Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Upcoming Hay House July Broadcast

 August will be back on Dr. Eldon Taylor's Provocative Enlightenment Radio Show at Hay House Radio, Tuesday July 5, 11am-12 noon PST.

Although Dr. Taylor has indicated that August's seminal paper, The Disparity of a “Standards of Care” for Spirit Mediumship as a Permissible Behavioral Health Care Profession, will be the main topic, Tim is smiling his notorious "cat-got-the-canary" smile about it. So what happens, remains to be seen.

To listen to the previous show at Hay House Radio last summer, as well as the numerous radio show archives of August (including Coast-to-Coast, Michael Johnson, and others), go here.

The Bristol Spirit Lodge

In the interest and "spirit" of promoting physical mediumship, and as a support way toward the eventual formation of our own NYC circle, we will continue to promote such circles from around the world.

The Bristol Spirit Lodge circle has been founded with the intention of enabling the development and demonstration of Physical Mediumship. It is a private non-denominational investigative Home Circle for those who share this interest. No fees are requested as regular attendance is required. Their site offers reports and audio files from seances held within the Lodge since it opened on February 6th 2007.

Also found at their site are links to other physical circles.

The Lodge has hosted several private seances with physical medium Warren Caylor, and offer reports and audio files of these for the interest of others. Several sitters within the Bristol Spirit Lodge Circle have also sat in seance with Warren at other venues and offer reports of these experiences also.

Friday, June 24, 2011


A seance filmed June 10 - with ectoplasm emerging from the medium's mouth.

(Warren Caylor's Circle)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ibiza Physical Mediumship Event w/Pictures

We posted earlier Dr. Ken Sahari's report, but if you'd like to read it and see some pictures from the event,
go here.

Festival of Physical Mediumship

August 21st to 27th, 2011

The Very First Fabulous Festival of Physical Mediumship with Materialization Medium David Thompson.
3 Seances and Deep Trance Demonstration in the Week; also acclaimed Clairvoyant Christine Morgan, both visiting from Australia. Lots of other Events and Workshops/Talks during the week

The Acacia Center, Murcia, Spain

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Felix Experimental Group Ibiza Event

Read a participant's report about the May event here.

Friday, June 17, 2011

FEG Medium Successful Sans Clothes

Kai continues to demonstrate superb ectoplasmic materialization - with amazing photo.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Historic First Physical Mediumship Sitting: Report

This report submitted to August by a fellow medium about his experience at the very first demonstration of physical mediumship by the Newcastle based Silver Fox Circle of Friends in the U.K.  Very exciting and promising, well done, all!

"On May 21, 2011 I was privileged to be invited to attend the very first demonstration of physical mediumship by the Newcastle based Silver Fox Circle of Friends. This historic demonstration took place in beautiful city Harrogate, UK. I was picked up at the train station by physical mediums Kathy and Terry of the Harrogate based Rainbow Circle and immediately wisked off to the venue to witness and experience an array of two hours of brilliant physical phenomena and verbal communication from four spirit communicators.

"The venue for this demonstration was a small room on the third floor of a home, which had a recessed window dormer or alcove which was the perfect area that could be used as a cabinet. A chair was placed in this area and a curtain across the front. From my estimation, the room was approximately fourteen feet long and twelve feet wide, with the alcove being approximately four feet by four feet. Fifteen folding chairs were placed in a semi circle around the cabinet affording each and every sitter a good view of the proceedings. Several objects, toys, and musical instruments, as well as three traditional ‘trumpets’ were placed on the floor in front of or near the cabinet. Each object was had luminous paint or tape on it to enable everyone to clearly see the position of these objects in the dark.

"The demonstration commenced promptly at 7pm as Fay, the medium, took her seat in the cabinet. Jenny, the circle leader, opened the proceedings with a customary prayer and then proceeded to play lively music that we could all sing along to. This is done in order to build up the energy and raise the vibration in the room. This is necessary at all physical mediumship sittings in order to bring the two worlds together.

"After  approximately four or five songs, a voice emerged from the cabinet. This was Silver Fox, the control and gatekeeper of the circle, on the spirit side. She greeted us all and thanked us all for coming. Throughout the sitting, a total of four spirit voices came through and spoke with us: Silver Fox, Granny, Michael, and Dr. Brown. Each one, all with totally different voices, spoke to us at different times throughout the sitting. What happened throughout the sitting was truly astounding. There was two hours of brilliant non-stop physical phenomena and voice communication from the four spirit team members.

"I will not belabor the point by describing each and every physical manifestation that occurred during this sitting, however I must say that for two hours, the physical phenomena and voice communication that that took place was virtually non-stop. The trumpets were flying, the hoola hoops were moving, the light table was moved several times in front of the cabinet and two musical instruments were played regularly. Luminous chalk was placed on top of the eighteen inch high light box and never rolled off, despite having been moved several times at a good distance. I was positioned approximately five feet from the light box and could clearly see it moving by itself. The light emanating from the three trumpets and the luminous chalk was sufficient to allow me to see the light box moving by itself several times. Several times throughout the sitting, the drums and the ukelele were played, and with great enthusiasm.

"At one point, Dr. Brown asked me to stand up and place one end of the illuminated hoola hoops over my arms and the other end over the arms of Jenny. They then proceeded to rock the hoola hoop back and forth without either one of us grasping the hoop. A small bouquet of white roses was placed in front of the cabinet by Jenny prior to the sitting. During the sitting, spirit placed a rose on the lap of every sitter in the room.

"Again, the spirit activity in the room for the entire two hours was relentless.  I must commend Fay and her entire circle for their dedication and for sharing this most amazing form of spirit communication - physical mediumship, with the fortunate few who were invited to attend this special demonstration - the maiden voyage of the Silver Fox Circle of Friends. "  

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Opiated Faith of The Materialist

As physical mediumship becomes increasingly more familiar to outsiders, and as it is making its own fairly rapid reappearance in our dimension, the materialist skeptics are also rising to what their ego minds perceive as a challenge of some kind. We'll leave them to it. As noted in August's recent report of one such sitting,
"Just as our book was not written for skeptics, neither do these mediumistic sittings occur for them. Mediumship has recently arrived at a new level on its path, in that it is now abandoning any and all efforts towards educating skeptics. They had their chance, and now they're free to return to their own mentally-darkened basements. We bless them and will welcome them – when they’re finally ready to sit down and be still."

Readers of The Risen will be familiar with the Risen concepts of imagination, specifically addressed in the chapter, Mundus Imaginalis. The following is from the Italian mystic, Massimo Scaligero (1906-1980), and his exploratory words about materialism have many hidden ideas:

    "Materialism is our faith in matter. We do not know how to experience matter by means of the concrete forces of thinking. Materialism is the most obscure mysticism, for it purports to be the opposite of mysticism simply because it is nourished by mathematical calculation and dialectical abstractions. It feeds our inner weaknesses with the dead products of thinking. By failing to penetrate matter, such thinking elevates it to a mystical reality without any awareness that it does so. No bigot devotes him or herself more faithfully to the object of this or her opiated faith than does the materialist.
   "Materialism ... signifies the actual situation of present-day humanity. Materialism is the uncognized and, therefore, the unelaborated basis of all the doctrines and spiritualisms, traditional or not, which ignore the underlying process that gives rise to material appearances. It shuns the task of confronting the problem of the physical objectivity of nature: sensory perceptions and its coming into being as representation. This is a problem that cannot be solved theoretically, but only through the active penetration of reality.
   " A corresponding ... error, which leaves the authority of matter over us unchanged, is to accept the physical world as it is, and matter as it appears. With this error, we engage in abstracted experiments or calculations with the physical world and material appearances, or we seek to transcend them theoretically or mystically."

From La Luce: Introduzione All'imainazione Creatrice (The Light: An Introduction to Creative Imagination) by Massimo Scaligero, (translated by Eric L. Bisbocci, Lindisfarne Books, 2001, p. 34.)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cross-examination of Professor Stephen Hawking

Archangel Michael relief by Della Robia, 1475.
The Archangel Michael ranks as the greatest of all angels whether in Jewish, Christian or Islamic writings. He is the Chief of the Order of Virtues, Chief of Archangels, and the Angel of Repentance, Righteousness, Mercy, and Sanctification.

Litigation Lawyer Victor Zammit’s Cross-examination of Professor Stephen Hawking - ( on the Claim by Professor Hawking that there is no afterlife). Victor has submitted that the following is what a ‘cross-examination’ of Professor Stephen Hawking would be like. The “answers” given by Professor Hawking have been taken from his website and from other media reports about things he said and imputed.

Thank you, Victor!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

From The Archives: The Edge & Waiting

[Originally posted 15 July 2006]  -- From the text of The Risen.

“How do you know but ev'ry Bird that cuts the airy way,
Is an immense world of delight, clos'd by your senses five?”
— William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.

The visionary Blake wrote a great deal about his Authentic Self’s experience in a material mind-body constrained by the reduction of five senses and by societal and institutional conventions — “the mind-forg’d manacles”. He surmised that having but two or three senses would not give us the ability to deduce anything more beyond them, and so it would be with but five. He lived in the knowledge that imagination flies free above the senses, and is the actual “image of God” in which we are made. That is, that God is imagination — imagination being the act of imaging. Imagination is not present to the five senses, which are mind-body components that filter incoming evidence of greater Reality. As we have seen, the ego-mind makes all the decisions for our embodied Authentic Self about what is acceptable as Real or not. The simulate self has emerged out of this decision-making process. Because the simulate self is manifested from the ego-mind, its experiences, and therefore its choices about the Universe, are not Authentic—that is, Real — but simulated.

The Edge

“The edge” is the perimeter of one’s limited experience within one’s unlimited personal, potential Universe. The ego-mind, which has access to the physical senses but lacks imagination, utilizes the restrictive five senses, directed through anxiety and fear, to reduce experience. The resulting limitation is a “sphere of experience” that surrounds each individualized mind-body, which lacks conscious awareness of the Authentic Self. This imposed and limited experiential sphere is the kingdom of the simulate self and ruled by the ego-mind.

The ego-mind will allow for a kind of permeability of the edge if it fits its agenda. Individualized mind-bodies can join one another and develop a group sphere of experience, attracted by like vibration and held together by like beliefs, as dictated by the ego-mind. A group can be small, or serve as a larger container of several small groups, such as tribes, organizations, corporations, and nations. The spheres of many ego-minds often interpenetrate one another. Intergenerational transmission of beliefs is also highly likely, as parents, in total unawareness, pass on belief systems to their children, sometimes for centuries. Institutions of the simulate self, such as the government and churches, also transmit and strengthen the barriers to unlimited experience.

The edge of the sphere of experience is seldom visited by its inhabitant. There is usually no awareness of its existence. This edge can be seen in the concept of the flat earth, which successfully kept people from exploring their physical environment for fear of falling off into an abyss of unknown territory. Even though it has since been realized that the earth is not flat, the fear-generated concept that was developed by the ego-mind still actively exists in the ego-mind collective. Although we can now venture around the material globe, most of us are still encased in our invisible, protective sphere of ego-mentality, the simulate self.

The ego-mind maintains the structure of its kingdom through beliefs engendered by lies. The edge or border of its kingdom is held in place by a force field of anxiety, rather like an electrified fence. Should one move close to this edge, alarms go off and trigger the feeling of anxiety. One of the ego-mind’s lies is that the anxiety is unlimited beyond the perimeter, and once the edge is crossed, the anxiety will go on forever. Because we yield to the ego-mind’s relentless suggestions that anxiety should be avoided, we avoid the edge. Unlimited, authentic living is effectively pinched off into a limited, simulated experience. This experiential avoidance results in a “less-than” experience for the Authentic Self.

The nature of the manifested material Universe is change, which enables individualized manifestations of Authentic Self to move about in it, from one place of experience to another. Transformation of vibration cannot take place without this movement. Inherent in the design of humankind are ever-arising stimuli, causing individuals to move about in order to change form in some way, to transform. These stimuli which reveal Original Source’s aspiration for novelty,(1) are equally inherent in and activated and detected by our senses, i.e., if we didn’t have senses, we wouldn’t be stimulated to transform. All physical and non-physical senses are affected in this way.

What lies beyond this edge? Everything — different relationships, careers, whatever has potential to change. Potential living and potential dimensions are already there to be explored. As a natural course, then, one is going to be brought up against one’s edge as an effect of the Authentic Self’s directive to transform. One begins to feel suffocated in a relationship, or by a career, or by the current lifestyle. The edge is there as an interference or barrier to movement, a result of the simulate self’s need to control. The ego-mind uses anxiety and fear to keep an individuated Authentic Self from moving beyond the edge, and hence, from transforming. At best, the ego-mind drives our mind-body vehicle around and around the perimeter of our experiential sphere. Unable to tolerate this after a certain amount of time, we are “driven crazy.” As a result, the Authentic Self is unable to inherit its Divine Realm as infinitely bestowed by Original Source, and instead, endures a frozen hell of restrictive movement, masterminded and ruled by the simulate self. It can be seen that this restricted movement, as directed by the ego-mind, is also a limited attempt to simulate Original Source.


“Watch (keep awake) therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour.”
— Matthew 25:13

Being future-oriented, the simulate self cannot wait. Instant gratification is its motivation. Addiction of some kind —mild to wild — is a possible, if not an inevitable consequence. The ego-mind can simulate waiting in the form of patience, which is a form of control meant to endure hardship, difficulty, or inconvenience without complaint. This takes self-control and the ability to tolerate delay.

Waiting is inherent in the nature of Authentic Self, and is not meant here as patience. Being present-oriented, the Authentic Self has no need for patience, and instead it resides in resting in the feeling experience of Its Self. For the Authentic Self, waiting is rest, which it finds in its connection to Original Source, which is always at rest. For the simulate self, which uses thoughts to generate a simulation of experience, waiting is unthinkable, as well as unimaginable. Imagination belongs to Authentic Self.

The Authentic Self can imagine experiences that appear to call for endurance, if It so desires. However, it is the nature of Authentic Self to enjoy, rather than endure an experience. “Enjoy” is not meant here as the ego-mind’s concept of getting joy out of something. Rather, the ability to put joy into something — to en-joy — is what Authentic Self brings to the table of experience. To enjoy is to give. To rest or reside in the feeling of authentic enjoyment is Authentic Self’s motivation. Joy is a word for that which gives life, or Original Source, which is never-ending and unceasingly pours into our universe through the channel of Authentic Self. When joy is withheld, the feeling of life is withdrawn. Depression settles in and the gradual cessation of a material existence follows.

When Authentic Self becomes consciously aware of anxiety, it has found the edge of the simulate self’s sphere of existence.(2)

If Authentic Self is in the driver’s seat, it can choose to pull over and stop, make observations and possibly choices about what it sees as an opportunity for change, not as a barrier against an assumed danger. On some level, we all know what it’s like to come up against our life’s edges. For those who have been endeavoring in some way to raise and promote spiritual consciousness, there may be the additional experience of not being able to turn around and go back when once up against the edge. This has been described as being on the edge of a cliff, or a dark abyss, or a cloud of unknowing.

This is where waiting, or resting in the feeling of Authentic Self, comes in. When the feeling of Authentic Self arises, one also knows that one has simultaneously reached the feeling of one’s Original Source, for they are equalized as one and the same by Original Source. This equalization is love.

The simulate self will avoid the edge of the cliff. The Authentic Self, having awakened to the truth of its immortal existence and the falsehood of death, will be able to contain anxiety while resting in mental stillness at the edge, and even bring joy to the experience. It may choose to rest as long as it wants, or It may decide to examine the belief system generating the barrier. It makes this examination by focusing its full, attentive awareness upon the belief system. Under Its quiet gaze — “quiet” meaning without the ego-mind’s critical chatter — the belief system will be revealed as a lie, and then fade back into the nothingness from whence it came. The barrier has dissolved, and Authentic Self, as an individuated mind-body, can then move in the direction it chooses.

The Authentic Self may also decide not to move or to jump off the cliff. Having reached an awareness of Its wings of immortality, fear no longer prevents or accompanies its choices. Whatever happens, there will be unlimited opportunity for Authentic Self to bring forth joy as a companion to the ever-present serenity of Original Source.

(1) “Novelty” here is meant as newness, freshness, innovation.
(2) Authentic Self-awareness is vastly different from the simulate self’s self-conscious.