Monday, February 27, 2006

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Monday, February 20, 2006


The past week or so has found me in an almost continuously altering state of consciousness,- not trance - where many unembodied folks are sharing information about this state and others states, including the subject of multi-dimensionality and how we perceive it -- or rather, how generally most of we-as-embodied-on-earth don't perceive it. More specifically, word-idea of "reincarnation" is used (or misused) has come up -- and I can say that I've come to see (in many ways that "see" can mean) even more that our experience of the inner and outer universes is so unbelievably complex that it's well, unbelievable. Tim's chapter in The Risen goes into this quite deeply, and I feel he did a fantastic job. In essence, it's our beliefs that keep us anchored within what we experience as reality -- when we change the beliefs, we experience reality thusly.

Usually, these info sessions end to a certain degree and then I can write stuff down; otherwise, I would channel the information, as I have done here before, and let those reading it deal with their perceptions. Often the material channeled is quite difficult to understand at first reading.

But the altered state isn't ending yet, and I don't feel compelled to channel (yet) so I assume that the info is being diverted and retained/recorded in deeper areas, to be retrieved later.

So wait and watch this space for further developments.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Womb with a view.

Fiona and McHenry are recovering from their surgeries, although his was much more traumatic, involving opening him up and unwrapping things and pulling other things out to find the undescended organ behind his kidney. Both found the whole thing such a downer, that, being the highly-bred, sensitive beings they are, their immune systems were compromised and they had a relapse of their herpes virus and became congested within 15 minutes of coming home. They had also lost their voices from the trachea tubes. They are such troopers and happy to be home anyway, and after a couple days of low-keyed lounging, they are back to exploring this strange new planet and the stranger alien who opens the cans. Fiona burst into full-throated song this morning to complain that it wasn't fair that she couldn't come into the shower with me. So peaceful showers were short-lived.

It was difficult while they were gone, since it was their first overnight stay away from me, and hopefully the last, or if not, for a very long time. But we were in touch all the time as well. We have actually been communicating since they were in their mother's womb. The owner had let me know that Pandora (aka Pandora's Box) was with childs, and almost immediately I found myself in psychic contact with the litter. After they were born, I went to visit them when they were one month old — with the idea that I could pick whoever I wanted to bring home when a little older. To me, they all looked alike, and it was obvious that I would never be able to make any kind of rational decision. However, F. & McH. almost immediately separated themselves from the others, who went back to their mother, and came over to me and stared into my eyes with complete recognition of who I was. We were already bonded, and they were just acknowledging this bond. We now can communicate at all times if we want to.

I was thinking about this and other things, including Tim - who's been "away" on his own explorative excursions to distant dimensions. Although our ability to communicate mind-to-mind diminishes and then vanishes because of the vast, incalculable space between us, we can still feel each other; love has no boundaries, knows no distance. Our communication is a song without words.

Tim is on his way back now and close enough so that our minds are more able to discern one another, but still only a little bit through a great deal of static. He picked up on my musings about the kittens, and shared that he can relate to this. From his current point of view, I'm in a womb now, slowly developing toward my own eventual birthing into a new life, where I'll be reunited with him in a very different place, a very new world. In some ways I'll be very much an infant; in other ways, I'll be very familiar from my many astral forays there and time spent with him- most of which are outside my memory, i.e., psychospiritual amnesia, as detailed in The Risen. I wonder if I'll recognize him? (just joking)

So many on Earth fear "death" and traumatize themselves by ever-deepening fears about a day for which I can barely wait. The Risen celebrate this event as a birthday. The concept and even the word death are each a misunderstanding and a misnomer. There really ought to be no such word in our language. It was invented by the ego-mind to keep us trapped within the illusion of a world that doesn't exist, except in the ego-mind. The need is to finally achieve the realization, which we usually come to by feeling, that what the self believes and what it perceives is not Who We Are.

So many on Earth fear "death" and traumatize themselves by ever-deepening fears about a day for which I can barely wait. The Risen celebrate this event as a birthday. The concept and even the word death are each a misunderstanding and a misnomer. How simple it is to realize that there is no such thing as death — there is only transition. What keeps us from making this realization fully, and without fear? The simulate self, of course. The key is to deal with the feeling of fear, and change it to a feeling of excitment. Both are the same core feeling, but one is negative, the other, positive.

How simple it is to realize that there is no such thing as death — there is only transition. The ego doesn't like change, which we misinterpret by believing we don't like change. How can we en-joy change, when we use our energy to avoid it at all costs? What keeps us from making this realization fully, and without fear? The simulate self, of course. The key is to deal with the feeling of fear, and change it to a feeling of excitement. Both are the same core feeling, but one is negative, the other, positive. What changes the feeling, intially, are our thoughts. Change the thought to change the feeling. This means that one must become more self-examined in order to hear the thoughts and to identify the voice and its origin. A main thing to remember is that any negative thought is not from our Self.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


E.W. sent this:

"Looks like old Robert might still be alive."

I was told by someone I know in Elmira's psychic system a year ago that he had passed after a quick illness. What a comeback!

That will teach me to believe those leftist commie fag new age freaks, even if I'm one myself. No wonder nobody's heard from him on the other side.

I apologize for adding to the vast well of misinformation.

"Laugh and the dead laugh with you."
--anon. deceased

Monday, February 13, 2006

The agonies of parenting.

"There are many intelligent species in the universe. They are all owned by cats."
— Anonymous

Fiona (left) and McHenry, now 5 months, are now at the surgery awaiting their defertilizations or whatever it's called. Much anxiety on my part, of course. After an overnight stay, they can come home tomorrow. When the alarm went off very early this morning, they both came out of nowhere and wrapped their long hot bodies around my face and neck. I had to peel them off when it was time to go.

We would greatly appreciate thoughts and prayers sent our way for a safe experience, and for calmness and groundedness.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

I AM my pilot.

I’ve been quiet for the past week while dealing with “a transmutational step-up” — brought on by a film I recently saw, which threw me into a funk and is still resolving itself within my many worlds. While this resolution is still cooking, I’ll attend to some recent correspondence.

Spiritual aviator E.W. ponders:

“It's like these different aspects are different planets within the Universe of our Self. And then there's some part of ourselves (I don't know which part) that travels around this Universe, sometimes getting caught in the orbits of these planets, while at other times is zipping freely, weightless. This simulate earth self has the strongest gravity in my experience, but I'm not always close enough to get caught in it.

“Could you offer any words on which part of ourselves is that which travels around the Universe of our Self. Is it the same part that is eventually completely freed from this plane and goes on to experience all the other wonderful levels? I ask because there does seem to be a part of me that does kind of travel around, sometimes almost fully
wrapped up in this dense plane, while at other times seemingly free of it, and then at yet other times exploring interesting places somewhere in between.

“It's like there's the self that experiences all these levels and that can get 'trapped' by the density of this earth plane, and then there's the Self that is the source of all experience and doesn't really move around experiencing things itself but is rather exquisitely and eternally blissed out.”

Well, E.W. — it appears that you are not only good at asking questions, but answering them — which shows that this kind of self-examination is quite useful. Although many people are able to do this to some degree, most are not. This, by the way, is, in my experience, the main goal of engaging in psychotherapy — to develop a personal method of aware self-examination — which then opens up one’s experience of one’s universe in such a way that the idea, and indeed the reality, of multiple-selves (and therefore multiple dimensions) emerges.

You report —that is, externalize — your experiences as well, and if these experiences are “what it’s like” then that is also what they are, in your experience. Seth, via Jane Roberts, has a lot to offer about the ego (or simulate self, as we say) and its experience of many simultaneous dimensions — as also experienced by what he seems to call the "higher selves". I have a special affinity for Seth, not only because of his contribution to the awakening of humanity, but because I attended several sessions at the home of Jane Roberts and Bob Butts in the mid-70’s. I wasn’t one of the self-perceived “original disciples” — of which there are a few still roaming and writing around — but just one of a handful of university undergrads who got in a car and drove an hour or so on weekends when we had the chance. Never a joiner, I managed to stay separate from any groupiness, and continue to do so. (1)

There is an overabundance of Seth material on the Internet, including some from former members of that original group, as well as alleged “continued communications” from Seth. It should be clear to the awakened observer that, while perhaps inspired, the “new” or “updated” material is not from Seth, for Seth withdrew from our vibratory geography along with Jane when she transitioned. Bob was not far behind. There were the usual squabbling scramblings amongst the disciples for their supposed inheritance—but Seth, Jane and Bob were truly gone, departed for parts unknown. I've never seen any material claiming contact from them after their transition, although this doesn't mean there wasn't any communication. The fact that no major contribution of alleged “new” Seth material has been published with any marketing success that rivals the original Seth material — including a few small press attempts by certain inner circle-ites — should bring the curtain down on any further implications that Seth is still with us. So it's all historically interesting and maybe even useful and I’m just being an insufferable snob. Actually, Susan Watkin’s stuff is interesting in its own way, and brings back memories of a lot of the crazy 70's fun (and pathological acting out) I witnessed.

The immersion of Seth in our reality was brief, to the point, and lots of fun. Where he is now is anyone’s guess. I highly recommend his works, which were and still are ahead of our time; most people parrot them; a few have quietly grasped them.

Tim’s major contribution to The Risen in the chapter on reincarnation offers a great many suggestions to think about in terms of where our self/selves/Self is, and we use the phrase “worlds within worlds” (with apologies to John Crowley’s Little, Big) to exemplify our own experience — of each other and of our own private worlds. (The word “private” is of importance here, offered to tantalize/catalyze.)

Tim is currently away on one of his “excursions” to such a distant geography that I have no awareness of him at this time. As part of a Risen team, headed by cetacean-like people from another dimension — he has become an explorer of very distant realms — if “distance” is the right concept. His special interest has been in the development of the earthly ego or simulate mind-self and is seeking to understand more by studying other ego-systems which might have developed in other dimensional cultures. (Not all systems of self have developed an ego-mind.) Like us, Seth does not villainize the ego-mind.

Since I cannot engage with him right now to help comment on E.W.’s ponderings, and because my heart is pulled elsewhere, I defer to a few very beautiful and highly resonate quotes from Seth on the ego and the self. They also concur with the Risen experience of continued life after an earthly life, as well as with my contribution of "negation" in terms of how healing can be achieved. Seth does not fuss much with capitalizing self as Self — which may or may not seem congruent with the Risen perception — yet their are integral threads that intermesh. Seth, by the way was not Risen, but Beyond Risen, if there’s any such way to label him/her/it. He contrasts with the Diakka in that, even as individualized self, he is selfless and lives and rejoices in his immortality. His sense of humour is prime evidence of his selfless and compassionate wisdom. (2)

"The ego at any give time in this life is simply the part of the inner self that surfaces in physical reality; a group of characteristics that the inner self uses to solve various problems."

"Each of you exists in other realities and other dimensions, and the self that you call yourself is but a small portion of your entire identity."

"There are no divisions to the self. Those that you experience are illusions. Yet, those illusions are lovely. They are creative. They are valid experiences of reality."

"And regardless of the fact of reincarnation, and regardless of probable selves, the unique self that you now call "yourself" has eternal validity, even though the memories that you cannot now consciously recall will be yours in their entirety. And physical life in a reincarnational self is not some chaos thrust upon you, some evil from which you must shortly hope to escape. It is a particular reality in which you have chosen to know your existence, in which you have chosen to develop yourself; and again, it is indeed a system like no other system--a unique and dear and beloved portion of reality in which you have chosen to flourish for a while. And in denying it, again, you deny the reality of experience."

"In other terms, you will leave this system for others, but there will be a portion of you yet, no matter how many eons pass, that remembers a spring evening and a smell of autumn air And those things will always be with you when you want them. You make your own flesh and your own world, as now en masse you form the evening. These are creations of yours, and of your kind. They are not prisons to be escaped from."

"You have constant contact with the other parts of your whole self, but your ego is so focused upon physical reality and survival within it that you do not hear the inner voices. No individuality is ever lost. It is always in existence."

"There is an inner ego, an inner self which organizes 'unconscious' material. As the outer ego manipulates within the physical environment, so the inner ego or self organizes and manipulates within inner reality."

"You must image that within yourself — for this is the truth — there is a stronger and more powerful self, a larger self. And when the "little" self says, "I am afraid, and I will make excuses," you must imagine the larger self saying, "I am strong. I will not allow the smaller self to make excuses. There is no need for them." You must identify with this larger portion of yourself."

"It is this inner self, out of massive knowledge and the unlimited scope of its consciousness, that forms the physical world and provides the stimuli to keep the outer ego at the job of awareness. The inner self organizes, initiates, projects and controls the transformation of psychic energy into matter and objects."

"The individual inner self, through constant effort of great intensity, cooperates with other
entities like itself to form and maintain the physical reality that you know."

"There are no divisions to the self. Those that you experience are illusions. Yet, those illusions are lovely. They are creative. They are valid experiences of reality."

"You are over concerned, however, about the nature of your own individuality, and afraid to open up to the greater areas of your own being. You are all of your selves at once. The aviator is not swallowed or lost or annihilated or betrayed or forgotten."

(1) Jane was very prolific and wrote many fine things without Seth. A special favourite of mine is The Afterdeath Journal of an American Philosopher – The Worldview of William James. (Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1978) — which was channeled through Jane by William James, obviously.
(2) Seth offers ideas about what I will call “the notion of reincarnation” because the way in which he presents the subject clearly (with a twinkle in his eye) indicates that while he respects the popular earthly belief in reincarnation as a concrete and inescapable achievement, he also offers us the chance to reconsider the validity of such beliefs, calling attention to the divine right we each inherit to define anything, including reincarnation, in any way we desire, always emphasizing experience. This mirrors Tim’s quaint and more direct approach of suggesting “it ain’t’ always what it ain’t”.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Quid, Me Vexari?

"Curbing the need to question" need not be interpreted as switching off one's curiosity, and especially not to be misinterpreted as remaining in passive, dumb acceptance of any words thrown our way. There are any number of psychological and emotional asanas to use to engage interactively with one's universe—a particularly notable one being "openness - to - experience".1 Boundaries may then expand, engage or merge with others — even dissolve. The experience of Self emerges from the mists of personality and the experience of self fades.

The simulate self fears this fading, and so will bring fear to its defense, and questions are quashed.

Krishnamurti suggested that one enter a state he called "choiceless awareness", an aspect of openness.

Another aspect of authentic openness-to-experience is surrender—which is not an agreement to slavery. Rather, authentic surrender is a two-part process beginning with —

1. Putting down one's weapons (questions, statements, accusations);
2. Acquiescence.

It may be noticed that this process is one of assistance—which means that one is not alone in this process—because one is engaging with one's own Essence—which might be in the form of another manifested individuality— and which is also One's Creator Source. One might visualize this as an enormous, open hand gently reaching out in a gesture that clearly offers the opportunity for us to put our hand in it and join with it.

Upon acquiescence, the notion of duality cannot exist, fading under the focused light beam of conscious awareness—that is, the feeling—of the merging of Self with SELF. Merging is when two become something else (note that "else" is singular). Recall a previous post about the merging of two different atoms to create a molecule of entirely different and mysterious qualities.

The question, then, need not necessarily be "why?"—but perhaps, instead, "what?". A simple and interesting experiment is to re-ask a why? question using what? instead. 2

1 Although the material at this wiki-link is an exceptional description, it attempts to identify openness to experience one of "the big five" "personality traits". Those who have read The Risen may understand, "personality" is the simulate self, which can, therefore, imitate authentic openness as a posture of display, for exploitation, and for further ego-mind stimulation. "Personality traits" are always a hit at parties. The wiki-article unknowingly reveals its simulate mind-driven origins in its baseline acceptance-belief in a theory—any theory—as supported by simulate self "scientific questioning"—i.e., "research". Like the world systems of the Diakka, our own worldly ego-mind systems place a great emphasis on personality as a powerful "force"—a concept which, in its duality-based systems assumes there is more than one "force". The difference between them is that the Diakka understand that personality is not real, although they still continue to manifest personality-driven environments from a stance of "real authority".

"Questioning authority" is a favourite activity of the simulate self, which desires conflict, and which needs two separate egos to achieve. However, keep in mind that the simulate self is always imitating the authentic Self's opening up through disarming and joining with SELF, which the ego interprets, in its insanity, as "questioning authority".

2 One hypothesis on the basic form of the question mark (?) is that it was developed in sixteenth-century England. Most typographic historians contend that the design for the question mark was derived from an abbreviation of the "qu" Latin words of why, what, where, how (quisnam, quidnam, qui quae que quod, quamobrem, quare, quatenus/quatinus, quemadmodum). At first this symbol consisted of a capital 'Q' atop a lowercase 'o'. Over time this early symbol simplified to the mark we use today. Another hypothesis suggests the question mark began to appear in the second half of the 8th century, when it resembled a lightning flash, striking from right to left, and following a period. Some interpret that this was meant to resemble the upward voice inflection used to indicate query.

To me, the question mark is a spiral, a path that begins anywhere in space and ends somewhere else in space, ended by the period blocking its movement. Ironically, this begs another question: what happens when the period is not placed, or removed?

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Do you have a license to drive that thing?

Regarding the previous post, The Lullaby of the Dream Body, some flounder, E.W. sends this fan mail:

"This post is a bit difficult to navigate, but fascinating nonetheless."
Yes. These entranced discernments are always difficult to navigate, hence the qualification / warning about it; just try editing one sometime! I literally have no memory of channeling them and barely am conscious when typing them; it's not the most comfortable thing to do and I often have to struggle to stop it if I need to; the curse of multi-tasking in multidimensions! The interesting thing about them is they often seem to alter the consciousness of the reader. I'm always wary of editing them beyond spelling errors because I don't want to interfere with the communicators' intentions.

E.W. continues:
"I like this viewing of one's body as a pet. Even the best intentioned often want to heal others before they themselves are healed. This twist allows one's compassion to be applied to one's simulate self, while at the same time separating one from that self. Am I right in essentially equating simulate self with this earth body, at least at this level?"

Yes. Many fix-it-uppers unfortunately aren't do-it-yourselfers. This includes a lot of psychotherapists, believe it or don't. In fact, up until recently, anyone in NY State could practice therapy because no license was needed! So even someone who took a lot of "movement/dance" classes with a teacher who woo-woo'd them with their own home-bred philosophy could hang out a shingle. (And there was plenty of this going on.) But no more. As of last year, NY State now has very strict licensing laws, and a great deal of formal education, testing, experience and many thousands of hours of personal supervision under a licensed therapist are needed (which takes several years) must be proven before the first of two kinds of licenses can be granted; the first leads to the second, some years later, which legally entitles one to privately practice. Thankfully, I'm completely koshered and ready for action.

Any notion of "self" (and it is a notion or idea or theory) is and invisible and internalized experience. So the simulate self is not the material earth body; the earth body has intelligence of its own—known as bodily wisdom—which the simulate self doesn't have. When the simulate self is yelling all kinds of directions at us—none of which is useful other than for its own agenda—it's difficult to listen to the body's wisdom, which directs us otherwise. The simulate self lies; the body does not. Who would you listen to? This is why we can access the Higher Self, which partially occupies the body, by entering into awareness of the body through feeling it. If we access the simulate self, that's all we enter, and get trapped into its loop of no return.

Compassion for the simulate self is something discussed by Tim and me in The Risen—which we advocate as a suggestion for exploration, and is quite different from the general, popular view that the ego-mindself should be eliminated. Our view is from a transmutational viewpoint that embraces novelty and change within the sphere of imaginism. It may or may not be fruitful, depending on any possible number of factors, and might not be practical or even possible on any level other than a Higher Imaginal System—which is not where we manifest, but perhaps the direction we are currently weaving. Indeed, this kind of venture may be only significant and possible within a Higher Imaginal Systems because it borders on creating rather than manifesting.

"Also, thanks for that nugget about curbing the need to question. I know that I often use questioning as a means of feeling mental movement and activity, which is sometimes little more than a false sense of evolution or growth. Sometimes we do just have to flow with what we know."

Yes. Curbing, or pulling over on the spirit highway of life, can save lifetimes.