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From The Archives: If something clicks in the forest, am I the only one who heard it?

"Into the forest" fractal art by
Padley Wood

[First posted 3/20/06]

Reader, W.E., experienced a “click” when reading about the edge of butterfly consciousness, and describes it:

“It was like -- Of course! Consensual reality (and dreams of such) is the illusion. Reality (capital R) is what I already know (before and beyond words) within.

“And what keeps us desiring this consensual reality is the fear not only of the death of our little individual ego life, but the fear of confronting our own Individuality and power of Realization of Reality. We are afraid of our Individuality because our little egos tell us we'll be all alone and that we're better off continuing to pursue the dream of consensual reality (where we'll at least be surrounded by warm bodies and hope of better things); but this consensual reality never actually happens -- it's the carrot held in front of all of human history and each individual life.

“This transition from consensual reality to Individuality spans the void muttered so often in the spiritual tradition.”

Thanks W. E.

We all “know” — that is, knowing is the experienceing of our Being on a certain, non-language level. Our beingness. Not who we are, but that we are. That has no name. Thus, that is also this. Thou Art That. This is the feeling of “I Am” or Self-Realization — the conscious experience of having awareness of Self -– not self, or ego mind’s rendition of Self — but of the ever-present presence of one’s aliveness.

This aliveness is always there, whether or not we are aware of it, even as we drift in and out of the collective dream in awareness of it, it remains, for it is all there is. To consciously connect with it is to connect with the infinite potentialities that are the corridors of consciousness through which we travel.

The collective dream is like a cluster of frog’s eggs, connected, sharing, seemingly one, but full of potential individualities slowly growing until each can swim free on its own, exploring its own Universe.

The collective survives while imitating that which it non-consciously intuits — which is the potential Individual — which exists past/present/future, or all at once — of which we are each but a developing bud. The collective lives, consciously or not, in anticipation of becoming an Individual. Not a collective of individuals, but an Individual of collectives.

When a bud — or, really, a spark of light — reaches the threshold — or edge — of consensual reality, it has begun to wake up. There is beginning awareness that it is the source of light of its personal experience — which is its Universe. It is its own light — and because it an inseparable part of its Source, begins to comprehend and see that it is also its own Source. This experience is one that belongs to it alone as well, and here we have the seeming paradox that the one is many, the many, one. It depends on one’s perspective, which shifts, at first, willy-nilly, suggesting chaos. This “chaos” is a kind of Brownian Motion,(1) where the sparks are colliding chaotically around, everyone flying around with different velocities, creating more motion, raising the “temperature” (energy) and more light. The butterfly begins to transform into a firefly, bringing forth and carrying its own energy of self-awareness to light the edge of the forest — and now able to venture into the forest! But only if it hasn't been caught and placed into a jar!

Brownian Motion is still being studied and researched, and many technologies utilize the theory without understanding it fully. In this century, the theory has been combined with fractal theory.(2) (It might have been noticed that this blog uses a lot of computer-generated fractal designs and art — choices arising not out of chaos, FYI.)

The Individual cannot have the experience of “sharing”(3) its individuality unless there is “other” — thus there is the realm of collective, which allows the budding, growing, flowering Individual to experience sharing. The notion of “sharing” is an illusion — we share whether we realize it or not, whether we note it or not. The realization — that is, making real — of sharing with our Self is an infinitely expanding experience of ecstasy.(4) It’s very exciting! So there is also the rising desire to share this experience, to manifest novelty, to expand it, to make it more, to go forth and multiply.(5) However, as an Individual, we cannot do this without manifesting as individuals. A major aspect of Self-Realization is that nobody but I can experience I as I experience I. This is the One and Only Great Gift graced upon us by our Creator Source — and is as close as we each will ever come to knowing our Creator Source — by our resonance with Its resonance. The Gift is our Self. In essence, we come to experience Giving Our Self to Our Self. The mystery of aliveness will always remain a mystery to experience and to explore, forever.

When there is Self-Realization of one's Individuality, even the tiniest bit, a new and profound sense — serenity — arises. This sense is a true relaxation into one's aliveness, immortality and unique Divinity. Out of this relaxation may arise the desire (a novelty) to experience and journey with other Individuals, to share the graceful mysteries of Life. The ecstasy of this togetherness, this sharing, cannot be arrived at, or forced, nor achieved — any more than it could be said that a seemingly insignificant and dusty little seed, after being placed in the ground for a time, arrives at, forces, or achieves that state of sunflower.

"Midnight Vineyard" fractal image by Sarah Scotland.

(1) Brownian Motion is a sophisticated random number generator, based on a process in plants discovered by Robert Brown in 1827. He found that small particles suspended in a fluid were in continuous movement and thus, described it as Brownian motion. Brownian Motion is one of very few things that truly cannot be predicted, in other words, it is genuinely random.
(2) The concept ‘fractal’ (short for “fractional dimension”) was introduced by IBM researcher Benoit B. Mandelbrot nearly two decades ago. Expressed in its simplest form, ‘fractals’ refer to images in the real world which tend to consist of many complex patterns that recur at various sizes. Mandelbrot proposed the fractal as a way to cope with problems of scale in the real world. It gets pretty complicated from here, but it might help to understand that it’s a kind of scaling process that proposes how the world builds up from the quantum/atomic level of reality into the reality we see and partake of on our scale — trees, their leaves and branches; clouds, storms, waves of the ocean — all manifest designs.
(3) Sharing is in quotations to show it as an implied concept, not a fact of Reality; that is, it’s part of the game of consensual reality. “Game” = “play” as in “creative” as in “fun.”
(4) “Realization” means “to make real” or “to bring into reality” – or, as we in the Risen know would say “manifest as real.” Now what does that mean? “Real” is from Late Latin realis, from Latin res – “thing” (and readers of this blog hopefully understand that “things” are “manifestations”), from Latin re – “backward” or “again” — conceivably (but maybe not) from Indo-European *wret-, metathetical variant of *wert-, to turn (< “turned back”). To bring into reality (wherein we believe we reside) is to manifest some thing within the collective and individual dream. However, we, the sparks, who are not things, are brought into Reality not by our selves, but by Our Self.
“And you, be ye fruitful, and multiply; bring forth abundantly in the earth, and multiply therein.” (Genesis, Chapter 9, verse 7.) This is found in the story of Noah and the Ark, one of the greatest metaphysical stories in the Bible. Metaphysically, Noah means calm, peace and balance. The ark symbolizes a container or conveyer of consciousness, the carrier of life, an abode or a vessel for preservation, with a conscious awareness guiding it. Water in this instance reflects the psychic aspects of consciousness — psychic phenomena, magic, astrology and so forth. We can be inundated by the ego-mind’s illusory abilities (magic). To explore or dwell in this level of consciousness is to become lost in an oceanic dream of non-reality. The story of the flood, then (very briefly) means that the Noah consciousness must rise above the psychic aspects of ego-consciousness. It is, as E.W. discovered, “spanning the void” above the magical mutterings of the ego-consciousness. The question remains, perhaps: Who's holding the carrot?

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Upcoming Radio Broadcast Reminder

"Být zticha!!

On July 27, August was the featured guest to discuss The Risen on an hour-long show at Hay House Radio with Dr. Eldon Taylor, the highly respected researcher of psychology and metaphysics, and also a psychotherapist with a forensics specialization.

Called "The Risen: The Afterlife Research Center," the show will be re-broadcast on the following dates and times:
  • July 31, 2010, 12:00 am - 1:00 am PDT
  • August 1, 2010, 5:00 am - 6:00 am PDT
To later listen to the commercial-free archives, you must have a membership to the Hay House Wisdom Community.

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Thank You

"Celestial Blessings" by Kagaya

The interview with Dr. Eldon Taylor at Hay House Radio was a great deal of fun, and an exceptionally warm and vibrationally high experience. It will continue to be re-broadcast this week. Thank you everyone who joined us — and who will continue to join us. We felt you all, in some way, and apologize for not being able to get to the many questions that came in on the phone and through the chat room.

Dr. Eldon agreed with us that the time went way too fast — and shared afterward that he sensed there was a "depth to the work" that we were unable to address in such a short time— he didn't get to over half his questions he had prepared. So August has been asked to do a second show, scheduled for December 12. There is a chance that the show will be for 2 hours instead of the usual one.

There is also a good possibility that August may be joined at some time in the future by Dr. Melvin Morse, author of several best-selling books, including Where God Lives: The Science of the Paranormal and How Our Brains are Linked to the Universe, and who wrote the excellent Foreword to The Risen.

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From The Archives: Enraptured Unraveling

[First Posted 8/20/06]

A friend I’ve known since my early teens recently made her transition, and while I wasn’t able to be there physically for her, I was there supportively on the finer, astral-etheric levels. In spite of her exhaustion from several years of pain, depression, and chemotherapy, there was a credible level of fear and anxiety underscoring her surrender into the experience.

After her transition out of the physical body, I attempted to check in on her but couldn’t locate her in any way. Instead, I was met by several entities of very-high vibrational wisdom – Risen Healers – who assured me she was fine and was being attended in a complicated healing process that was difficult to put into terrestrial word-symbols. The best we could come up with was that she was “unraveling in enrapture” — which made no immediate sense to me.

It took a couple days before I gained some level of understanding of what was happening to her. Her earthly physical body had been fairly disabled by an intense physical curvature of the spine which manifested at the age of 14, and which compromised her health all her life and was further complicated by the thoracic cancer that catalyzed the final transition. This “less than” physical condition had occurred during key physical and psychological developmental stages, and so informed her manifestation and was basically all she had ever known on Earth. Now, the healers wanted to convince her mind that a new and a restored, whole condition was possible. She countered their healing with defensive measures against the new possibility because of basic fears that had become entrenched in the mind-body cooperative during her long physical life on Earth and were interpreted as “secure enough.”

What they were now doing was “unraveling” or relaxing her mind by “enrapturing it” — that is, taking her mind "elsewhere" by introducing her to new emotional concepts that are, for the most part, beyond her present mind-body’s ability to imagine and thus manifest. These new emotional concepts are of the highest order of positive feeling — meaning that they are overwhelming to the point where they act as a kind of anesthetic that produces a “spirit coma” — thus allowing the Risen Healers to gently awaken her as they introduce, little by little, the new concepts that would allow her to manifest a new and wholly healed Risen body. Although her simulate self is no longer with her, it had made very deep “impressions” that could become “crystallized” if she were left on her own. The impressions, or echoes, as they could be called as well, would serve as the source of information for directions on re-manifestation into the astral-etheric realms, resulting in yet another simulation of self. Fortunately she is not alone, but surrounded by an incredible support system, which includes a lot of still-embodied people praying for her -- so while she is sleeping, a kind of “surgery” is done to remove the crystallizations.

I'm told that it is possible to achieve a new manifestation of bodily appearance while on Earth, if the mind-body can build new beliefs and then fully accept them. This kind of achievement is referred to in the earthly medical communities as “spontaneous remissions.”

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From The Archives: The Interpenetration of Dimensions—Risen & Other

[ — First posted 7/28/08. After we read his book, Philip then read ours, and provided a supportive endorsement for the back cover:

The Risen is a great read and truly inspirational. For those of you who have lost loved ones, this book will give you the strength to carry on. It is also a must for anyone who wants knowledge of other levels of existence beyond our mortal life. If you are a researcher, psychic, or a person who wants to know more about the other realms, then you must read this amazing work!” —]

I recently finished reading Philip Imbrogno’s new book, Interdimensional Universe: The New Science of UFOs, Paranormal Phenomena and Otherdimensional Beings (Lewellyn Publications, 2008). Philip has been a much respected authority in the UFO field for quite some time. I have a certain amount of interest in UFOs (who doesn’t?) but the subject has been so hashed and rehashed, resulting in little other than continued academic ankle-biting amongst the scientific community, and a lot of monetary and intellectual profiteering amongst the rest of us—I just keep my thoughts to myself. Philip’s book may be finally the breakthrough that lifts the subject into a higher vibrating state of awareness.

My interest was captured by the word “otherdimensional” – although our book, The Risen, does not address the subject of UFOs per se, it does go into depth about the Risen concept of other interpenetrating dimensions, from a “dummied down” scientific point of view as well as a Risen perspective. Philip also extrapolates from an adventure into the realm of “non-human” contact – not just ET’s, but also “other worldly” beings, such as angels and jinn. It’s only a next step for well-informed, rational readers to apply this context to sightings of faeries, ghosts, religious visitations and the like over the last millennia, to catch the thread of thought that perhaps all “paranormal” or “extra-sensory” experiences are achieved through interdimensional windows and doorways – these last two numina are an integral part of The Risen book. (Philip has also written about some of these aspects in his excellent book, Celtic Mysteries Windows to Another Dimension in America's Northeast.)

Tim would like to add something here —

“Although we don’t address the UFO situation in our book, August, simply because it’s another book in itself—and I know we have differing and changing opinions about this—I would like to use this bit of space here to suggest something that will be controversial—so what else is new? This suggestion is that the reason humankind has had this kind of ongoing, underlying, unresolved ‘angst’ about the possibility of being ‘alone in the universe’ is perhaps because humankind is alone—in their universe. Perhaps their universe—meaning all the innumerable, uncountable galaxies of immeasurable distance, and in which Earth is inextricably enmeshed—was created solely for humankind as their very own playground and workshop, to explore to their heart’s content, without interference from other non-humankinds. There are those on Earth who would understand that this ‘isolation’ of humankind might be for a very good reason—mainly because presently they’re too dangerous to be allowed to roam freely amongst other material beings—it’s obvious they can’t refrain from hurting themselves and each other, including children and animals. By the time they’ve worked out their anger management issues—including the resolution of the evolutionary challenges of the ego-mind—perhaps interdimensional communication will reveal itself to them and then they’ll be able to safely intermingle with others—who, perhaps, were also ‘quarantined’ for the beginning phases of their own psycho-spiritual evolution—and now are able to ‘drop in’ on Earth via their interdimensional technology.”

“Ok, Tim, all these ‘suggestions’ and “perhapses’ kind of make sense. But what about all the ‘bad guys,’ the malevolent, negative types who seem to find their way to our doorstep—it doesn’t seem like they worked out their anger management issues too well, does it? In his book, Philip touches upon these negative types who have plagued humans for countless centuries.”

“Good point, Augie, and yes, it does look like there are beings that somehow ‘broke quarantine.’ So imagine if humankind discovered how to safely utilize interdimensional travel at this point—I mean, just look at the state of your airlines, for god’s sake. You think customer service is going to be improved very much more on the Interdimensional Express Shuttle? And what’s to stop your corporations from trying to put up billboards, or from your religious leaders from spreading the good word and other bad shit, or for criminals, runaways, and stowaways to hitch rides to escape the cops, abusive parents, or to establish their own idealistic utopias? Ok, don’t get me started!”

“Indeed, Tim, slow down. You can put it in the next book, ok? And I think we should just quietly drop the subject for now, you know how I dislike controversy.”

Tim reminds me of the Scole Group’s experiments as a group of mediums working with the Risen to develop “non-ectoplasmic” methods of inter-astral communication, and especially to allow those in spirit to enter our world in a kind of physical form. Although they made great and exciting progress, they had to shut it all down, because some kind of “malevolent other-dimensional beings,” attracted to the energy portals being produced, suddenly tried to appropriate it to use for their own doorways to our universe and other universes. See The Scole Experiment for more and about their book as well.

As a final recommendation to Philip’s splendid book, be sure to check out his appendix, “Listing of Individuals and Organizations You May Want to Contact for Further Information” Marc, we’re thinking especially of you in particular regarding SPACE.

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Risen Egg

A reader writes:

Dear August,
I've been reading your blog for a little while now and find it fantastic and you to be the genuine article from what I know of this field. Good job on it!
Your recent post about your friend materializing is compelling to say the least. One thing in particular: the notion that you got that he was working with some sort of spiritside science group, and that he used a piece of seeming "technology" to communicate with them. This jives wholesale with the work of Mark Macy and ITC etc. and their spiritside contacts with Timestream Station. Are you familiar with them?
On another note, the post about the people dying in a store who were so frightened of death and what had happened to them that they instinctively reverted to children looking for their parents, crying and panicking, is heartbreaking and scary too. Why hadn't the "system" of the afterlife do you think not provided them with a peaceful transition, a helper, etc.? Good thing that you were there but it seems a little cruel to me that anyone would have to be obliterated by fear like that.
Cordially, SJV

Thanks, SJV, for your thoughtful words and wonderings. We appreciate that you are able to find things of interest in our blog, perhaps even our book, which goes into much more detail about Tim's work with technologists, scientists, and other like-minded souls. Indeed, the project of the book was brought into manifestation by a cooperative of two such groups, The Risen Collective and The Risen Assembly, as noted in The Authorship. We've been very aware of much of the work of the various ITC researchers over many years, and find much pleasurable interest in it, especially such as that found in Rob Smith's work in Australia. It has become clear that the technology of those in the Risen "geographies" — as we tend to label them — is as far beyond that of anything currently on the terrestrial plane as light is from shadows.

The story of the WTC victims who regressed back into the forms and minds of children is in the book, among many reasons, to help illustrate much of the psychology that underpins The Risen. Just because someone has a grown, adult body does not mean a grown, adult person inhabits it. It may at first sight seem a cruelty, or some might even say an injustice, that the people were "left" or "abandoned" as the frightened children they were. Yet we are finally growing more aware of and more used to the idea that we form our lives, our worlds and universes around us; we are responsible for those forms, we are responsible for how we use them to live our lives, and for the very environments we choose to manifest. This is the most primary and lowest meaning of "free will" — beyond which, most of us have none to speak of, for we have not earned it.

In this case, they may have seemed lost, but only in their minds. If you've ever been around someone who is seriously mentally ill or impaired, you may have experienced them as if they weren't fully there, or aware of anything beyond the small, self-circumscribed and maintained walls of isolation. You may try many ways to reach them, get their attention, and make them understand that the walls are an illusion — but they are too lost to see or hear or feel your words, or your world. We might even say that the situation is "cruel." It is truly heart breaking.

From a higher-vibrating viewpoint, there is no "cruelty" at all, but rather a nonjudgmental viewpoint expanded by the greater compassion found in the higher levels of awakeness. Most of us have seen a little child, so young that there is no understanding of the world about them, how it works, what things mean on a higher level, and yet they are without fear and so full of curiosity that we have to stay close by to make sure they don't get hurt — for would they listen to our words of warning? Could they? And many of us have seen the same child, full of fear and worry, totally lost in its feelings of isolation from the world about it, blind and deaf to anyone who might try to comfort it. Comfort will come, but rarely instantly, for the child must first reach a point of feeling safe and seen again. "Where's mommy where's mommy where's mommy? Oh, there you are!" This takes time, something we have plenty of on Earth, and so eventually they are calm again, and have probably learned something about their world.

So it was with these poor, frightened people. They were too lost to see that many highly-vibrating Risen rescuers were right there, waiting to be seen, heard, and felt. Because time works so differently beyond the terrestrial planes, it could have taken many earthly centuries before they calmed down enough to be able to come to their new spiritual senses. This is why "spirit rescuers" are utilized, who, while in their astral bodies, are a kind of "hybrid" between terrestrial human and Risen — partially Risen, in a way — and can often be sensed, heard and seen by those trapped by their own fears and ignorance. If they are able to hear and accept even a little new information and then some instruction, it's often enough to propel them beyond the walls of their prison, or often, the rescuer can help them pass over, by passing them, like a bucket brigade, over to a higher realm. The butterfly is gently helped out of its stuck position in the cocoon. Transition to a beautiful new way of living can, at last, begin. And nobody knows exactly what will emerge from a Risen egg, but it will be unique, loving, and loved.

Substitute any of the synonyms for the word describing "position" in the cocoon — situation, spot, point, locus, station, stance, pose, arrangement, attitude, opinion, policy, stance, perception, side, attitude, thinking, outlook — and we can begin to see the deeper implications of the consequences of self-imposed beliefs and fears.

There was also the clear vision and understanding of the Risen who were standing by, that because there is no death, there cannot possibly by any thoughts of "obliteration," much less any truth to such an idea. There are so many spiritual "systems" in place to aid such people in distress that the complexity and subtle brilliance of them are interwoven into the most complex tapestries of love and service hardly imaginable. Nobody is forced to be who or where they are; nobody can intervene, or make changes, or interfere in any way until asked; and then, nobody is ever refused — ever. Those small "children" were too paralyzed by their own fear to be even able to ask for help, but their spiritual instincts were at least able to find and bring them to what was sensed as safety, if only for a little bit.

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Materialization Experience: Chapter Excerpt

The following is excerpted from the Chapter 23 — Vibration, Resonance, & Harmony in The Risen.

“While meditating in bed early this evening, I thought of Tim and felt an intense desire to much more consciously be with him. I remembered the revelation that amplifying such a desire is the key, so decided to direct my meditation in that way and concentrated on my desire to be with him. It was difficult and took lot of energy that I didn’t seem to have that day. I soon found myself growing bored with it and decided to take a nap instead.

“While lying on my side and wondering if I should ever drift off to sleep, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I didn’t feel it fall there—it was just there. I knew immediately that it was Tim. I’ve had this experience once before, but it was when awakening one morning with his hand on my shoulder. This time I was already awake, and not dreaming. I then began to move into an astral-etheric level, vacillating just slightly out of sync with the material world, yet fully conscious and intensely aware of his fingers pressing into my shoulder. I reached back and grasped his hand. It was definitely a hand, but seemed very small for an adult. Tim tried to pull away from me but I only held on more firmly. As we each pulled in opposite directions his fingers stretched as if made of raw bread dough. Without letting go, I stopped pulling and so did he, and I felt his hand fill out until it felt like a normal, adult-sized hand.

“As before, when I had tried to turn around to look at him, he whispered for me not to. The last time I obeyed. This time I ignored his request, and keeping a firm hold on his hand, turned over onto my back to face him. My room is always kept quite dim, even during the day, so it’s much darker at night with very little light entering in. But my eyes were used to the darkness and I could clearly see that this was Tim, leaning over me and looking into my face with a somewhat surprised and slightly worried expression. Letting go of his hand, I reached up to feel his hair—it was full, luxurious, and wavy, just as it had been when he was on earth. When I released his hand he grasped me around the wrist, hanging onto it as I touched his hair, his brow, and then his face, which my fingertips could feel smiling.

“I felt intensely sleepy and lay back on the pillow. I started to fade in and out of consciousness—or I assume so, since my memory of what happened is sketchy. We had a long and intimate conversation about things I can’t recall. It was as if time no longer existed. The conversation seemed infinite and my human brain is unable to retain the memory of the enormity of it all.

“Because I was experiencing it on a slightly higher astral level, my bedroom appeared altered. The differences were insignificant, such as the desk being placed elsewhere and certain pictures moved to other walls.

“I noticed that Tim wasn’t looking well, and actually rather ill and undernourished. The closer I looked the more I saw that he appeared as he might have when he had been so sick on earth, wasted by his illness. I had the impression that it was becoming difficult for him to maintain his form and that he was uncomfortable and uneasy. I didn’t know if this was actually the case or if he was just having a hard time maintaining the form of his astral body. The room then got totally dark, making it difficult to see. We emerged onto another level of consciousness, manifesting into a different geography of reality. He was standing now and trying to talk to somebody about what was happening into something that looked like a cell phone. I heard him identify himself and then call out for a person whose name I didn’t recognize and can’t recall. He sounded panicky. I heard him mention the group he was affiliated with, a rather long esoteric-sounding name which connoted some sort of scientific spiritual group.

“Something white was scattered around Tim’s feet. It appeared to be a kind of white powder, which at first I thought was sugar. I saw what looked like broken glass and wondered if Tim had dropped a container of this substance. It was sparkly and glittered like fireflies, and there was quite a lot of it lying in little piles on the floor. I could see little flecks of light twinkling within this substance. Touching it caused it to crackle and pop, its reaction when coming in contact with my body—physical, etheric, or astral body, I can’t say at this point. I intuited that this substance was largely involved with Tim being able to materialize to the point where we could see and feel each other—not entirely on the low physical plane where I inhabit my earth body but as close to it as possible, on just the other near side of light sleep.

“At this point I returned to an awakened conscious state, but still in higher vibration and not fully back on the physical plane. Tim was nowhere to be seen or felt. I rested for a bit while my mind boggled in wonder over the events that had just occurred.

“I lay in bed for at least an hour going over the events. My body felt un-comfortably charged with energy. Wave after wave of currents of energy seemed to be passing through it, as if cold breezes were coming from the inside out, and as if a great deal of static electricity was playing all over me. It was strong enough to be frightening but I told myself to not be afraid, that there was no reason for fear and that I was safe—but I still prayed for help and support. The electric effect lasted for almost an hour, and I noticed that the right side of the bed where Tim had materialized was inexplicably cold. The cold quickly reached my body and I pulled the comforter over me to get warm. I felt hungry, so got up and went to the kitchen to find something to eat—a few swallows of juice seemed to suffice. The static effect seemed to follow me as I walked from and back to the bed. Eventually I was able to fall into a deep, dreamless sleep.

"When Tim had materialized in the first experience I had shared earlier, it also began with a hand on my shoulder. In that instance I was coming from an astral experience, which then culminated in a physical one. In the most recent one detailed above it was the opposite—a physical experience that moved into an astral one. In either case, this overlapping of the astral with the physical resulted in a temporary condition of surrealistic-like qualities, which some might call supernatural and others might label as hallucinogenic or delusional. What’s actually apparent here is an event of worlds intermingling and achieving entrainment, as various states of amplified, conscious awareness revealed their interpenetration—an aspect of the unlimited nature of the universe."

[Entrainment is apparent when one's being vacillates, a phenomenon of resonance first observed in the 17th century, and which has an effect on all of us. It is defined as the tendency for two oscillating bodies to synchronize and lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony. Entrainment is universal, appearing in chemistry, biology, psychology, astronomy, architecture and many more realms. Examples are playground swings that are swinging out of sync but then adjust, or one may be in a clock store and notice the pendulum clocks of the same size swinging back and forth in unison. Scientists believe that small amounts of energy are transferred between the two systems when they are out of phase in such a way as to produce negative feedback, thereby manifesting a more stable phase relationship.]

Saturday, July 17, 2010


We just received a complimentary copy of the journal to The National Spiritualist Summit (TNS) -- thanks to the Editor, Laura Lee Perkins -- in which Michael Tymn's review of The Risen is featured in the section, "Reading Matters." For those who haven't read it, the review can also be found at Amazon. A well-known and highly respected journalist on all things psychic and the afterlife, Michael's featured an interview with August as part of the "opening ceremonies" of his new blog at White Crow Books (4/30/10). Mike is also the author of the recently published book, The Articulate Dead.

The TNS Journal, which is published out of Arizona, is quite thick and full of interesting writing, including historical information and reproductions of past mediumship endeavors and current articles on spiritual healing. Especially fascinating was a feature story on a device called The Ovilus 1, a hand-held device which is said to be able to detect speech and phonetic speech from the immediate environment, i.e., digital dowsing! A look at the inventors' website revealed that a newer version — the PX 1/2 Ovilus 1/2 Puck ALL ITC — has already rendered the Ovilus obsolete, suggesting significant progress in the technology. "What does it do?" you ask. According to TNS, it works "by measuring changes in the environmental energy fields around it. It modulates the energy changes into audible speech using a synthesizer chip, an extensive dictionary of English words, and a function that sounds out words."

For example, visiting a place called the Caledonia Wine Cottage, the device said, "Caledonia shot stomach." The site had once been used as a Civil War hospital and quarantine area. Located in Pennsylvania, the building is on the National Register of Historic Places. It is said to have been built by Jacob Fisher in 1824 as a stage stop and inn and that originally the house had 12 rooms and a dirt floor basement with separate quarters in the back for slaves. It would have been standing when thousands of Indians with the Trail of Tears passed through Caledonia in 1837/1838. It also has a documented history of haunting.

One reviewer cautioned that because the device can generate "unexpected and sometimes disturbing speech of text" it should not be used "around or by children, anyone suffering from mental illness or emotional trauma, or those easily offended." Definitely a must-bring for your next church administration meeting.

For the spirit-communication geek, or screek, there are instructions for building your very own "ghost box radio" prefaced with the caution, "If you don’t own a soldering iron this is definitely not for you!" This is Part 1 of a 3-Part Series for the device's construction.

There is also something there called The Crossovertalk ITC, and "now it's back online" -- to use "just skype crossovertalk." We have no idea what this is, so if anyone tries it out, please let us know what you find out so we can share it with everyone else — we're too chicken to attempt it.

The idea of paranormal dowsing is also prominently featured in the book, "Secrets in The Fields: The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles" by Freddy Silva. This is a fantastic book with a great deal of research and empirical evidence crossing what seems to be every branch of science. Although a great deal of dowsing goes on, the actual dowsing techniques aren't discussed (as far as we can see) other than indications of the use of traditional rods. We wonder how the Ovilus Puck would do and what it would say, especially since crop circles apparently emit all kinds of electromagnetic energy, sound and light, and even time distortion effects.

It isn't until the final chapter of this book that the seminal work of C.W. Leadbeater is briefly mentioned in one short paragraph. At the turn of the 20th century, Leadbeater and Annie Besant had clairvoyantly explored and described their discernment of sub-atomic particles. The results, which were presented in highly detailed, ultra-precise renderings, were published in the mind-bending book, Occult Chemistry: Investigations by Clairvoyant Magnification into the Structure of the Atoms of the Periodic Table and Some Compounds. Occult Chemistry proposes that the structure of chemical elements can be assessed through clairvoyant observation with the microscopic vision of the third eye. Leadbeater would go into a deep meditative trance and examine samples of elements of the then-known Periodic Table. He was quite literally able to count atomic and sub-atomic particles, a testament to his outstanding abilities; he was also quite exhausted after a session. Many of these elements were rare and difficult to obtain, yet Leadbeater and Besant were able to get them with the assistance of Sir William Crookes (1832 –1919) of The Theosophical Society. (Crookes was a prominent, highly-respected theoretical physicist and inventor of the prototype of the TV tube and fluorescent lighting; he was also an important member of the Society for Psychical Research.)

Observations were carried out between 1895 and 1933. The work consists both of "coordinated and illustrated descriptions of presumed etheric counterparts of the atoms of the then known chemical elements, and of other expositions of occult physics." First published in 1908, and up until recently, very difficult to find, it's now in reprint, and also can be read online courtesy of Project Gutenberg. Here is a good instant download, complete with the renderings, so you can take a look at it now.

We mention this book because of the diagrams of the various atomic elements in it, which August had noticed -- quite a few years ago -- were startlingly, and sometimes exactly, like crop circles. He even brought it to the attention of a then well-known crop circle researcher, who, to put it lightly, blew him off, citing some odd reason about not wanting to obtain and look at the Besant's renderings because of "copyright issues." It seemed clear that there was a lot of political in-fighting amongst the crop-circle community and battles over what some considered proprietary material. Ah, how the ego-mind loves battles.

Freddy Silva and others since have produced obvious evidence that shows the crop circles reference atomic elements, their vibrations, and quantum physics, but it's still baffling as to why Leadbeater and Besant's clairvoyant techniques are not held up as a primary ways and means towards further deciphering the mystery of crop circles.

To just briefly illustrate our point, we draw your attention to one of the many hundreds of plate illustrations found in Occult Chemistry — in this particular case, the clairvoyantly discerned rendering of the rare element, Yttrium — atomic number 39. It is a silvery-metallic transition metal chemically similar to the lanthanoids and has historically been classified as a rare earth element. Yttrium is almost always found combined with the lanthanoids in rare earth minerals and is never found in nature as a free element. (We like it because it's coincidentally known as a "transition" element.)
The text accompanying it is very technical and not unlike the same seen in the analysis approaches of Freddy Silva and others:
Here we have a quite new arrangement of bodies within the funnel—the funnel being of one type only. Two "cigars" whirl on their own axes in the centre near the top, while four eight-atomed globes (see 4 e) chase each other in a circle round them, spinning madly on their own axes—this axial spinning seems constant in all contained bodies—all the time. Lower down in the funnel, a similar arrangement is seen, with a globe (see 4 d)—a nitrogen element—replacing the "cigars," and six-atomed ovoids replacing the globes.
The "nitrogen balloon" occupies the third place in the funnel, now showing its usual shape in combination, while the b globe (see 4 b) of scandium takes on a lengthened form below it.
The central globe presents us with two tetrahedra, recalling one of the combinations in gold (see Plate VII d), and differing from that only by the substitution of two quartets for the two triplets in gold.
One funnel of yttrium contains exactly the same number of atoms as is contained in a gaseous atom of nitrogen. Further, a, b, and d are all nitrogen elements. We put on record these facts, without trying to draw any conclusions from them. Some day, we—or others—may find out their significance, and trace through them obscure relations.
YTTRIUM: 6 funnels of 261 atoms 1566
Central globe 40---- Total 1606 -- Atomic weight 88.34, Number weight 1606/18 89.22
The corresponding negative group, of nitrogen, vanadium and niobium, is rendered particularly interesting by the fact that it is headed by nitrogen, which—like the air, of which it forms so large a part—pervades so many of the bodies we are studying. What is there in nitrogen which renders it so inert as to conveniently dilute the fiery oxygen and make it breathable, while it is so extraordinarily active in some of its compounds that it enters into the most powerful explosives? Some chemist of the future, perhaps, will find the secret in the arrangement of its constituent parts, which we are able only to describe.
Their use of the word "funnel" is interesting, a word which crops up (pun intended) quite frequently in the research literature of Silva and others to describe theories of how the phenomena are created.

Here is our personal favorite, Radium:

Many of these renderings also greatly, if not perfectly, resemble ancient pictographs and designs found on cave walls and carved into st one monuments all over the globe. Silva's book also makes this comparison between such symbols and many crop circles. But we've yet to find any references to the achievements of Leadbeater and Besant and the intriguing correlations to be found. Note these modern crop circles as you ponder the mysteries therein. One especially reflects the celtic triskele, which is also seen in Leadbeater's renderings of Yttrium.

Monday, July 12, 2010

For Do It Yourselfers

Above Left: Artist rendering of calmodulin molecule depicting protein "dark energy."
Above Right: “Autumn Rhythm” by Jackson Pollock, 1950.

Sydney asks,
"Dear Tim and August,
Does any particular practise and by this I mean the non-dual way of being confer any spiritual advantage when transforming to a "Risen"?

Dear Sydney ~
A trick question! Asking a question automatically begins the dualistic process of yes and no. If there was no question, there would be no need for an answer. There can't be yes without a no, or a no without a yes. Perhaps this is why a traditional zen response would be something that totally ignores the question, as if it doesn't exist, as if to say, "Do not leave the state of single mindedness in order to find out what it is; do not look into a mirror to see yet another you who is not you."

So perhaps much unlearning is necessary, not learning. Unlearning means letting go, giving up, surrendering — which all lead to rest. As Tim said after he awoke in a bed in his new geography, ". . . glorious, glorious peace . . ."

Seeking an advantage will also set up a false system of duality. This is the ego-mind seeking something better, best, more-than, which need not-so-good and less-than to exist.

After one has transitioned, one does not necessarily "rise" -- which is another way of saying, "become fully and consciously aware and awake." Upon a spirit's release from the body, if the ego-mind has "crystallized" so that it still brings echoes of its former terrestrial vibration, the newly-released spirit will take its manifestation instructions from those vibrations, which are usually to resist change, and even to try to return to some former state. This is neither rising nor rest. If we awaken now, while on the earth - by correcting the imbalance brought about by a dominating ego-mind - we will continue on in this awakened state — which we call "transmutation." If we are in this state when the body dies, this awakened transition is Rising.

How to correct the imbalance while embodied, to achieved Authentic Self realization? Serendipitously, friend Rob just sent us this quote of Ramesh from the archives of The Advaita Fellowship:

"The 'direct method': Destroy the ego by seeking its identity, does raise a valid question - who is asked to destroy the ego?

"Perhaps the explanation is that what is to be destroyed is not the ego itself but the malignant element in the ego... the sense of personal doership, volition. When the ego finally, totally realizes that it is not in charge of life, but merely represents the body as a separate entity, a separate, uniquely programmed instrument through which the Primal Energy functions and brings about whatever is to be brought about in the moment, according to a Cosmic Law - then the ego realizes its impotency and remains placid and inactive. The ego realizes its passive role as a mere witness of all that is happening in the moment.

That is self-realization.
If, any way, we are to learn, in The Risen it is suggested:

"It may seem strange that the ego-mind is one of physical life’s tools and not our enemy, but believing in an enemy creates and sustains an environment for it and strengthens the belief as well, which was spawned by the ego-mind in the first place. As Authentic Self, we have the legitimate authority and the real ability to impress beliefs upon our own ego-mind, not the other way around. Doing so will generate authentic feelings, and then consequential emotions of health or non-health, depending on the belief.

"In a way, the ego-mind is our child, originally designed to be useful, to learn to help, to be included, to be appreciated, to grow, and to be loved. To discipline it does not mean to punish it. A disciple is a learner who needs a gentle, loving teacher. When a student makes a mistake but insists that he hasn’t, a compassionate teacher would not accuse the student of being a liar. Instead she would simply and clearly ask for the student’s consciously aware attention and then suggest other perspectives and possibilities for consideration. The teacher might also gently remind the student, “We are individualized, conscious parts of the same Greater Whole, joined with all others as one, and we are also each and uniquely our own person.”

"In this way the learner is enabled to make personal decisions under guidance. Can the ego-mind be guided and transformed—to become the helping tool it seems to have been meant to be? Can it be cared for and nurtured to grow into a mature and useful citizen of Greater Mind, or will it be allowed to run our lives like a tyrant with willful and vindictive addictive urges? Can it come to see and accept that it is part of a Greater Design, and that its role will come to a natural conclusion in the way that a flowering bush comes to fruition, the fruit to be used as nourishment for a higher purpose?

"As consciously aware individuals we each must individually find the answers as Authentic Self. There is grace enough in our personal and shared universes to focus what Sri Nisargadatta describes as “affectionate awareness” (turiya) onto the ego-mind and transform it into a useful form of energy as part of our transformative Self-transition, or transmutation."

As can be seen, believing in an enemy, in an opposite or "other" begins the illusion of not-one, or dualism. The emphasis is on the individual; the answer is within each one, not in each other. This hearkens back to the previous post about race-consciousness beliefs, such as those that encourage an individual to believe that "humans are inherently social and therefore to be individual is less desirable than to be part of a community." It is the ego-mind that needs to be social in order to have "other" to compare itself to, and thus find and establish and "identity." An individual —Authentic Self — needs nothing to establish, for it simply and already is. Accepting this race belief will ensure that one will always be less-than-seeking-more than. This is why the primary existential despair of our modern world is the prevailing feeling of meaninglessness; non-existence; hopelessness, or as Kierkegaard said it, "despair of spiritlessness; despair of encapsulation; despair of defiance." As Authentic Self, we are complete, and need add nothing more. Seeking to complete oneself by joining others sets up dualism and thus a feeling of longing for oneness again, in an endless cycle of insanity.

These existentialist ideas of the 19th and 20th centuries bring to mind another existentialist term, dasein, or being-in-the-world, and the process of daseinanalysis, or trying to see what is in one's experience and describe it as accurately as possible. Existentialism is a highly intellectualized lens through which to view the individual, and perhaps it can be seen that even trying to describe an experience is a removal from the experience, thus dualism.

From a Risen stance, I am the experience; and I am the lens. Vipassana is an ancient Middle Indo-Aryan word for a process of observation—observing “what is” from moment-to-moment—observing “what is” as it is, thus gaining a “panoramic view” of one’s life while immersed in all life. Dualism is of no consequence from within this total self-immersion.

We close for now with a quote used in The Risenexcerpts from the discourses of Shri S N Goenka and Sayagyi U BA Khin on Vipassana:

“As you experience it yourself you experience that the entire material world is nothing but vibration. We have to experience the ocean of infinite waves surging within, the river of inner sensations flowing within, the eternal dance of the countless vibrations within every atom of the body. We have to witness our continuously changing nature. All of this is happening at an extremely subtle level . . . As you experience the reality of matter to be vibration, you also start experiencing the reality of the mind: consciousness, perception, sensation and reaction. If you experience them properly with Vipassana, it will become clear how they work.”

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Good Vibrations

Occasionally I (August) experience symptoms of a troubling physical nature, often called "Restless Leg Syndrome" — unless experienced, it's difficult to describe, but it's very uncomfortable and prevents any kind of rest or sleep. Several members of my family suffer from it as well - young and old - so it's assumed it's inherited in some way. This suggests that there is some kind of intergenerational transmission via race-consciousness beliefs. Race consciousness beliefs arise from the collective identity, including the attitudes, beliefs, and sensitivities held by or considered characteristic of an individual or group. A general example is the near-universal belief in the drama of good vs. evil, or that age = wisdom. In the case of my family, it would be the belief in this particular "inherited health condition." Such beliefs are self-sustaining and self-maintaining, and become embedded in the collective psyche of the ego-mind to the extent that there is no conscious awareness of their actual unreality.

I have learned how to vanquish it through consciousness-raising practices, which deny any and all race-consciousness beliefs. Interestingly, the condition often become re-activated after I have thought or talked (or written) about it, or more recently, when I visited with family members who were talking about their suffering from the condition. I then have to meditate for awhile to undo the symptom reactivation, through a technique I learned from my guide, Krishnamurti, called "negation." This is basically and simply negating any and all thoughts about the condition from the conscious and under-conscious mind.

Sometimes the old belief-thoughts re-enter the consciousness, as suggested by the tenacious ego-mind, while I'm asleep, and wake me up in the middle of the night. It's often hard to meditate at 3:30 in the morning, so it's at this point that I pull out my tuning fork. During the many years that it took to manifest our book, Spirit led me to understand that the bones in our body are actually a crystalline, which can be easily affected by vibrations of the most subtle kind. Then, through a serendipitous experience with a healing massage therapist, who used tuning forks in her work, I was able to obtain one of my own. When vibrated and placed against any bony area of the leg or arm for a few minutes, it will re-balance the overall health of the limb, and restore it to peace through "healthy wave interference."

The particular instrument I use is called the OM Tuner, and I like to put it on my skull as well, for the wonderful sound of "OM" that resonates through it. I also have developed a practice of placing a large and heavy chunk of raw rose quartz on my heart area, and setting the vibrating fork on it - the resulting vibrations are amplified and resound through my heart chakra, an amazing way to open and expand it. The OM is supposedly more for spiritual applications and less for physical ones. This particular manufacturer actually creates tuners to help with the re-balancing of the body's bone and other tissues, called Otto Tuners - which I've yet to try, since the Om works already. The Ottos are said to relieve muscle tension, spasms, pain, and improve circulation by relaxing constricting muscle tissue and causing increased blood flow. I will be acquiring one soon to experiment with it.

My cats also love it, and, strangely, especially like to place their long canines against it to feel the vibration. One also likes to push her nose against it so that the vibrations make her sneeze, and both let me place the vibrating fork on the heads and spines without protest. They are often quite pushy and a bit of a nuisance when I'm trying to use it at 3 in the morning, insisting I "do them first." Now if only I can find one that will help them calm down and sleep at 3 am.

Consciousness: An Animation of Spirit

In his newsletter, Victor Zammit recently shared this original animation by Louis Lefebvre. It chronicles the evolution of consciousness from its inanimate state into human form and then back through spiritual seeking to Oneness. This presentation is connected with The Advaita Fellowship. Advaita is a sub-school of Vedanata, which teaches that the believer's goal is to transcend the limitations of self-identity to realize self-consciousness -- something quite akin to The Risen ideas of realigning the ego-mind and its simulate selves to regain access to Authentic Self, thus opening the way to Risen contact.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Phil Imbrogno & The Djinn

Phil Imbrogno was one of the earliest readers of The Risen, and graced us with a warm endorsement for the back cover. He is a well-known authority in the field of UFO research, highly respected and has been interviewed by the NY Times, Oprah on her show, and featured in documentaries on the History Channel, A&E, Lifetime, and HBO. We had originally become aware of one another shortly after his book, Interdimensional Universe, was published. Phil explained to us that over the years he's gathered an immense amount of data, and it finally reached a point where a significant percentage of it simply did not fit any known UFO profiles in terms of possible explanations. He then realized that some of the data actually belonged in the area of contact from people who had crossed over into the afterlife; still other data indicated that intelligent beings were contacting terrestrials from other dimensions. His intelligent analysis of this data dovetailed with much of the information given by the Risen, hence our cross-interest.

Over the years, Phil has been especially intrigued by a particular "species" of interdimensional beings, the djinn, whose behavior over the centuries suggest unwarranted and unexplained malevolent agendas, thus often earning them the classification of "demons."

Phil's most recent book is also fascinating - Ultraterrestrial Contact - A Paranormal Investigator's Explorations into the Hidden Abduction Epidemic. We remember him mentioning that many abductions have been traced to the djinn.

On July 11, Phil and paranormal researcher Rosemary Ellen Guiley will talk about the djinn on the Para X Radio Show, 8 pm EST. It promises to be a fascinating show!

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Friday, July 09, 2010

Love Erases All Paths

~ Image of The King of Cups from the Tarot of the Hidden Folk ~

"mystic retiree" writes:

"Hi Tim and August,
I am on my second read of "The Risen".
I like your non-dogmatic views and the fact you give credit to whatever method a different individual may find comfortable or that works for him or her.
You and your Risen friends offer a wide variety of ideas many of which are easy to use.I particularly have taken to the use of "creative imagination"-not your words but it is for me an apt description of "Mundus Imaginalis".
I give you both credit for having the courage to bring your relationship into this book.It was not easy for me to read about it and it could not have been easy for you writing about it.
It would be of great interest if the risen personalities are aware of the affect of reading the book on an individual basis.
I decided to approach reading your book as an act of faith and far as I am concerned it has been more than justified
Thank you both and all the risen folk."

Thank you, mystic retiree, for your simply kind and supportive words, and the sharing of your reading experience. As you note, we offer, as best as we can, "views" - in the way that truth looks different from different places.

A second reading is an awesome thing to hear about, for many have shared with us that they find the book "slow going," "rough going," even "difficult going". Some report they keep it on their bedside stand, but have yet to open it - perhaps they are waiting for it to levitate into their hands. "Going" is vibration, which means movement, which means change, which means transition. We do not have to wait for transition to occur when the body ceases all function. Transition can begin long before that. The new vibrations brought about by the material is such movement towards beginning a living transition. Our friend Ken, who is a highly skilled and experienced medium of many years, shared that he surrendered to the material and has discovered that "it's to be savored." As such, he is only a little way through it.

Even though August has read this material from the inside and outside of his body possibly thousands of times over the course of its manifestation, he continues to read The Risen, for it is an "infosphere" and thus contains ever-unexplored levels and areas of information (or "between the lines") and sparks new and even strange ideas with each reading. Being an infosphere, it is living - which is what vibration is. Vibration is also imagination, and all manifestation arises from the shapes we are able to imagine.

The Risen who are involved with this book sense the vibrations of those who read it, and so are aware of you - they are all willing and able to assist you, if you but ask. When you feel a certain passage stimulating you, raising your vibration, pause and see if you can sense someone in spirit there with you. Your raised vibration is visible and audible to them, and attracts them as a signal.

"We ourselves can assist this process by finding our own sense of calm presence and then directing this heightened, expanded, and receptive sense toward the Risen. Like a child waiting for fireflies to appear in the twilight, the naturally heightened state of a Risen mind can perceive our mind reaching out—and then move forward and reach out to touch us, while stepping into our space of expanded receptivity. Depending upon our openness and persistence, we may be able to feel their thoughts and their presence. We might even connect and touch, remaining together for a few brief but unforgettable timeless moments." (p. 5)

So this is a way to use your imagination to spark this sense towards the experience, should the particular spiritual sense be inert or as yet inactivated. This reminds us of your mention of your faith, about which in The Risen is said, quite early in the text:

"Spiritual awareness, like science, requires diligent questioning and participation. Simply accepting something because one is told to believe it is not equal to experiencing it. But once we experience something, we have begun to know it. Upon greater and fuller experiences of experiential knowing, we begin to have faith. From there, wisdom arises from the event and this faith becomes an integral part of our present awareness." (p. 34)

And thank you for your consideration of what you call our "courage" - although we would not call it that, for courage is not a comfortable feeling - which is why many people avoid it until they feel forced. Courage seems to be what you felt in venturing to read the book. Rather, we felt encouraged, enriched, enhanced, empowered - and it was very easy. Love eases all paths. Eventually, love erases all paths. It allowed August to find Tim, and Tim to find August, in their very different realities. We draw attention to this easing of paths with the quote heading Chapter 14, "Breakthroughs" - which tells of Tim's initial physical entry into my world:

“My existence is from you and your appearance is through me.
Yet if I had not appeared, you would not have been.”
~ Ibn al-’Arabi
We encourage you to continue to share with us about your experience, for it is of great value.

Our very best to you,
August & Tim