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More on the ego-mind from The Risen

Fractals in Soil Science

Change is the vehicle for creatively moving about and within Reality. When sensed, distance and space combine to manifest the sense of movement, simultaneously manifesting an experiential sense of time. Connecting with true Reality, or even the beginning awareness of a projected edge against Reality, would initiate a weakening of the simulate self’s structure, contributing to its possible dissolution and reintegration into something larger, even while Authentic Self is still earth-embodied. The dissolution of the ego-mind and its simulate selves is inevitable, which the ego-mind correctly understands and greatly dreads as its own kind of death. It also instinctively understands that it will become severed from all its relationships with the material world when the individualized Authentic Self transitions to a state where a different kind of embodiment is experienced from the current one. The refusal to accept the instinctual knowledge of its own death and any related references to death is the base element of the complex ego-system known as denial.

Change, or mutation, is the means of continuance for material expression of Authentic Self. For the ego-mind, mutation forewarns an ending, or death. Transmutation, or mutation to a Risen state, is the ending of the ego-mind. For Authentic Self, any ending contains the experience of the next beginning, and the next, and so on, forever. The construct known as the ego-mind has learned how to convince us that its sense of ending is erroneously our own. This feeling is not authored by Authentic Self and so is inauthentic to us, which we feel as a discomfort. This discomfort is little more than psychic effluvium, but because of our agreement to live by the rules of an inauthentic personality, we accept its idea that this feeling is something called “fear” and that we should act in a prescribed way when sensing it. (Chapter 10, p. 76)

Friday, April 15, 2011

More on Rev. Hoyt Robinette: Precipitated Silks

Mary Beth Lovecchio, of Reno, Nevada, was kind enough to answer some questions I had with this  report about Rev. Hoyt Robinette's physical mediumship, which manifests precipitated spirit pictures on blank squares of silk (see scans below):
"If you were to touch the fronts of the Spirit Cards, you can feel some texture (crayon,flair etc). The spirit cards do not require full darkness, although the Indian Basket in which the cards and pens, crayons, etc are placed is very tightly woven so no light seeps in.  Hoyt Robinette (it's taken him over 17 years to develop this form of mediumship) does his demos for approx 25 persons at a time (the same for Spirit Silks).

When he was here last year, we rented out the basement of the Buddhist Church so that we could darken the windows and 25 of us sat in rows for the cards.  He layers blank 3x5 index cards in aforesaid basket, along with crayons, pens, pencils etc. if pens, the tops are on.   (I KNOW these are blank index cards because I had been with him when he purchased the cards from Walgreens) - He places the lid on the basket, puts it on a small table that stands independently in the front of the room, then proceeds to do clairvoyance for the audience.  The basket is not touched while this is going on.

When he is done with that, he takes off the lid - empties out the writing implements and starts calling out the names of people present in the audience.

Each person receives a card with a very lifelike picture on the front of a departed loved one, teacher or guide (I have been present when people have received Jesus photos as well as the Virgin Mary and several other "Roman Catholic" saints.)  Along with the person's name, the back contains names of their departed friends, loved ones, spirit guides and teachers.  Oddly, my last name is not an easy one to spell; however, it has NEVER been mis-spelled on a Spirit Card.

The Spirit Silks are done in total darkness (that's why the darkened windows).  Again 25 people sit in a semi-circle.  On the table in front of the audience, is a tray containing several bottles of inks of varying colors with the tops on... these tops NEVER come off.  He doesn't touch these bottles.  Hoyt hands out a piece of standard construction paper to everyone, along with an approximately 5" square of clear white silk which has been sewn around the edges to prevent unravelling.  There is NOTHING on either side these silks ...  The sitters hold the silk square in their laps on top of the construction paper while Hoyt again does clairvoyance.

Upon completion, Hoyt goes around to each sitter with a flashlight covered with a red gel to view the silks, upon which have materialized very lifelike faces of departed persons or animals, some known to the sitter, some not known.  (I have been very lucky to be able to recognize faces on each silk I've gotten.  Our friend Lisa even had Dennis Hopper on hers - and he had only transitioned 2 days prior to our sitting.)  The sitters are instructed to roll the silk in the construction paper (secured with a small rubber band) and keep it rolled up for at least 12 hours - 24 hours is better.  Then, to frame the silk and keep it out of direct sunlight.

Thus is the story of Spirit Cards and Spirit Silks.  If you EVER hear of Hoyt appearing nearby - or even far away - get yourselves there ... you won't regret it"

"Satanta, a Spirit Guide"
Ben and Rudy
Backs of Satanta and Ben and Rudy

Details of Silk
"The last card shows my dearest friend Tom and his dog, Marge; my husband, John; my grandparents and my daughter Veronica whom I lost as a newborn as she looks today.  The man on the bottom I believe is a teacher in spirit as I've never met him on this plane."

Mary Beth can be emailed here.

Physical Mediumship information

I'm currently much enjoying the autobiography,  An Extraordinary Journey: The Memoirs of a Physical Medium, about Stewart Alexander, who I believe has recently retired from many years of an ongoing circle that sat for physical mediumship phenomena. His life story contains accounts of many experiences, invaluable for documenting other physical mediums he had worked with who have been largely forgotten. (See also, Experiences of Trance, Physical Mediumship and Associated Phenomena with the Stewart Alexander Circle Parts 1 and 2, by Katie Halliewell.) One of the largely forgotten mediums the author speaks fondly of is Hunter Selkirk, born in 1900 in the coal mining district of the English County Durham. There was a book written about him, "Listen, My Son" published by the Craghead Village Spiritualist Church, apparently still in print, but which I've not been able to find; however there is some information about him on the internet that is fascinating to read.

Physical mediumship, which was once quite prominent in the early-mid 20th century, had mostly disappeared by the end of the century, but appears to be having a resurgence around the world, notably David Thompson and the Circle of the Silver Cord,  and Kai Mugge's Felix Experiment Group, and the Yellow Cloud Circle of Eternal Illumination, for excellent modern examples. The Scole Group, although unfortunately discontinued, is legendary as well.

I am also privileged to be in close contact with one of the five known physical mediumship circles in the U.S., which has sat privately for some years, and is known for the many hundreds of apports gifted to them by spirit. The facilitator of the group recently showed me these astounding objects, which includes hundreds of old coins and significant documents from other countries, as well as a fine collection of little cars and trucks brought by one of their team's spirits, a little boy who loves to play and share. More ti come about this circle in the future as well as a report about a special private event I'll be attending for physical mediumship.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Issue of Paranthropology

Here is the link to the latest issue of Paranthropology, which features articles from Andy Robert, David Luke, Jean Millay, Mark A. Schroll, Robert M. Schoch and others. The issue is called "Psi and the Psychedelic Experience".

August's paper, The Disparity of a “Standards of Care” for Spirit Mediumship as a Permissible Behavioral Health Care Profession, was published in the first issue this year.

More recent photos of ectoplasm ...

... as reported by The Felix Experimental Group, a physical manifestation circle in Germany that is having amazing results and progress. We send them our wishes for continued success and blessings.

More on Rev. Robinette's Precipitated Art

It appears that our blog has been one of the very few, if not the only one, that has reported easily locatable information about experiences of Rev. Hoyt Robinette's precipitated art seances. Some who have read what has been shared here have shared back their own experiences, feelings and opinions, mixtures of positive and negative, like that of August. (See "Where is Moose and Squirrel"; "More Precipitated Art"; "Fascism is Not Dead"; and "Flim-Flammery".)

We've been receiving more reports coming in, and have been given permission to share them and their names by their authors.

Marybeth LoVecchio, who wants "the word to get out about Spirit and all the marvelous things that they do for us," writes:
"... I have known Rev. Hoyt Robinette personally for years and have a few spirit cards and silks. I have heard the rumor about his trumpet seances being somewhat sketchy (I've never attended one - in fact, I don't believe he does them anymore) but I can vouch for the Spirit Card & Silk Sances. The very first silk seance I attended let me come away with faces of my husband, grand parents, my best friend, Tom, of 43 years and his dog. Since then, I've found my dear friend's grandmother, Eusapia Palladino, my cousin Tommy's father and many others on other silks. The Spirit Cards are amazing. When Hoyt was here at our church last year, I had to drive him to Walgreens to buy a pack of blank index cards (he's quite absent minded and had forgotten to purchase them prior to the demonstration), so I KNOW those cards were blank when they first were put in the basket. Last year I received a picture of one of my Spirit Guides for physical mediumship "Satanta" a Kiowa indian chief known as "Orator of the Plains". I learned this thanks to "Google". In prior years, the faces of a young Ben Franklin and Rudolph Valentino appear together on a card. Both of these guys and I have a special ‘spiritual connection.’ "
Readers can contact Mary Beth at her email.

Lisa Butler, who with her husband Tom co-directs Association TransCommunication, also writes August:
"August, we spent some time reading with great interest your blog about your experience with Hoyt Robinette.  We saw him last year and went into the sittings looking for fraud - we were stunned by what happened in the silk sitting.  I have attached a PDF of the article that we ran in the Fall 2010 NewsJournal.
"Your experience was amazing! Regarding the phone call from Boris - do you think it could have been the Boris now on the other side? This may sound crazy to you but people who are dead do make phone calls.  Bayless and Rogo wrote an excellent book about it called Phone Calls From the Dead.  We also have several members who are intelligent minded individuals who have reported this experience.  I thought of it because you said the line sounded funny and this often goes with a paranormal phone call. Or do you think it was just an astonishing coincidence?

"We appreciated your detailed thoughts on the paint on the Cards.  As you will see from the article Tom went through the pieces of Silk and could smell nothing on them - we also had our eyes on the silks and where able to see him pick them up - they were not switched.  Have you heard how the critics say he does the silks? The article is also on our website.
"I just purchased your book and will get it on my Kindle today.  Unfortunately there is more work then time for reading but I am excited to gradually do that.  Particularly interested in what you wrote about 'Tim's greatest achievements (so far) has been direct and ectoplasmic materialization before me.'  We have been researching some physical mediums and feel lucky to have gotten small sittings with reputable ones where we know that there is no fraud - amazing stuff - way beyond what people believe is possible. Also interested in Tim contacting you via phone.  Will most likely want to do an article on your experiences with Tim for our Journal."
I did indeed and still sometimes wonder if that had been Boris Pasternak himself who had called me, but Boris (who is now one of my guides and mentors) assures me if it had been him, there would have been no doubt. Because he didn't have the ways and means of accessing my phone on its particular terrestrial dimension, it was orchestrated to arrange for an "earthly Boris"  - who actually came from a mediumship family but not fully aware or accepting of it - to contact me - a complex orchestration, indeed, but my life and our book is full of such examples.

Lisa also shared that Hoyt is going to be in Odenton MA April 14 -17 and then in will be in Denver CO June 17-June 20. She shared that "it's really a pain to find out where he is going to be as most links on the Internet are years old.  If you hear of any other locations please let us know - we are traveling on the above 2 dates and would like to see him this year if possible." Lisa and Tom can be contacted here.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Backward, Moving Forward

Recently it was suggested by August and Tim that a studious reader of The Risen have another go at the challenging chapters on the ego-mind and simulate selves, and delve even deeper into the complex material presented by Spirit there. But — to try re-reading it backwards. This was not meant in any light, humorous way, but as a quite serious idea.

This idea is based on an very ancient model of the structure of the unknown universe, consisting of complex ideas about light, including reflection, and refraction, and so on. In some of the models that serve to help the student gain increasing conscious awareness of the "I AM" sense, this method is employed to first remember dreams. Upon waking, one lies quietly and then attempts to recall the very last thing that happened just before awakening, and then the thing before that, and then before that, and so on.

This also illustrates that (usually) we cannot recall an ego-mind generated dream from its beginning, but only from the last thing back to the start. However, intense astral and other spiritual events of Authentic Self can be recalled from the beginning, but only from fields of higher, non-ego-mental states of authentic self-awareness. The Risen book goes into much detail about such states.

After gaining some ability in this, one moves on to doing the same thing at the end of a waking day just before sleeping: what was the last thing I did just before getting into bed, and then before that, and then before that, and so on, as far back as possible. Total mindful recall of the entire day won't take the same amount of time that the day originally took to physically experience, as one begins to experience and then understand that the mind can use time without the additional factor of thought. Using thought requires memory, which is also psychological time. Recalling without thought is a very different thing.

While one is practicing the above techniques, one can also begin to see how to use this approach in other ways — such as reading the written word.  Certain spiritual writings are built in a specific way, to lead the reader to an eventual understanding of the underlying agenda. It's often hard going, in spite of the careful laying of ideas before the reader, like pieces of bread on the ground through a dark forest. But what would it be like to start at the end of a particularly difficult chapter, or even paragraph, and read the last sentence first, and then the one before that, then the one before that, and so on? We'd be very interested to hear about anyone's experience in trying this.

A particular and peculiar, perhaps even advanced method, is to read each sentence backwards word by word, or rather phrase by phrase, where two or more words are combined in a phrase to collectively convey a certain meaning. One will then notice that the way meanings are placed next to each other will be different, in the way stress on one word's syllable will convey a different meaning of the word, than when placed on another syllable of the same word.

"As above, so below."  So starting at the "above" level reached at the end of a chapter or paragraph, and working one's way to the "below" or the beginning, can raise some profound energies.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


McHenry responded to the prayerful treatments and has recovered completely. He woke me up from a bad dream this morning, and was running around playing with his toy mice and eventually ate some food. Thank you so much to the many people, and those in Spirit as well, who answered our call for help!

Monday, April 04, 2011

Healing for McHenry

McHenry, my 6 year old handsome siamese boy, has not been feeling well this evening, and thankfully is resting now and seems to be better. I would ask that anyone who can, to send healing energy and light to this amazing little creature, who is the most loving-kind person I've ever known in my life . . . he is my life. His sister, Fiona, and I are sitting nearby in the quiet darkness, lit by a candle, and resting together in contemplative healing prayer for him. I have already called many in spirit to be with us here, to join and strengthen that divine energy in all of us which is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. There is only One Power which flows through us and this Power is perfect peace, perfect happiness, perfect health. All doubt, all worry, all fear, are cast away, back into the nothingness from whence they came. We know, and we know that we know. The energy that is Creator Source flows through us and is us; its Word is Law, and therefore, our word is law as we speak it. We speak only of truth, which is perfect health and perfect peace. Beneath the mantle of flesh is the Divine Reality, which is perfect substance, being of the same substance as Creator Source. This divine substance is who we are, and who McHenry is. We give praise to our Creator Source, and acknowledge with unceasing gratitude for the gift of life, intelligence, health, and love. And so it is.

The Other Place

Just had a wonderful evening seeing the intense new play, "The Other Place" at the Lucille Lortel Theatre. It's one of my favourite theatres in NYC, and a place Tim and I used to go to see shows. In this instance, the "other place" is not some Risen geography -- or is it? The other place is a state of mind of a person (brilliantly acted by Laurie Metcalf) who is slowly succumbing to dementia, as her memories and concepts of mind are increasingly being challenged. It reminded me very much of how a person might transition.

I wanted to post one of her lines that had a powerful effect on me and which I hope I remember correctly:

"The person I no longer am, is who I am now."

Rather than comment further on it, I will just let it stand as is.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

What Is This Book About?

At the suggestion of a few new Risen group colleagues, the website has been updated with a new page, "What Is This Book About?".

Friday, April 01, 2011

From The Text: Ego-Mind, Simulate Self, & Authentic Self

Mandelbrot Image by Paul Nylander

From The Risen:
The ego-mind is an obsessively opinionated, decision-making psychological component of the earthly mind-body. All thought arises from its mentality, generated to manifest physical forms and experiences on the material plane. Simultaneously, it outwardly projects judgments about our mind-body’s perceptions and its environment into our inner space, and onto the bodies and environments of others. This projection is the simulate self. When the feeling of Authentic Self has awakened, all thoughts can be observed, accepted, shelved, or dissolved from a consciously aware stance. But until then, the ego-mind is in complete control of any rising thoughts.
The language of a malfunctioning ego-mind is tribal and therefore fear-based. It subscribes to judgmental concepts that use words and phrases such as “exclusive,” “special,” “restricted,” “fashionable,” “better than/less than,” “best/worst,” “superior/inferior,” “evolved/degenerate,” “elite/common,” “chosen/damned,” and “new and improved.” Gossip, complaint, and criticism are its food and drink. It is motivated by fame and recognition, and fueled by envy and competition. Insatiably seeking entertainment, “gleeful” and “gloating” best describe its sense of humor, which is delivered with jealousy, sarcasm, and resentment. The ego-mind loves competitive contests. It enjoys attracting and manifesting disasters.
The ego-mind is future-oriented—it cannot wait, and it worries. It worries about worry. Its language, couched in suggestions, generates anxiety attacks. The ego-mind will seize upon the body’s minor aches and escalate them into mental terrors and fantasies about disease and death.
The ego-mind prefers to begin speaking with “I think” and “I believe.” It developed the ritualized practices of “say please and thank you” and “I told you so.” Co-conspiring ego-minds are responsible for the inventions of money, business, politics, capitalism, socialism, spectator sports, organized religion and other forms of war games; journalism, art criticism, bumper stickers, body dysmorphia, racism, sexism, homophobia, genderphobia; so-called “reality” shows and other Nazi-like experiments; as well as the destruction of the rain forests. The Internet has been co-opted almost entirely by simulate selves. The collective ego-mind’s greatest desire is to achieve a Global Madison Avenue.
Awakened Authentic Self, while outwardly aware of these insane aspects of the simulated world around it, remains inwardly undisturbed and at peace.
Few earth-embodied Authentic Selves are consciously aware of the psychological component of their mind-body-spirit, also called the psyche or soul. The vast majority of people are moving about in the world with the ego-mind in the driving seat while they sleep in the back, occasionally and briefly waking to look at the scenery passing them by, but then quickly falling back into hibernation. The ego-mind’s driving is compulsive, habitual, and irrational—it’s mad as a hatter. Its ever-increasing neuroticism is generally uncontrollable because of our ignorant somnambulance. As a species, we have relegated it to our underconscious, from where it secretly dictates most, if not all, of our mental direction. In other words, it completely controls our world.
The ego-mind’s development began very soon after the dawning of human consciousness, and so is the most ancient source of human-generated deities. A more detailed etiology of the ego-mind and the simulate self will be presented further on.
Because of the unlimited energy permitted to the ego-mind, the simulate self is able to present and maintain the semblance of a self-aware consciousness. In effect, this simulacrum or imitation manifests its own kind of form, and simultaneously, a projected, perceived environment for this form. This environment arises from the multitude of anxious thoughts we allow the ego-mind to generate and amplify, drawing from the vast expanses of energy circumscribed by our fear and trembling.
The simulate self resides in our material body’s mental areas. The core, true self, or Authentic Self, dwells within the non-mental areas of our interpenetrating material, etheric, and astral bodies. Although the ego-mind is always seeking to condition us, Authentic Self does not seek to condition, nor can It be conditioned.
Authentic Self does not think or have thoughts. It observes them as they arise from the ego-mind, which is contained within the infinite space of Mind. Mind is also imagination, an aspect which is neutral until activated by a particular emotion or thought. As unaware beings whose lives are dictated by the ego-mind, we sustain the false belief that it is Authentic Self. This grants the ego-mind the power to rule our body, our imagination, our environment, and our life by its thinking and in any way it so chooses.
A perceived projection is a presumption of reality, giving rise within the mind of the ego to the illusions it thinks we should experience as “the world.” Thus, “the ten thousand things” of this manifested world are projected and named by the ego-mind. It will unfailingly and skillfully use the illusion of any form of presumed, perceived loss—grief, fear, sadness, anger, regret, anxiety, nostalgia—to keep us from connecting with and awakening to true, present reality. Awareness of our immortal existence—our true presence—within an infinite universe of experience reveals that “loss” is only a thought, an idea with no base in authentic reality whatsoever.
... Why is it so crucial to become consciously aware of the many identities and voices of the ego-mind? First, and as stated at the beginning of this chapter, the Risen are presenting this material to help begin the process of correcting the ego-mind process, in order to communicate with the Risen. Until we can become familiar with these false inner gods and their agendas and methods, we will be unable to determine with confidence when a voice actually belongs to a Risen One. If we want to have conversations with the Risen, we must be able to at least temporarily silence the voices of the simulate selves. Second, until we become aware of the ego-mind’s lies about death, which keep us fettered to fear, and of our hidden beliefs that make us co-conspirators with it, we will have little chance of ever connecting with our Authentic Self, and then with the greater authentic reality of the Risen.