner, James Van Praagh, Dr. Norman Shealy, Bob Doyle, Dr. Alex Loyd and Caroline Sutherland.  Go here for details about our gift and other prizes.

As Eldon states in I Believe, "The courage to change your life is a process, one step at a time. The wisdom required to take that action rests within all of us. With every step we take, our confidence increases and we realize the true power of the gift of life. In this process, we find that believing in ourselves unlocks so much magic that life takes on an entirely new glorious nature." 

Friday, March 09, 2012

New Amazon Review of The Risen

We extend thanks to reader Julie Baxter for her exquisitely forthright and revealing review of the Risen. Like others, she reports some fascinating details of her experience with the living nature of the material, which interacted with her in quantum-like ways.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

The Forever Family Foundation and Mediumistic Psychotherapy

The Forever Family Foundation provides support and healing for people in grief through research, education, support groups, and promoting mediumship as a viable ways and means towards healing. Their radio show, "Signs of Life" was the first of several broadcasts I was honored to do about our book. I finally met and had a wonderful dinner with the amazing Phran and Bob Ginsberg, who founded this very unique and valuable non-profit organization. They are one of the very few medium certification programs in the world. They have also been instrumental in August's decision to accept mediums and mediums-in-training into his practice as clients and for supervision, something perhaps historical regarding the integration of mediumship and mental health models of healing. More details about this at our website for anyone interested.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Felix Experimental Group: Historical Photographic Documentation