Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Bridge of Rising

An explorer comments:

"Please be patient with my following statements. Don't see it as a personal attack. All I endeavour is to clarify for myself(ego-mind?) matters that concern me in order that I can understand better from were you come. I truly am very sympathetic towards the ideas of the risen. There is in my opinion a real problem with the Risen and that is its validity. Every thing written is a subjective opinion or experience of an individual who claims unusual powers.Guided by unprovable spirits which only he is in contact with. Unlike other mediums who often sit in a circle of people and as a result there are witnesses to the actual mediumship.No such witnessing is available from you. A person like me is compelled to accept your statements ex cathedra. For me this considerably weakens the case you and the risen wish to put across. Even your model of a self is a personal model.An "authentic self" is not something which can be easily demonstrated in a laboratory. From a therapy point of view I am sure it works on a person to person basis and is way superior to the materialists approach.
With genuine kindness.
S. "

Thanks for your comments, gentle reader; all are welcome, even those like the person who recently submitted an unhappy "review" of the book at Amazon because he didn't get what he wanted. It's better to get it out than carry it around inside and inhibit growth. Please know that we respond from kindness as well.

From your reading thus far, you must know how we like words, and consider them messages from many worlds! Join us in looking at some. The self-possessive phrases used here, such as "I'm sympathetic"; "My opinion"; "A person like me" and so on, are clear indications (to us) that an ego-mind is utilizing a simulate self or two. The use of the word "problem" demonstrates how the ego-mind loves to find problems. There are all kinds of suggestions in the book on how to move past the illusion of a problem and back to the original feeling that is the guidepost of true direction.

"Ex cathedra" — what an interesting phrase popping in! Literally it means, "from the chair" and speaks to the authority derived from one's office or position. "Armchair philosophy" and "accidental tourist" come to mind as well. The roman catholic church has commanded this phase as its own indication of the exclusive infallibility of the pope's comments on faith and beliefs.

The worry that your comments will be seen as a "personal attack" also evidences an ego-mind's delusional belief that it has the power to hurt real people, i.e. Authentic Self. Also indicated is the the ego-mind's unending wish to be entertained, not educated. "Show me; put on a show; demonstrate; prove it" and the like. This is why August will no more go on a TV talk show than he will advertise his abilities as a therapist who is also a medium, for then "viewers and witnesses" will be entranced by their ego-mind's obsession with being entertained, in order to be distracted from its constant fear of its own eventual dissolution upon Authentic Self's transition to Risen. Even the radio broadcasts carry the message "come be entertained" but the Risen still find them useful to transmit vibrations that can get through when the visual element is unavailable. There is plenty of opportunity for entertainment elsewhere which will show and prove to us anything we want. The ego-mind can only see and focus on the shadows flickering on the cave wall (Plato's Allegory). The Risen urge those so wishing to advance in their own personal spiritual endeavors to ignore the pretty lights, bells, and whistles after the original shock at seeing them passes, and to continue the journey on within. Many people want more special effects, which veil the special affects. The Risen book is here to help bring some of us to the bridge that will emerge out of the mists of delusion and illusion, the "flatland of the simulate self" (p. 309). There are plenty of people out there who will give you a show and keep you coming back for more of the same. Enough is never enough for an ego-mind.

The Risen clearly shows an anticipation of these kinds of basic and initial responses:

"...the experience can’t be forced because there is a certain degree of passivity one has to balance with the more active willingness to open up and remain opened. It’s a matter of understanding what one’s own skills and gifts are and then how to use them. They can’t be used aggressively, like a hammer and saw. These special tools are sensitive instruments, which must be finely tuned within our awareness so they can function correctly. Tim and I can share our discovery with others to help support and validate their experiences. But it can’t be emphasized enough that we are each a unique creation unto ourselves, always becoming more consciously aware." (p. 164)

"And yet, we do need skeptics. There are scientists who maintain a healthy measure of skepticism about skepticism, and remain open while questioning. This openness has led to emerging, revolutionary scientific models, such as R. A. White’s Experiential Paradigm.  Inspired in part by psychologist Abraham Maslow’s classic work on cognitive-being and his insights from what he called exceptional “plateau” or “peak” human experiences, White asserts that there’s a form of knowing that can only come from having been immersed in a particular experience. This means that the worldview of a medium can only be objectively analyzed after the analyzer has also subjectively experienced it. Mediumistic experiences often take place outside the constraints of space and time and therefore may pose serious challenges to those scientists who have always relied on such matrices in their laboratories." (p. 33)

"Tim and I share our stories with you so that there may be a gradually increased understanding of this process, from which validation and strengthened confirmation of your own experiences will arise." (p. 68)

Some of us come to this juncture, this Bridge of Rising, much more clearly than others, who may seem to be and feel like "accidental tourists."  It felt like the latter for me (August) in some ways when Tim first appeared in physical form for a brief second on my bed. Later on, as more was revealed and as I also questioned everything while learning how to open up in order to receive more information, much that was revealed was more insight into and understanding of the scarcely imaginable orchestration that had been going on outside my little cave for many, many years, to bring me to that juncture. It was no accident. It took time to secure back from the ego-mind the true spiritual authority that is everyone's inheritance as a direct offspring of Creative Source: to realize Authentic Self.  This realization appears to be an ongoing Event.

Questioning Hash

Worlds Within Worlds Within Worlds
[photograph by Macorlin]

It would not be surprising to hear from many readers that there are a thousand questions about what lies within The Risen book.  Neither would it be unexpected to hear that it's difficult to know where to begin on what to ask, or how. We welcome correspondence and any honest and appropriate sharing of ideas and feelings, and have so far had the pleasure of being introduced to several individuals of fine intelligence and sensitivity. 

Regarding the several radio broadcasts where The Risen has been discussed, it's notable that the majority of questions asked of us so far have fallen within a very narrow range of subjects and ideas — so narrow that it wouldn't be incorrect to classify them as regrettably cliché. This limited aspect reflects our suggestion that much of the current global discussion about the deeper, relevatory aspects and implications of contact with the Risen has been found lacking, and is, as Melvin Morse once remarked to August, "not much more than a rehashing of all the old new-agey hash." (And he wasn't referring to the Moroccan or Lebanese variety.) We appreciate that the limitations are probably inevitable with many people who have not had the chance to go much deeper into the subject and have relied instead on a steady and unquestioned diet of hash as prepared by the media and various ego-self-proclaimed gurus. (The poverty of salient questions also suggests that some interviewers have not actually read the material, or much of it.)

Indeed, the truth and implications of spiritual immortality and transition are directly reflected by the language of the day, yet they continue to be discussed and presented in language of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, and so this also explains the limited mindset of many. The Risen aspires to initiate and introduce the beginning of a new language for the 21st century terrestrial mind, which is changing rapidly with fewer hindrances by the day, mainly due to advances in technology. Because of this speeding up of human affairs, we firmly believe that the minds of many are ready or near-ready for some particularly advanced spiritual movement.

Tim and The Risen Collective have made it clear that the depth and complexity of the material is such that it will take a great many readers and a great deal of reading to be able to extract the more important, exquisite and outstanding implications interwoven throughout this orchestration, manifested in the form of a book; or, as one phrase in it often reminds the reader, of  "worlds within worlds within worlds." This multi-world concept is also an example of the form of language emerging from quantum mechanics.

For example, much of the possibly unfamiliar language in The Risen begins with established and newer psychological notions — or theories — of human behavior, as dictated by human mental development and whether it evolves, mutates, or transmutates into higher vibrating forms of energy. But it won't do to stay comfortably fixated on the established ways and means; we are talking about revolution.  (Here, "transmutate" is used to indicate the transition of the terrestrial ways of utilizing thought into Risen ways of utilizing thought.) It would seem that transmutation can only happen after one makes the transition from Earth to a Risen location. So one question that might arise from this idea is, "Can one experience a change of one's constantly rising thoughts to a new form of Rising thought, before transitioning to a Risen geography?" The material indicates that the answer is determined by the quality of many factors, primarily between limiting and non-limiting approaches to one's use of Mind. In plainer language: yes, and as dictated from within; from Authentic Self. The Risen book seeks to help those so interested in achieving inspiration about which personal, creative directions toward which to move, as well as to stimulate psychotherapists and other healing professionals to begin to expand their own inner worlds to the point where they being to touch those of their patients with a clarity of conscious awareness previously unknown. 

Other questions of relevance will hopefully begin to emerge and center on how therapists can move in this direction. This will be the subject of another posting just over the horizon, and August will provide some examples of how he works within his own psychotherapy practice, as well as to introduce the idea of a "Standards of Care."

Friday, September 24, 2010

Felix Experimental Group: The Butlers Report

Tom and Lisa Butler – highly respected transcommunication researchers in the United States – report on the physical mediumship Kai Muegge and The Felix Circle in Germany. Much of what they report corresponds quite closely with what Tim and August have experienced with ectoplasmic events. As well, detailed analysis of cause-and-effect/affect reveals what sounds very much like our own experiences with "Risen chemists" "fields" and "infospheres," which in the case of this particular circle all contribute to the form and function of the "teleplasmic" manifestations. This group is able to photograph various ectoplasmic phenomena in red light before scientists.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Those who have read The Risen and perhaps have listened to some of the radio broadcasts may have become aware that I (August) although a medium, don't do readings professionally. This includes the broadcasts, even though some people who call in may want me to do that. I simply don't, and some may wonder why.  People want mediums to tell them things: what their loved one is doing and saying, what they want; what they want the person on earth to do -- how to behave, what to think and feel, where the money is, what the future is bringing, and so on. And the medium will most likely tell them, for this is what mediums who work this way do. It is hoped that when the medium doesn't get an answer, they say so.

When people come to a psychotherapist (which I am) they also, and often, want the same kind of thing: "Tell me what to do; make up my mind for me." However, psychotherapists don't do this, for that is not their role. Instead, they help explore, feel, and find answers within themselves, thus diminishing fear, while regaining lost power and Self Authority. As a therapist, I want my patients to learn how to use their own body, mind, and spirit to find the real and true answer from within, not without.

Could I do readings? Yes, but only under very rare circumstances. My mediumistic abilities have been and are utilized in service to the Greater Good in other particular ways, specifically over the last 8 years in helping to manifest this book. If I had tried to develop myself as a medium who gives readings, I would not have been able to have the strength and wherewithal to help with the book project. (In fact, I did try, but it was like trying to walk on my hands backwards; fortunately my guides turned me right side up and in the right direction.)  Instead, with my consent, my training was taken in hand by some rather amazing and awesome Risen specialists to enable the difficult and time-consuming task I had agreed to. One of the primary initiatives of The Risen Collective is to work toward the synthesis of these two still quite separate ways of healing — mediumship and psychotherapy — and this book has opened up that discussion toward understanding that such a thing may be possible, how it can be achieved, and with some special guidance on how this process can be catalyzed.

As stated in the book, we believe "...there will be an eventual spiritual evolution of humanity, as enriched by Risen contact, whereby the various human therapies will all successfully and appropriately be able to utilize mediumistic abilities for healing purposes." 

As well,new language is introduced to help transmit these specialized, higher ideas that will have a better fit with 21 century people and ways of living in today's world. Current readers will have realized that their experience with the book is expected to be an interactive one, guiding them toward gradual ideas of personalized change — change which can also enable one to contact a Risen Loved One on one's own, without assistance or intervention from a medium; along the way, one discovers one's own language of spiritual power and authority. This is big stuff, indeed! And readers are beginning to report success — like that of Dr. Melvin Morse, whose own experience with the material inspired him to write the inspirational  Foreword for the book, while he continues to be an avid supporter and promoter of its ideas.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Radio Broadcast in UK

Although rather quick notice, it's just been confirmed that August will be on "Late Night City with Pete Price" which is broadcast on Radio City & City Talk Radio in the UK. This will happen this Thursday, September 23, at 8 pm EST, which must be about 1 am in the UK. Apparently the producer there somehow found our book online, and Pete will be asking some questions about it.

We're told that it's the biggest night-time talk show in the UK (outside London.) The program has been on the air for the past 20 years and Pete himself has won many national and international radio awards over the years, including "Worlds Best Talk Show Host" at the New York Radio Awards. The program explores a variety of subjects, 5 nights a week and Pete himself make regular appearances on national TV in the UK.

If and when Thursday night's show appears on their website, we'll try to update here and on our website.

The show is streamed live online - there is no need for any sort of membership.
Here is a link to their online players


It seems as if almost overnight, the season has altered as the days begin to draw in; the sun is lower in the sky, strange new breezes are arriving, cooler, laden with unsettling suggestions of changes to come. I've just finished watching the last episode of the wonderful The Duchess of Duke Street, which has stretched over two decades and through The Great War, which brought so many changes and losses. Louisa comments to a very dear old friend, who has just shared that he, too, will be leaving to marry, "I feel as if my world is getting emptier."

I know just what she means. At this point in my life, now into my 6th decade, I've seen far more people go than enter into this, my earthly experience. I grew up with a very large family about me, grand and great grandparents, dozens of aunts and uncles, more great and great-great relatives, and herds of cousins all about — 1st, 2nd, 3rd once and twice removed — how did they all vanish in such a short time? I can remember when I was told that the first of my many formidable aunts had made her transition . . . standing at the table in the kitchen, I felt some kind of bewildering shift take place in my life, a tectonic plate that had been unknown and inactive, now suddenly moving and displacing under my feet to accommodate her absence; the family tree was being pruned by some Great Hand. Of course, more blossoms and fruits arrived in the form of nieces and nephews, and a few pests disguised as in-laws, but they felt more like afterthoughts placed in newer and relatively more stable areas of life, of which they had much more left than us original settlers.

As the years passed, more branches were damaged or lost in the many storms of life. Less than a couple percent of my social circle survived the AIDS plague of the 80's and 90's, including Tim — well over 100 people in all. Every time someone made their transition, it felt as if the long, long line I'd been standing in for many years got shorter as it moved me forward, slowly but inevitably to the front, where it became clear there was a door of some kind. Sometimes I would notice that someone behind me had vanished as well. My world was getting emptier.

It has always been with immense gratefulness that I was also aware of many of the intrepid travelers as they journeyed into their new Risen lives; some kept in touch, but most did not, for all kinds of reasons too weird and even wonderful to try to explain here in human terms. Those who stayed or lingered long enough assured me, without any doubts, that I've not been forgotten either, and that what I experience as "life" here is incomparable with what's waiting for me on the other side of the door. Someone from There once gave me the comparison of a spark flying out of a campfire, up into the darkness, so fast its journey couldn't be seen in any great or lasting detail. I am such a spark, and will soon enough be joining the stars overhead. I rest in total assurance that what's on the other side of the door is beyond my wildest dreams, that there are more people awaiting my arrival there than who left me here, and that "a way has been prepared for me." My world will fill back up so instantly and vibrantly, with more magic and fun, companionship and learning, people and animals, that I will scarcely even remember ever having been a spark from a lonely campfire.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Rambling Rambling Rambling

Wow, talk about quarky synchronicity. About an hour after the last post, "Ramblings", somebody posted a quite hostile review of our book at Amazon, titled, "Boring piece of rambling, mind-numbing trash". Here's the short and sweet review:

"I purchased this book because I am interested in learning more about the possible after-life, but this "book" is nothing but the ramblings of what must be a bi-polar or split personality writer. Why it took SO MANY pages to say NOTHING is beyond me. This was a waste of money. If you enjoy reading a rambling narrative which leads nowhere and could have been done in one tenth the number of words, knock yourself out! "
Note that "ramblings" was used twice, also in the title. After my last post about the same word as a special gift from Authentic Self, it begs the question, "Is this also a message from this person's Authentic Self"? Yes. Here, the word is used correctly according to its definition, but as if "rambling" is a bad thing. This ego-mind became enraged (not angered) and many of its resentments triggered, and as can happen when an ailing ego-mind is in control, its host is made to pull the trigger and shoot to kill. As August recently remarked to a friend, "The Risen is full of triggers."

"Using this fear like a gun at our head, our ego-mind takes us hostage. It demands and is given so much carte blanche energy that it could be said to have a mind of its own, the mind which used to be fully ours. This entity-like energy will do anything to survive." (p. 76)

To reiterate the rule of thumb as suggested in The Risen, "If we become aware that there is an inner thought or feeling with any negativity trying to direct a course of action, by bullying with guilt or name-calling, then be assured that here is the voice of a simulate self and the habitation of its lies, the ego-mind." (p. 90)

We would ask those reading to recognize that here is a suffering mind, and to join us in an authoritative, aware spiritual response that looks past the pain to the perfect, joy- and light-filled child of Creator Source, which shares the same Mind of Creator Source, which is Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent; and so it is.


Vajravarahi Abhibhava Mandala
phag-mo mngon-'byung-gi dkyil-'khor
Central Tibet, 14th century
62 x 52 cm

CW writes to say
“. . .thank you. Especially after your recent blog post from Saturday. In the last paragraph you said:

'This is what we wish for the readers of The Risen, that they somehow come to this same experiential understanding about Greater Reality, of which they are an inseparable part. '

“I have been in the process of doing a lot of reading and trying to understand what had been my experience(s). All the contents of that reading was in my brain, it was 'in there', but I kept reading and looking. Something hadn't quite 'jelled' or fit it all together yet. When I read your book, unlike some of the others I had read, something 'clicked'. You had mentioned in your Coast to Coast interview the fact that the language we were still using in some ways was still 18th or 19th century. It was, perhaps, the 'more modern' language that helped me make sense, helped me understand. It was different, yet the same. Unfortunately, I feel as if I am now not being very clear in my explanation (and that I am rambling!)”

“Well, I wish you to know that I am very grateful for all the work that you have done bringing this book into being. I came to it in search of some kind of an understanding, and it has done what you wished, at least for me. It is a wonderful little gem to me! (Or maybe more like a snowflake!)”

And we replied,

Dear CW ~ It's truly wonderful to hear about your journey and your experience. It sounds like you've discovered that "all that reading" that's "in there" needs to be activated somehow, i.e., externalized in some way. It appears this actually enables your brain to make new synaptic connections and have an "aha!" moment. (or a snowflake moment?) You're so right, it really seems to be a matter of language – not just what we're hearing or reading, but how we're speaking internally to the mind - much of which we may be totally unaware. The challenge is to become aware of the voices of the ego-mind, the simulate selves - helpful and unhelpful ones. Much of their old language needs to be released, and one of the most powerful things to manifest is to create our own personal spiritual language, which arises spontaneously and with guidance. Melvin Morse had mentioned to me that he personally felt a lot of the "old stuff" about mediumship, spirituality, etc. is not transformative, but just being "rehashed" over and over, and reinforcing old ways of thinking and acting about these things. Information like you're sharing with us helps validate that all the work the Risen Team has done toward enabling understanding is working to bring in something new - thank you!
We'd now also like to add a little something more to what CW calls "rambling" — which seems to be equated with a feeling of not being clear. This word stands out for us, as it's rather an odd word, perhaps related to "roam" which itself is of unknown origin. (Some wordsmiths may suggest it might be from an old Dutch word, rammelin, "to wander about in a state of sexual desire" and while that might have some correlation to the thought process of some people, more likely the relationship rests on certain vowel shifts in certain word pronunciations at a certain point in the culture.)

It's an old word too, having been in use since the early 17th century — an interesting fact in light of your citing August's notion that much of the language in use around mediumship is also rather old, and possibly out-dated. We are focusing on this word because it caught our attention, which tells us that therein is more information waiting to be accessed; so the word is a kind of infosphere (a concept familiar to those who have read The Risen.) Let's look a little deeper; here are at least four different meanings found on an internet search, not one of which indicates or suggests the idea of lack of mental clarity:

1. To wander around in a leisurely, aimless manner; to walk about casually or for pleasure without a route.
2. To take a course with many turns or windings, and in various directions, as a stream or path.
3. To grow in a random, unsystematic fashion as a vine rambles over walls and tree trunks.
4. To talk or write in a discursive, aimless way.

That all sound rather nice, doesn't it? Not a bad way to spend one's time, really. To cut to the point, here we have a fine example of a message that bubbled up from CW's Authentic Self that suggests several things — if the definitions above are to be taken as true — that such ramblings are supportive, positive, creative, organic processes and further, encouraging and validating of CW's particular endeavors because they indicate movement, growth, and change. Here is the new "spiritual language" beginning to emerge! This "trickling up" is something described in The Risen as what August experiences in his deeper connections with those in non-terrestrial dimensions, including Tim and other Risen.

We also have here a classic example of CW's ego-mind attempting to draw the attention away from Authentic Self by making the suggestion that "rambling" equals "non-clarity of mind." As pointed out in The Risen — and in many, many other ways — the ego-mind practices such subterfuge to preserve its own ideas in order to keep a "sense of self" and survive, for the ego-mind intensely fears its ending once we've made our transition to Risen. Such negative thoughts cause negative feelings, which causes anxiety and which we then (usually) avoid. However, if one pays special attention to the feeling of anxiety, rather than turning away from it, one has found a special sign pointing in a direction that may at first seem counter-intuitive, but turns out to be something much different.

We wonder what would happen if CW continued to ramble around. Most certainly there would be more discoveries of many new "turns and windings, streams and paths" as the internal place of mind becomes enlarged by this energetic movement of awareness. Such internal journeying is seen activated in the external forms of meditation mazes and prayer labyrinths, and Tibetan mandalas (which look like snowflakes to some of us!) This connects quite well with the Risen's fascinating approach of using the term, "geographies" to describe where one is within one's mind. We see collective ego-mind's work in how humans are misdirected to mistreat their physical geographies by roping them off with pretend boundaries and calling them "states" and then doing the same thing by imposing barriers to growth in the mind, described as various "states of mind" which also must be organized, labeled, and controlled.

The book, The Risen, uses language in perhaps very novel ways, of which historian and writer N. Riley Heagerty so very acutely described: "it establishes what I can only say is a new 'Risen vernacular,' employing a sharp, daring and constantly interesting command of the English language."

We encourage readers of The Risen to continue to share their aha! and oho! moments with us here, as first language and then other barriers begin to melt, and then transform.

And if CW hasn't yet noticed, the word "snowflake" is also another delicious offering by Authentic Self! It would be wonderful to hear more about it.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dowsing addendum

After writing about my Grandad's dowsing, another memory came back to me. While he was the "official dowser" and used a stick cut from a tree for that purpose, I can remember my grandmother and aunts (her daughters) using a pendulum to divine things, another form of dowsing. This included the sex of the baby a pregnant woman was carrying, or how many children she would have as well as their gender; if someone would get married and when, and if it would be a happy relationship and for how many years it would last. For their pendulum, they simply used a needle on a thread — they would hold it still over the back of the person's hand, and if it went in circular motions, that meant one thing, and if it went back and forth, another indication. There was a lot of that going on when I was small and all the aunts, including my mother, and their friends were marrying and getting pregnant.

So when I later moved to "The Big City," it was no surprise to me in those New Age days when I came across people using crystals and such for pendulums; they were just reviving an old practice. All the old arts have existed on the pendulum of human spiritual development for uncounted ages, swinging this way and that as they lose and then gain momentum, depending on the needs of the times.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The baby, the bucket, and the bathwater

After listening to the recent Coast To Coast Broadcast, our very dear friend, Dianne Arcangel, shared with us that she was especially touched by my (August) relating a childhood memory of my grandfather, who was the village's dowser. When somebody needed to find water, usually to drill a well, and sometimes to avoid costly digging into underground streams — my Granddad would be called upon to locate the water's source and movements, which he did with a forked stick. While many dowsers are known to rely on only a certain kind of tree for their dowsing stick, Granddad would take his from any tree on the site he was dowsing. It's my understanding that somehow the tree was connected to the water by virtue of its growing there, and gave Granddad a certain vibrational connection with the living energies of the water he was dowsing.

My particular memory goes terribly far back, perhaps one of my oldest, yet most vivid, perhaps because of its nature. It was a very hot, bright, summer day, and I was at my grandparents' house with several cousins, who all lived nearby. Altogether, along with my brother, there were five of us. I would guess the oldest of us was maybe 6, and the youngest 3. I've no idea why, but Granddad took us all out to the field behind his house, and cut dowsing sticks for each of us from some tree that was growing next to the grapevine hedge. He then set out about half a dozen zinc buckets full of water at various spots throughout the field — which had just been mowed of its straw — and demonstrated to us what he wanted to do. Eyes closed, he seemed to wander randomly about the field at first but then suddenly walked straight up to a bucket of water, and the stick was bent downwards at the water. "Now you all do it! Close your eyes, no peeking!" I'm quite certain not a one of us was successful at finding water his way, other than walking into the buckets and knocking them over.

I remember feeling frustrated and kept insisting I would get the hang of it, but I never did. My abilities were of a different nature, which my Grandma recognized and supported in her own quiet ways. She came from a large family with many sisters, and they were all known for their special ways in the arts of country magic; I suppose they were considered witches but nobody used words like that; the people in those Appalachian mountains were very private and very reserved and respectful of any rare ability that was useful. It was in my grandparents' small dining room where I remember seeing Risen relatives sitting against the wall, watching us eat and talk, but never joining us. They were also rather solemn, but sometimes would wink or smile at me. There was often a realness to them that felt more comfortable, and well, more real, than the people who sat at the table eating.

And so then — and now — I've never felt alone or lonely in my entire life, the way I hear other people describe what being lonely is like. Well, that's not true -- maybe a few times, whenever I allowed myself to be cut off from the near-constant presence of the Risen who watched over me and kept me company. Usually it was some deep anger or resentment that I gathered and manifested into a temper tantrum or a "snit" (as my family called it) that made me feel disconnected from the greater Spirit Reality I normally felt part of. The deliberate unkindness of others towards me also made me feel cut off and horribly alone. The eventual descent into my own hell of alcoholism also tore my spiritual connection asunder, piece by painful piece; it's no wonder I describe my instantaneous remission into sobriety as the greatest spiritual event of my life. But until then, I did get a sense of what others meant when they shared how awful loneliness was, and how they would (and did) go to any lengths to end it. I would rather not try to imagine what it must be like to feel this cut off from the all-loving and sustaining Universe all the time, as many people apparently feel. In fact, imagining or worrying about loneliness will begin the process of manifesting it. We must be ever-aware and watchful of the portals of our mind, which is the same Mind of Creator Source.

My initial grief over Tim's transition also cut me off in the same way, until he found his way — with Risen help — back to me, which triggered my "on switch" back from "off" . . . and awakened me back to the realization that he wasn't gone or far away, but actually closer than ever, because we could now truly share minds and finer, deeper spiritual senses and feelings. Once the grief was allowed to follow its own process, its own transition, I changed in spiritual ways; otherwise, staying and feeding the grief would have kept me stuck, unable to move through the pain.

This is what we wish for the readers of The Risen, that they somehow come to this same experiential understanding about Greater Reality, of which they are an inseparable part, just like the tree my Granddad used for his dowsing that was inseparable from the earth, water and sky around it; all are of the same Ground; all are connected; none are alone or lonely, and never need be. The baby, the bucket, and the bathwater may appear separate, but they are not separated — they are each part of It All.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Interview with Scott Podmore

Spiral Fantasy by Alfred Laing

Tim and August were recently interviewed by Scott Podmore, an award-winning journalist and bestselling author from Melbourne, Australia, for a book project called "Conversations With Mediums" on modern mediums from throughout the world — including Elizabeth Baron, Joseph Tittel, Lisa Williams, Charmaine Wilson, Kerry Alexander and several more (meaning us!) Along with his wife, Kerry, Scott is the founder of October Grey Media.

Scott also recently interviewed world-renowned medium, John Edward, (who, incidentally, was born on the North Shore of Long Island, New York, just "down the road" from Manhattan) and Scott has sent us the link to this exceptional articles that appeared in The Herald Sun.

Himself a reader of The Risen, Scott immersed himself in it for several months before the interview. Interestingly, the interview has inspired Scott to continue to return to The Risen's material for yet more re-reading. August found many of the questions not only stimulating, but able to bring forth information that seemed organic and alive. Having interviewed so many well-known mediums in such depth appears to have given Scott an exceptional understanding and perception of the complexities and diverse forms of mediumship, and his approach to us was sensitive and supportive, as shown by his putting some of the questions to each of us individually as well as together. We would like to share just a small part of our answers with our friends here who we think might find it of interest, and thank Scott for his gracious permission to do so.

Scott asked us: With the more experience you have in this field, is the communication process getting easier for you, Timothy and The Risen?

August answered this one. "It gets different, meaning the process changes; it never stays much the same. I hesitate from using the word 'easier' simply because change really means growth, and growth, at least on Earth, is often anything but easy. The Risen keep me hopping all the time so as not to fall into some kind of habitual rote or ritualistic system, which would dull my spiritual senses. They know I can get very lazy very quickly, which dulls my spiritual sensing. So my spiritual senses are often a bit on edge, or 'switched on' in order to sense the delicately fine signals coming from the realms of spirit. But I’m also a human earth person, complete with my own glorious senses for interacting with the physical realm of which I’m right now inextricably a part. This is my way of saying that my physical senses, which are intermingled with my spiritual senses, often grab and hold my attention first, so I often miss those finer spiritual things waiting for my consideration. I have found and continue to find ways to turn off my spiritual senses if and when I want to. But sooner, or later, the Risen find a way to get me to turn them back on."

If you (August) were to offer guidance to a curious person wanting to open his/her mind to communicating with Spirit/The Risen, how would you recommend they go about it?

"By trying to use one of their most important and powerful senses that integrates both the spiritual and the physical: the imagination; and by being open to the idea and eventually realizing that imagination is real. It is the doorway to that which is within and beyond the sensorial world of the physical, which is where the Risen dwell. One’s imagination is the correct guide for a curious person. Our physical world and bodies confine us in such limiting ways that it’s no wonder some refer to this earthly existence as one of 'imprisonment.' ”

Tim, if you were to summarise what the biggest differences are between your current experience as part of the Risen compared with your earthly existence, what would they be?

"I’m asking August to try to relay an answer to the effect that I simply don’t remember any differences, because I have no memories – they’ve faded away. The ego-mind did not survive my transition. Why would I return to those memories? I could return to them, for there’s a certain process here that allows for that, but they’re all done and gone along with the former life I finished as 'Tim of Earth.' August is reminding me, or trying to, about what the thing you’re calling 'comparison' is, but I’m not getting it. He’s using what he says are examples, like black vs. white and good vs. bad, or smaller vs. larger, heavier vs. lighter – but they don’t make sense to me, these concepts, which I see in August’s mind are what you experience as “limitations.” Here, as Risen, there are no such foolish ideas. "

How will The Risen change my perceptions of life and death?
"That’s for you to know and for you to find out."

Can you pinpoint and explain the main messages The Risen want to get across to us? Do they have more insight, and do you think their guidance will make our life journeys easier, or give us more understanding, to roam the earth and have a more peaceful, insightful existence?

"If you replace the question marks with periods in that second sentence, you will see that you have transformed the question into a statement and miraculously found the answer in your own query. Everyone has this way available to them of finding answers, by asking and trusting your inner self, which is where you are in spirit form. Spirit form has access to all information, which makes you — the asker — the only real authority in your life. Here is the main message, to quote from the book:

There is no such thing as death. There is only Life—infinite varieties, forms, qualities, and expressions of it. What the majority of still-embodied people fear as “death” is simply a transitional phase from one quality of life to another. Transition literally means “passage from one form, state, style or place to another.” Any state of consciousness is a state of transition toward another state of consciousness, which means this is a never-ending process of our irrevocable immortality. "

Scott's book will include all manner of mediumistic subject matter including spiritual mediumship, physical mediumship, trance, EVP, pyschic phenomena, and more. It sounds like it is going to be simply stupendous, as he shared that there are some fascinating discussions and experiences, including his attendance at a physical mediumship demonstration, and some personal readings with incredible accuracy. It's clear to us that it's all being orchestrated by Spirit, and there's the feeling of an overall wonderful and positive vibration about this book. We will be sure to share with everyone when its release for publication is announced.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Quantum Understanding

Some readers of The Risen, and perhaps some listeners of the various broadcasts, may have noticed notions presented that sound strange enough to be about quantum physics — and indeed, the chapter on science in the book skims ever-so-carefully on this very subject. This is not because August is a quantum physicist, although he has a great deal of interest, curiosity and books about science. Rather, as the Risen material was delivered and discerned over the years, his attention would also be directed in some way to the subject of quantum physics. Books, articles, TV programs, webcasts, and so on, would arrive around the same time as the discerned information, which expanded and validated the Risen material, as well as stimulated August to learn more about quantum mechanics. Increasingly there are books that are starting to be published from various scientists, such as Amit Goswami, a theoretical quantum physicist who has written The Self-Aware Universe, and God Is Not Dead, in which he unashamedly reveals his spirituality and the connections he's made with Creator Source through quantum mechanics for the "scientific proof of God." One of his latest, Creative Evolution, attempts to show that consciousness, not matter, is the ground of all being. This is very much in line with The Risen material, which suggests that while there is evolution, it occurs as a process of consciousness, and not the other way around. This, of course, meshes well with the theories of Intelligent Design. Even the idea of parallel universes of "many worlds" theory fits with so much of the newer information emerging from mediumistic experiences, especially those of physical manifestation nature, which is revealing that the idea of "worlds within worlds" — as mentioned often in The Risen — is also the multi-dimensional aspects of interpenetration, and of the quantum notion of entanglement.

So of course there was great excitement in August's nerdy medium's heart when he came across a special alert in his copy of the new magazine, Scientific American Mind about a limited time to obtain Quantum Mechanics: The Physics of the Microscopic World, a DVD of 24, 30-minutes lectures at 70% off! Offered by The Teaching Company, it's not an exclusive for the magazine's readers, so anyone can take advantage of it. While August can barely — well, actually he can't balance his checkbook — and is no mathematician, the excitement is towards gaining increased understanding of Risen life and lands.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Insect Voices

Oh, the matsumushi cricket is singing
Chin-chiro, chin-chiro, chin-chiro-rin
Now the suzumushi bell-ring cricket is starting to sing
Rin rin rin rin ri-in rin
Calling out through the long autumn nights
Oh how beautiful are the insects' voices !

“Insect Voices
– Japanese Nursery Rhyme

[First posted 9/21/06]

My home is miraculously placed at the base of a primeval forest – meaning it’s never been timbered – and I go very many walks and runs through its 200 acres every chance I get. I often go running when I want to experience life without the simulate self’s chatter – for some reason, I can’t think and run at the same time, I fall down. During today’s run, the intense physical experience naturally led to pondering my physical embodiment, as spirit encased within the very material it enlivens. Not only on my own seemingly individualized embodiment, but also on the embodiment of this body within the larger body of the forest, of nature, of the planet. My body is of nature, and so it is nature. A great word of power, “is” – present tense of “be”. I am nature. Nature is me. Separation is a misperception.

While in the woods, pondering led to listening, and an increased realization of something I’ve understood for a long time, which is that the sounds of nature are music to the brain. And just in the same way that music informs us of non-verbal deep, emotional aspects of our individualized immortality as it fits into the Universe, the sounds of nature reach the deepest possible places of a materialize body on Earth. I had a music professor who postulated that musical instruments were human attempts to duplicate the human voice. Perhaps — and taking this a few steps further, one could say that the human voice is the human attempt to duplicate the music of nature, which cannot exclude the immersed, embodied human experience: wind, rain, fire, birds, crickets, thunder; breathing, tears, sexuality, poetry, heartbeats.

In order to feel fully immersed, fully human, the brain must be nourished with the sounds of nature. Humanity has removed much of itself from such opportunity. This is why I’ve often suggested that one go into nature to find spiritual sustenance and relief; replenishment and grace.

A study in the 80’s of right brain/left brain responses to nature sounds revealed that “. . . Japanese and Westerners alike heard music, machinery and noise sounds in the right brain and language sounds in the left brain, but Japanese heard vowels sounds, crying, laughing and sighing, the cries of insects and animals, waves, wind, rain, running water and Japanese musical instruments in the left brain, the same as language, while Westerners heard these sounds in the right brain together with music and noise.”

It’s no surprise that Japanese culture is based on the drama of nature, revealed in ceremony and ritual on every level, including their love for the voices of crickets. Since I was a child, and now, listening to crickets brings me to an incredibly deep and joyous trance state that can last for hours.

Brokenhearted Dragonflies: Insect Electronica from Southeast Asia

Droning cicadas, dragonflies and other insects display their charm as masters of the High Frequency Airwaves recorded live and unprocessed by Tucker Martine in the lush settings of Laos, Thailand, and Burma.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Hie ye to the Summerlands!

ES kindly writes to us from the City of Joy in the Black Forest of Germany:

“Thank you for your work, I have been savoring your book (started in mid-August!) with just a bit left to go. . . Many years ago, I dabbled a bit in lucid dreaming, but felt my dreams should tell me things instead of the other way around, so I got really active only with bad dreams and became a passive observer. But I tried with success two nights in a row now your pre-sleep whisper for meeting and recognizing guides on the astral plane and remembering the dream content. Very eye-opening stuff.”

Thanks so much, ES, for sharing this with us. It was very lovely to hear from you and about your experience thus far with the book's material. It sounds like you are moving along with the book at a goodly speed. It is hoped you will be able to re-read it again and see what happens. There are many dabblers and explorers in lucid dreaming about these days, and often they are unexpectedly confronted by those in spirit who are unable or unwilling to leave the earth plane. Thus such spirits present with confusion, fear, even hostility, and can be quite frightening to the lucid dreamer. They must be re-directed to their true destination, so never hesitate to ask one's Risen guides and friends to help with this. I often use that one prayer mentioned in the book, "May your soul rest in peace and may everlasting light shine upon you." Should we want to meet with those who are of higher vibration during such lucid dream states, we do what you are now learning to do, which is to raise the vibration that brings us to nicer geographies; well done! — August and Tim

On a related note to the topic of lucidity that ES brings up . . . although one might not expect it, broadcasts such as the recent one on Coast To Coast require a great deal of inner and outer preparation for me, August (Tim has his own means and methods, too.) Within a matter of minutes into the show, Tim and I have begun to connect with incredible amounts of various energies in, on, around, and beyond the Earth; with the spirit energy of listeners – embodied and disembodied; and we attract all kinds of curious devas and others of such species as well — as will be seen. The level of vibration raised and now connecting us to many around the world is itself alive and, as our friend Justin observed, “quickly becomes exuberant.” Listeners even might have heard one of my cat companions vocalizing a bit for the first minute or so as her way of helping. Both cats then made sure they were snugly settled onto my lap for the rest of the broadcast to keep me supplied with good animal energy.

Afterward, there is a continued need to utilize ways to disconnect and re-ground, and this can take several days. There is increased energy, but also a kind of sweet exhaustion. This time, as I, August, continued to rest, I would fall into deep trance-like states of what might seem like lucid dreaming, but were more like heightened states of clairvoyance. And I was somewhat startled to discover that several individuals in spirit were quietly hanging about, as if in a sedated and slightly confused state; it became quickly clear that they were individuals who had somehow become unwilling or unable to complete their transition from the earth to the next Risen geography, and had been attracted to the energies in my terrestrial space raised from the broadcast. Those who have read The Risen and have been involved with their own experiences like this will recognize the subject of “spirit rescue,” or as called in The Risen, “liberation drama.” Fortunately, these persons just needed a little nudge in the form of some spiritual light to get them moving in the right direction, and some supportive, gentle prayer enabled them to move forward in their transition. Only one presented with a little push back due to his fear, which was manifesting as a bit of anger and hostility, so it needed a bit more firm direction. But all was resolved in a few minutes.

“Liberation drama” may sound like an odd way to label such experiences, but it might be recognized that the use of the word “drama” indicates the many and various psychological components manifested by the ego-mind used to resist transition, or change. We probably see this every day in our human interactions. In certain families, and personal and business relationships, there are tendencies to “be dramatic” in order to keep change from happening. Dramas, or plays, need production; a producer, writer, actors, scripts. Actors are not allowed to deviate from the script; “the show must go on!” These same tendencies may be slightly crystallized by a simulate self, which, after the physical and astral-etheric bodies separate, continues to vibrate and manifest its own dramas in order to distract and prevent the spirit from fully and healthily transition to Risen. So in a way, those who serve as spirit rescuers are skilled in finding ways to slightly change the scripts, or the motivation, or the “blocking” to make the necessary changes happen, to liberate the lost and wandering ones. Then, the show really gets to go on! So, no need to hang about my house anymore, hie ye to the Summerlands!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

The Table of Immortality

"The Fairies' Banquet" by John Anster Fitzgerald (1859)

Even though it must have been fairly evident from the Coast-To-Coast broadcast that the book, The Risen, presents exceptional and supportive emphasis on what's to be gained through increased understanding of the transition experience, most of us are still focused — indeed, overly focused — on the idea of loss. One of the most profound examples for me, August, as a mental health professional, is when I continually see how the profession, labeled as "helping," also focuses on the idea of loss, and introduces, underscores, and promotes the "help" under the nomenclature of "grief and bereavement." This idea is a common thread, interwoven into the greater fabric of the lives of those who are experiencing the miraculous phenomenon of transition from one state to a higher vibrating one of continual, continuous life.

The Risen, (meaning those like Tim) who could also said to be of a helping profession, have got it right, for they weave a thread of a much different color in terms of the overall tapestry of one's experience as an immortal being — and remember, we are all immortal now, in this very moment. We do not have to "die" in order to become immortal — because we simply do not "die" at all. The Risen want us to know, as the book says right from the start,

There is only Life—infinite varieties, forms, qualities, and expressions of it. What the majority of still-embodied people fear as 'death' is simply a transitional phase from one quality of life to another. Transition literally means 'passage from one form, state, style or place to another.' Any state of consciousness is a state of transition toward another state of consciousness, which means this is a never-ending process of our irrevocable immortality.

“ 'Death' is not an ending, but a transition of consciousness, just like falling asleep and then waking up. From hereon, then, we will use the concept of transition for the great and wondrous event formerly known as 'death.'

One wonders what a Risen Healer, who assists another Risen person in their next transition to yet another higher state, might label that task instead of "grief and bereavement"? Bereavement means a state of sorrow over the death or departure of a loved one. Grief means sorrow, heartache, anguish, misery, unhappiness, angst, woe, pain. There are none of these things where Tim is, and he has transitioned already, several times, from one geography to the next one of higher vibration, beauty, and service. He's never mentioned any of these negative qualities regarding those experience. Let's invite him to join us in comment here, then.

"There is no woe, anguish, pain when there is no ego-mind. My ego-mind no longer exists, as it transitioned as part of the Risen evolutionary process into something finer, more peaceful, more serene as a mental-emotional component that assists the never-ending process of change from one form to another. When this happens here, we party like there's no tomorrow, because we have forgotten what 'tomorrow' is; and so there's no worry — which is future oriented — either. Only joy. So perhaps your earthly helping profession might consider relabeling itself as one of 'joy and support'. Celebration would, of course, be part of that support. And you know, August, that there are many, many, many here who can barely keep from spilling the beans in anticipation of the look on your face when you see the party we are planning for you!"
Tim, I can only look forward with joy and anticipation to such a welcome! And in that statement, there appears yet another way of restating the wondrous event of transition — rather than "grief and bereavement" — but as "joy and anticipation."

Know that Tim and I do not ever mean, by our talk of joy, to belittle or minimize others' transitional experiences on this terrestrial plane. Rather, we acknowledge that your pain has its own reality in the minds and bodies of your loved ones, and in your own minds and bodies, and that your suffering is tangible, exhausting, scary. However, our talk of joy is to introduce the first of many new ideas and thoughts for your tired spirit to begin to find much-needed nourishment. When Tim says things like "party," he is also introducing the idea of a spiritual banquet, where the nourishment of joy is the main course at the Table of Immortality.

Friday, September 03, 2010

From The Archives: There's No Place Like Home.

[First Posted 12/30/06]

Since the recent transition of “C.” – an aunt – life has continued to swirl on and around the remaining family and friends, each who now carries his own bucket of grief around, each able to contain the watery emotion within to a certain extent — some better than others, some unable to move about for fear of spilling something universal but precious, invisible but tangible.

I’ve continued to send her gifts of light in the form of thoughts and prayers, and though tried looking in on her to see how she’s progressing with her transition and healing toward becoming Risen, have only been able to sense that she’s resting in the presence of Risen Healers, but not able to see or speak with her.

A few nights ago, however, after my body fell asleep, I was able to finally stand in her presence, in some golden, summer landscape of indescribable flowers, trees, and grains. She presented in a very young body, perhaps around the age of 17 or 18, and was glowing with good health. I was overcome with emotions of many mixtures, but was pulled up short when she continued to remain rather calm, and indeed, puzzled, about my emotional reaction of laughter and tears. It seemed clear she was happy to see me, but it wasn’t the kind of joy I had expected when somebody can present themselves as ultimate proof of the survival of death. There’s often a vastly deep sense of calmness beneath it all, but I’ve never known it to keep emotional aspects away.

— Why, August, what’s wrong, why are you laughing but crying? Are you alright?
— Of course I’m alright, I’m just so happy to see you and relieved to see how well and whole you now look!
— Well . . . thanks! Why are you relieved -- is something wrong?
— No, not wrong, exactly, but I’ve been missing you very much, in fact, everyone has.
— Everyone? Who do you mean?
— Don’t you remember your illness, and then dying?
— (A very long, thoughtful pause) – Hmmmm? Hmmmm. Well, yes. Oh, that! (giggles) – I think I know what you mean. But that was just a dream! How did you know about it?
— That was no dream, it really happened. You mean to say you don’t know where you are now?
— Of course I know – I’m home!
— How do you know you’re home?
— Because Mother and Dad are here, in the house . . . so are K. & H. (her brothers). I had a strange dream, a nightmare, but I woke up safe and sound in my bed.
— But you don’t remember the illness, the brain tumor?
— Oh, that was the nightmare! It was horrible, I was trapped and thought I was really awake and couldn’t wake up or even move, and everyone was standing over me and looking at me and acting as if I were blind and deaf. Oh, god, that was horrible! And thank god I woke up. But that was just a silly dream.
— C., it wasn’t a dream. If it was a dream, then where are B. and P. (her sisters, still on Earth)? Are they in the house with everyone else now, too?
— Oh, gee, I didn’t notice, I assume they’re around, probably at school or with their boyfriends.
— Actually, they’re still on Earth. I’m so happy to see you, and I’m sure they would be too, but right now they’re trying to adjust to the trauma of your death. They miss you terribly, as have I!
— (Giggling) – What on earth are you talking about! This is Earth. My house is here. Mother and Dad are there.
— Where is the house, I don’t see it?
— (Gestures behind her) – Back there, on the other side of the field. (She hugs me.) I don’t know why I just did that, but I’m so glad to see you – but cheer up! (She looks behind her) Oh, they’re calling me, I have to go. But will I see you later?
— Yes, you will see me later.

So here is something both fascinating and unsettling — and probably not all that uncommon. The awareness and response to one’s changed circumstances and surroundings are directly related to and dependent on one’s belief system prior to transition. Transition does not always affect the belief system. As well, one’s fears and defenses regarding dying and death can and do survive into what I call the pre-Risen state, where one hasn’t fully awakened to the truth of the present. Psychological tendencies may still be in place in order to cushion certain facts about Reality that the mind cannot yet process.

C’s apparent naïveté is a complex mix of pre-existing earthly beliefs, as well as a kind of psychospiritual response to the trauma of her illness. Although she appeared young, beautiful, happy and whole, she acted as if she was over-medicated on Valium. Her manners were childish, suggesting that she had regressed as a response to the trauma, and this is supported by the manifestation of her adolescent body, and her surroundings, which were her childhood home, complete with her parents and two brothers who had preceded her in transition. In her mind, everyone was still alive — which is completely true — but obviously she is not yet able to compensate for the differences in location amongst family members.

My surprise stems from the fact that, during her illness, when C. was immobilized by the ever-growing tumor in her brain, she learned how to navigate her etheric-astral body away from the dissolving physical one. She was brought to me to help calm her fears while assisting with her learning process. She had a ball, and was thrilled to be out of the body, able to travel with great freedom at will. I had assumed that her vibrant, intelligent interaction with me in such sudden and strange circumstances meant that she understood it to be real as well. Now, I see that while she might have had some beginning acceptance of the reality, since her transition any memory of it has probably been relegated to explaining it as part of the nightmare she believes it all was.

I know from experience that all of this is as it should be, and there is a very solid, well-planned underlying structure of healing in place to support her continued transition to a Risen state. I also rest assured knowing that her parents and brothers are there to assist as part of the healing process of her mind – her body is fine, but her mind is still asleep. Here again is evidence that while we are embodied on Earth, how we live, think and feel will have direct effects upon our future existence in other bodies and in other geographies. Many religious and cultural traditions have helped shaped (with varying degrees of fact and superstition) peoples’ minds in order to provide structure and preparation for transition. As the fortress walls of religion continue to tumble down, as humankind moves forward in faster and faster global interconnections, there must be spiritual aspects to the newly emergent structure of the collective mind. This is why the topics of spiritualism, mediumship and life after “death” have so suddenly burst into the mainstream consciousness – all orchestrated by Spirit – in order to enable us to become and stay awake in order to proactively enjoy our magnificent and infinite inheritance, the universe.

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